Glittering ocean views, sun-soaked beaches and pastel coloured houses await you in this gorgeous Italian destination

The Amalfi Coast is a breathtaking 43-mile stretch of pristine coastline that has become one of the most stunning and romantic destinations in the world. Sparkling turquoise waters and colourful Italian fishing villages dotting the water’s edge make every twist and turn somehow even more beautiful than the last, and it can feel overwhelming deciding where to explore next. If you have 2 weeks to spend on the Amalfi Coast, here’s how to make the most of your time.

Naples: Day 1

You’ll likely be flying into the bustling city of Naples, but this city deserves more than a quick stopover. Quaint cobblestone alleys, lively markets and hidden churches are waiting to be discovered, and you can’t leave the birthplace of pizza without tasting an authentic Neapolitan pizza! If you enjoy getting off the beaten path, take a train a few stops to the quieter neighborhood Posillipo. It’s perfect for a stroll along the water and boasts stunning views of both the city and looming Mt. Vesuvius. 

The winding, twisting and turning drive along the coast can be intimidating, so if you’re not feeling up to the drive, we think it’s worth hiring a driver to take the trip at your own pace. Ferries, buses and trains are also perfect transportation options.

Photo: Barbara and Claudio in Naples

Sorrento: Day 2, 3, 4

Fresh-faced and well-rested after your first night in Naples, it’s time to head to your first stop! On your way, we recommend spending a half-day exploring the ancient Roman city of Pompeii that lies just outside of Naples. Afterwards you’ll arrive in Sorrento, which is known as the gateway to the Amalfi Coast! Explore the buzzy Piazza Tasso in the city centre for a coffee, Aperol spritz or ice cold limoncello to toast another successful day. For a quieter vibe, head to Marina Grande where wooden boats bob calmly in the water, and photo-worthy pastel houses line the water. This area is known for family-run seafood restaurants, and you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas nearby for a lazy day under the Italian sun.

Positano: Day 5,6,7

This picturesque and Instagrammable town along the coastline is breathtaking from every angle… literally! Prepare to climb the many staircases that come with the iconic cliffside views that make Positano famous. While everyone knows about the famous Mariana Grande Beach with rows of bright umbrellas and the cascading, colourful houses framing the backdrop, we recommend spending the day at Fornillo Beach. This lesser known slice of paradise just a short stroll from the city centre is perfect for a quieter afternoon on the beach, where you can listen to the waves lapping against the shore and lounge where the locals go.

For those looking for an active adventure, hike the Path of the Gods for dazzling views, or take a short boat ride to the hidden Spaggia di Lauriot, a hidden cove perfect for swimming. We also recommend taking a day trip to the quaint town of Praiano or to the Cantine Marisa Cuomo winery in Furore to taste delicious and local Italian wines.

Ravello: Day 8, 9, 10

Getting lost amidst the many churches, monasteries and old houses is part of the magic of discovering this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site for yourself. Ravello is popular for day trips, so staying for a few nights gives you a more local feel in the mornings and evenings. If you plan your visit during July or August, be sure to attend one of many music and dance performances happening during the annual arts festival. Because Ravello is perched high on the cliffside, take a day trip to Maiori. It’s one of the largest towns on the Amalfi Coast and has a long stretch of beach with room for everyone to spread out. 

Amalfi: Day 11, 12, 13

The namesake of the Amalfi Coast is the largest of the towns, but it still holds onto the quaint, fishing village vibe that makes this town so enchanting. Explore sites like the beautiful Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo church, the Moorish-style cloisters Chiostro del Paradiso, and the historic watchtower Torre dello Ziro just a short and scenic hike away.

It’s also the perfect spot for a day trip to Atrani, which can be reached via a short hike or bus ride, to spend an afternoon on a local beach. Don’t forget to take a day trip to the island of Capri, as well! Drink fresh granitas, and take the Monte Solaro chairlift to enjoy views from the highest point on Capri. We recommend booking a boat tour for picture-perfect views of the coastline and to explore the majestic Blue Grotto. 

Naples: Day 14

Make your way back to Naples for one final Italian pizza and glass of wine before you leave. Although all trips have to end at one point, don’t let the memories end with it. Book a vacation shoot with one of our amazing local photographers for photos that will bring you right back into the magic of the Amalfi Coast.