The old European aristocracy spent their holidays on this little stretch of coastline in the southern part of the Italian peninsula.

Those blue-bloods were certainly on to something! It may be tiny, but it is ah-mazing! 😍

Known as ‘The Road of a Thousand Bends,’ a twisted hillside highway connects the many historic towns in the region, cutting through lush vineyards and lemon groves, and providing the most stunning vistas of the blue Mediterranean sea. 

While they still had the views back in the day, today, we’ve got the cameras. 📸  This place is all about beautiful photos. So you’re in luck — here is our list with tips for the ten best photo spots along the Amalfi Coast.

The only way to top this? To actually be under the Italian sun, soaking in the scenery with a glass of ice-cold limoncello in your hands. 

Cin Cin! 🥂

Photo: Barbara and Claudio in Positano for Flytographer. Lori and their family celebrate their trip to the Amalfi Coast with a family photoshoot.

1. Positano Village

Legend has it that the god of the sea himself created this town to express his love for the goddess of relaxation. Can you think of a better combination? 🤔

Just don’t get too comfortable. Positano is a vertical city built on the face of a cliff, so there are many steps to climb – but it’s worth every single one. Prepare yourself for dramatic views of the pastel-coloured buildings framed by bright purple bougainvillea and the shimmering turquoise sea in the background. 

The city’s narrow streets, filled with bustling restaurants and elegant boutiques, become even more lively in the evenings, right around sunset. For a unique perspective, try venturing off solid ground. From a boat, the views of Positano are truly dream-like. 

Photo: Andrea in Positano for Flytographer. Nirmal and their partner celebrate their engagement with a surprise proposal photoshoot on the Amalfi Coast.

2. Ravello Village

As if crowning the region, sitting over three hundred meters above the Mediterranean, the slower-paced town of Ravello is a little piece of heaven. Artists, writers, and musicians — from Virginia Wolf to Miró — sought this place out as a creative refuge, attracted, no doubt, by its gardens and breathtaking panoramas, which some say are the most beautiful in all the Amalfi Coast.

With its gardens and arched entrance tower, the medieval Villa Rufolo is a true gem right at the historic center. It was once the home of a powerful and wealthy merchant family; today   it’s open to the public, hosting a wealth of art and music festivals, boasting some magnificent views from the terraces.

Not too far away, the belvedere at Villa Cimbrone juxtaposes marble busts and statues with panoramic views of the coast. Even though it’s a five-star hotel, its gardens are open to the public, which makes it a popular spot for proposals — romance is literally in the air. 💍

Photo: Barbara and Claudio in Positano for Flytographer. Katelyn and their family capture memories in Ravello Village on a family photoshoot.

3. Amalfi Village

The town that names this glorious coastline sits right at its heart, and it’s the largest in the area. Commonly overshadowed by Positano, the village of Amalfi is also well worth a visit for both nature and architecture.

It’s impossible to miss the Amalfi Cathedral, or, as the locals call it, the Duomo di Amalfi, with its imposing steps and impressive Byzantine arcs. There, you can muse on the deep and rich history of this old sea town. You can also relax by the sea on Amalfi’s main beach or people-watch as you stroll through the colourful umbrellas.

This town  is scenic from every angl, so make sure to jump on a boat at Marina Grande to admire the beauty of this lovely city from the sea. 🛶

Photos: Andrea in Amalfi for Flytographer. April and their partner celebrate their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast with a couple photoshoot in Amalfi Village at sunset.

4. Atrani

Now here’s a secret: Atrani, a small fishing village close to the town of Amalfi, is where you can really escape the crowds and feel that authentic Italian appeal. 🇮🇹

Take a deep breath to climb the town’s steep flights of steps and wander around meandering alleys of coloured old houses. You’ll find bucolic small piazzas with fountains and ancient medieval churches with swinging bells. Then, relax on a balcony, grab a bite and admire the open views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ma che bello!

Surrounded by lemon groves, Atrani truly is unspoiled by time. It’s also one of the smallest villages in the country — and one of Italy’s best travel tips.

Photo: Andrea in Amalfi for Flytographer. Matt and their partner capture memories near Atrani on the Amalfi Coast with a couple photoshoot.

5. Praiano

Another hidden gem and magnificent spot to skip the crowds is the sleepy fishing village of Praiano. Like Atrani, this town is inhabited mainly by locals and has some crumbling old buildings and palazzos, all adding to its charm.

An absolute must-visit is Fiordo di Furore, one of the most stunning geological formations of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a small beach of turquoise waters formed by a fjord with a bridge connecting the two cliffs and making the scenery even more magical. On top of that, sunsets from Praiano are considered the most romantic on all the Amalfi Coast. So get ready for that gorgeous golden-hour shot.

To make it even more magical, why not rent a Vespa scooter to explore this charming spot à la Audrey Hepburn? It will look fabulous in your pictures! 🛵

Photo: Pierpaolo on the Amalfi Coast for Flytographer. Wendy and their partner celebrate their trip to the Amalfi Coast with a couple photoshoot in Praiano.

6. Sorrento Village

Are you feeling glamorous? ✨ Head to lively Sorrento, the quintessential southern Italian resort town. This city attracts locals and the international jet-set alike for its endless array of shops and restaurants. Sorrento also offers the most stunning views of the Bay of Naples and the Pompeii region — all this while surrounded by lemon and orange groves. 🍋

Wander through the multicoloured Marina Grande, then choose one of the lovely wooden vessels for a boat tour to get an intimate look at the cliffs from the crystalline blue waters. Sorrento is an excellent base for day trips around the area, including the awe-inspiring Capri and the time-frozen Pompeii.

Photo: Barbara and Claudio in Sorrento for Flytographer. Adon and their partner celebrate their trip to the Amalfi Coast with a couple photoshoot in Sorrento Village.

7. Piazza Tasso & St Francesco Cloister

In the middle of Sorrento, you’ll find Piazza Tasso, a bustling central square. Admire local ceramics in the many pottery stores around it, grab a gelato, or sit at one of the many traditional cafes to people-watch and admire the picturesque architecture of the pastel Baroque buildings.

A three-minute walk from Piazza Tasso is St. Francesco Cloister, a 14th century complex of the richest and most diverse architectural styles. It has a monastery, a church, and a cloister. During the summer months, it holds events and art exhibitions. With stunning colonnades and arcs, all adorned with trees and flowers, this place is out of a fairy tale. 🦄

Photo: Barbara and Claudio in Sorrento for Flytographer. Alexa and their partner celebrate their Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast with a couple photoshoot at ​​Piazza Tasso and St. Francesco Cloister.

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8. Bagni Della Regina Giovanni

Float in this natural swimming pool of pristine emerald waters while admiring the limestone cliffs that surround you. Besides forming a dramatic natural stone-arch, the rocks protect and enclose the beach, making it very different from any other Spiaggia Grande in the region. This place is famous for having been the baths of Queen Giovanna in the past — and her private rendezvous spot to meet with her many lovers. 👸

From up the cliffs, you’ll get impressive panoramic views of the bay, and a path will lead you to the ancient ruins of a large Roman villa for a taste of history. You’ll understand why this spot was a great place to dwell thousands of years ago — just as it is today.

Photo: Barbara and Claudio on the Amalfi Coast for Flytographer. Ray and their partner celebrate their engagement at Bagni Della Regina Giovanni on a surprise proposal photoshoot.

9. Capri

A great day trip from the coast, this world-famous limestone island was the holiday retreat of Roman Emperor Tiberius. Despite being famous for thousands of years, its beautiful, jaw-dropping scenery remains pristine, composed of spectacular flora and fauna on its cliffsides.

On your way to the island, you’ll first see the Faraglioni, the three towering rock formations that rise from the sea. One of them forms a natural gate with a hole in the middle. It is said it will bring you good luck to pass through it. ☘️

Another impressive highlight is the breathtaking Blue Grotto. Inside, the sunlight penetrates the water from a submerged hole and causes it to glow, almost to an electric blue. Try closing your eyes while entering the cave and opening them once inside for an intensified effect.

Capri is also known for its skillful sandal makers. Custom  fit and handmade, they captivated Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s. A pair of those sandals is all you need to get comfy in style and feel like a fashion muse in paradise.

Photo: Andrea in Capri for Flytographer. Flytographer Andrea captures the sunny island of Capri on the coast of Amalfi.

10. Vietri Sul Mare

Just west of Salerno, right at the beginning of the road to the coast, sits another secret gem, the colourful and creative Vietri Sul Mare. Terraces with sumptuous views will fascinate you with the beauty and simplicity of the local life: the picturesque architecture, clothes hanging to dry, and the intricately painted ceramics. Vietri Sul Mare is the coastal capital of pottery, and shopfronts exhibit the most renowned pieces composed of colourful murals and mosaics that span throughout the old town.

Besides getting lost in the narrow alleys, you can also relax on the quiet and tiny beaches of the area, including one of the few sandy beaches in Amalfi, Spiaggia Della Crestarella. 

Do you promise to keep this hidden gem a  secret? 🤞🏻 

Grazie mille!

Photo: Andrea on the Amalfi Coast for Flytographer. Julie and their family capture memories on the Amalfi Coast with a family photoshoot.

Capturing memories on the Amalfi Coast

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As they say, there’s an ancient spell that causes people to fall in love with the coast and keeps them returning again and again. On your next Italian adventure, book a local Flytographer to capture the true essence of la dolce vita.

Ciao, ciao! 👋