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Barbara and Claudio

We are Barbara and Claudio - partners in life&work as full time photographers. We like to take those candid, relaxed images, to capture that 1/500 of a second that fully shows your happiness and joy, the one that is sometimes easy to overlook, the one we want to show you to prove 'yes, it's really you.' So in our photos we want you to be you. Long time ago we have had a few jobs before photography (Barbara: chef or in property rentals in London; Claudio: film assistant in Rome, chef in London), but always had been orbiting around it by doing our own projects. We jumped in full-time after we met each other in the UK and we moved together to Claudio's hometown in Italy.


Hi there! I'm Andrea, a professional photographer based in the stunning Amalfi Coast. I've been in the industry for 6 years now, but photography has been my passion since childhood. Although born here and growing up with its beauty around me, I'm still amazed by the breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views of this region every day - and I'd love to share all that with you! My goal is to capture your unique personality in each shot while also having a great time together. With my upbeat attitude and a smile on my face, let's take some unforgettable photos that will stand as beautiful memories for years to come!


I like landscape photography so when I do photograph people I like to show their environment and all the beauty of nature. I have always loved photography. I get to travel for work and for that reason I am thankful for my profession!

Pasquale and Peppe

We are two professional photographers specialized in capturing marvelous photos, freezing time and space into a tangible frame so that they can become precious memories of the best moments spent together with your loved ones. Doesn’t matter if it’s a family shoot or a proposal: we love to catch spontaneous, highly emotional moments that our clients can treasure for years to come, aging like a fine wine as timeless mémoires.


Ciao! Photography is my core. My style is authentic, romantic and playful. My goal is to snap shots that don't just capture memories, but also my clients' beauty and personality, always with curiosity and kindness.

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"I love the ability to peruse and select your photographer and choose your route to make your dream photos a reality. Booking a session has certainly become part of vacation planning at this point and I am already looking forward to the next one."

— Rebecca T
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Benvenuto a Amalfi Coast!

Sun-soaked beaches, fragrant lemon trees and colourful dwellings perched cliffside are a few of the delights of this Italian coastal region. Grab a gelato in one of the many charming fishing villages or sip a limoncello on a terrace overlooking the sea - a traveller cannot go wrong in this slice of paradise. 

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Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute shoot
Surprise Proposal packages start at $385 USD

photo_camera Photograph by: Barbara and Claudio

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