Warning! Our cheeks hurt from smiling and our hearts are bursting over these adorable couples from across the globe.

Forget the movies and the books because these couples have a real-life romance we’re absolutely swooning over. From the crystal-clear waters of Mexico to the snowy corners of Switzerland, these lovebirds found romance in every stunning corner of the world. It’s no secret that we love love, and these stories are the ones that have stuck with us all year long. Read on for our top 20 romantic lovebird moments from 2019.

Favourite Memory: “Cape Town has the best of both worlds! The city life for those looking to enjoy a night out and the best food, as well as the nature side of things from hiking, to penguins, sand boarding, and more!” — Agnes in Cape Town

Favourite Memory: “Talking with locals and learning more about Greek culture and tradition.”

Inspiration: “Our trip to Greece was to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We had dreamed about visiting for years, and we were finally able to make it happen!” — Kelly in Santorini

Favourite Memory: “Our photo shoot! It was so memorable and fun.”

Inspiration: “The inspiration for this trip is our 5th wedding anniversary. We love Paris and wanted to do something special.” — Cedric in Paris

Favourite Memory: “We’ve loved walking about, trying different cafes, taking in the beauty of Stanley Park, and going for yummy dinners!”

Inspiration: “We had never been to Vancouver before and wanted to explore the west coast of Canada!” — Alexandra in Vancouver

Favourite Memory: “This is the first time that I truly experienced a city… outside of being a tourist. We followed our noses to the best local tapas, wine bars and cafes. We dined like the Spaniards, often finishing dinner at midnight. We reveled in the night scene and felt happy every time we were approached in Spanish rather than English… a sign that we were doing something right!”

Inspiration: “Well… my (new) boyfriend (who I now know to be the love of my life) happened to be going to Barcelona anyway on business, and I trusted my instincts to go with him. Best trip ever!” — Gina in Barcelona

Favourite Memory: “We have an apartment in Venice. We found white asparagus and small artichokes – what a treat!”

Inspiration: “We are from Venice, although we currently live in the USA, and this was an opportunity to get some very high quality photos in the city we love.” — Victor in Venice

Favourite Memory: “The first bite of perfectly al dente fettuccine with shaved black truffle at Osteria Barberini.”

Inspiration: “A much-needed chance to recharge after writing my book.” — Marie in Rome

Favourite Memory: “There are too many special memories to choose just one. A personal favourite was taking a bike tour through Bangkok. Our guide was an incredible storyteller and we stopped in a wonderful Thai home for a personal lunch of some of the most delicious curry dishes I have ever had in my life. I also will never forget learning to make Thai tea in a floating market just outside of Bangkok.”

Inspiration: “I am a history teacher and love exploring different parts of the world. My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year and decided Thailand was the perfect destination. From trying all the different foods from the markets to trekking with elephants and sailing to the islands of the coast of Phuket, we knew this would be a trip full of both beauty and adventure.” — Kristin in Bangkok

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