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Meet Barbara and Claudio in Amalfi Coast

We are Barbara and Claudio, free spirits who enjoy being up in the mountains and swimming in cold waterfalls ... oh, and we are also into photography! We like to take those candid, relaxed images, to capture that 1/500 of a second that fully shows your happiness and joy, the one that is sometimes easy to overlook, the one we want to show you to prove 'yes, it's really you.' So in our photos we want you to be you. This is our style, to understand you. 

Three Things

  1. We have had a few jobs before photography (Barbara: dog groomer, chef; bartender in NYC gay bar; Claudio: professional dreadlock-maker in Rome, olive paste maker and business owner), but always had been orbiting around it by doing our own projects. We jumped in full-time after we met each other in London.
  2. We like to START watching movies as it is difficult to watch a whole film. It's kind of a joke, but Barbara struggles with watching films and falls asleep after 20 minutes. We also enjoy scooter rides, fishing, Neapolitan espressos and collecting tiny shells on local beaches.
  3. Barbara is not funny but she can cook and she is a good driver. Claudio cannot cook nor drive but he is funny. This is not entirely correct, but we hope you are now intrigued enough to want to meet us. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Amalfi Coast

Monte Faito

Languages Spoken

English, Italian, Russian, Polish

More Information

In the mornings, Barbara & Claudio are available for all length shoots, but for evenings, they require a 60-minute minimum booking. ***Please note: During busy season, there may only be either Barbara or Claudio at the shoot, not both.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Barbara and Claudio

"We had a great experience with Barbara and Claudio! We found out we were pregnant the night before our Anniversary trip to Italy. We bought some baby stuff for the pictures and they were accommodating. They took us to some beautiful locations and really let us highlight our new baby news! " - Nicole

"We had a wonderful experience with Claudio and Barbara, they were professional and friendly. We felt at ease during the shoot and trusted their vision and we were so happy with the results! I would highly recommend them!!" - Rachel

"Claudio was fantastic. He was flexible with our worrying about the possible rain, but the shoot was not affected. We walked through some gorgeous parts of the city and he captured everything wonderfully. Highly recommend. Crisp, classic photos! " - Megan

"Barbara and Claudio were absolutely amazing! They made us feel so comfortable and captured fantastic photos to help us commemorate our trip. I would highly recommend them and if I ever make it back to the Amalfi coast I’ll be sure to book another shoot with them! Thank you so much for making it such a great experience for me and my mom! ♥️" - Stephany

"Barbara and Claudio were great!! From the very beginning with helping with finding the perfect location for my proposal along the Amalfi Coast, to helping with getting the best spots to take pictures within the city of Positano as well. They were very professional and personable, easy to communicate with, and provided great insight. My fiancé and I are both horrible with pictures, but they helped us with how to pose and such, to get the best pictures. We are very happy with the pictures!! And would 100% recommend Barbara and Claudio to everyone!" - Jason

"These 2 were so nice and so amazing! They listened to everything we wanted to do, as well as pitched in with their great professional opinions. They were on time and were super generous, even stayed a little longer and made sure we got the best pictures ever! " - Zachary

"Barbara and Claudio were excellent to work with! They were on time and happy to go along with our ideas for shoot locations, despite the rain. We were so pleased with the end results - beautiful photos which captured our return to Scala as a family of four." - Tiffany

"Barbra and Claudio were amazing! It was our first time to use Flytographer and they made us feel so very comfortable. " - Polli

"Barbara and Claudio were very easy to work with and made us feel comfortable during the photoshoot. They knew exactly what locations to go to depending on our requirements to make best use of the time. They were very easy going and catered to our desires and really made for a memorable experience." - Taniya

"I could not be happier with my engagement photos in Positano thanks to Barbara and Claudio. They were constantly in touch with me in the weeks leading up to the shoot, were flexible with my requests, and ultimately put together a shoot that my fiancee and I are thrilled with. The proposal that I planned with their guidance was as smooth as can be. The pictures are beautiful. Both Barbara and Claudio are experienced, creative, and friendly; above all else, they are great photographers. I highly recommend these two." - Tony

"Claudio was incredible. Felt like we were doing the photoshoot with a friend or family member. He was focused, engaging, kind, and fun to be around. We were very impressed with how Claudio was able to locate photo opportunities as we were walking based on the environment and the available lighting. 10/10 would definitely hire Claudio again." - Christian

"Barbara and Claudio are wonderful! We had the best photoshoot with them! They were very patient, understanding, and thoughtful about the pictures. We have only done a photoshoot once before but we felt extremely comfortable with them. It was an honor to work with such talented and sweet people. " - Jessica

"Simply amazing - Barbara and Claudio were great to work with. I like how they were able to capture what we were looking for. " - David

"Barbara and Claudio are beyond talented! They were extremely kind and showed my fiancé and I that they really cared about capture excellent shots, and showing who we are as a couple through the photos. They took their time, gave us tips as we went along, and captured special moments as they happened. We will treasure these pictures for a lifetime!" - Tony

"Barbara & Claudio were absolutely amazing. We did a 1.5 hour anniversary shoot with them in Positano and it could not have gone better. Not only did the photos come out gorgeous, but they were extremely professional, instructive and a pleasure to work with." - Amanda

"Barbara & Claudio were a dream to work with! They were kind and friendly, and immediately made my husband and me feel very comfortable behind the camera. We love the photographs from our vacation! I cannot say enough good things about them; I would recommend them to anyone considering a Flytographer experience." - Lauren

"Barbara was a lovely lady, we all felt very comfortable with her immediately. She was very professional and captured exactly what I asked of her." - Heidi

"Barbara & Claudio do amazing work! They were professional and easy to work with, and we are absolutely thrilled with our photos." - Valerie

"Barbara and Claudio are amazing photographers. They captured beautiful pictures, and we felt comfortable the entire time. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with them!" - Megan

"Barbara and Claudio are wonderful to work with. Easy to talk to and they really know the area so well. It made our trip to the Amalfi Coast so memorable to have these photos as a keepsake. Well done and thank you!" - Sarah

"Claudio was great! He was able to capture some beautiful memories for us." - Vanessa

"This duo was a perfect touch to our Flytographer photo shoot! They had us at ease in seconds and really captured our love for one another AND our love for Naples in one afternoon! Grazie mille!!" - Alex

"Barbra and Claudio are amazing! This was our first experience and we will tell everyone about it. They arrived early and we're extremely professional. They asked us about our goals and made sure we felt comfortable the whole time. The pictures were completed quickly and look gorgeous! A++ experience all around" - Anthony

"Barbara was fantastic! We felt comfortable with her from the start as she was so easy going and had amazing ideas for photos! I would love to work with Barbara again - thank you!" - Samantha

"Claudio is the perfect balance of friendly and professional. He is kind and gentle in his instruction, and he is playful too, which helped us relax and be more real during our shoot. He is patient and thoughtful, and the quality of his photos are unmatched by any. One day we will go back to Italy and take him out to thank him!" - Kacie

"Barbara and Claudio were very helpful throughout the planning stages and captured great memories that we'll cherish forever. I'd use them again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone who wants to have a photo shoot near Positano!" - Patrick

"We loved working with Barbara and Claudio! They knew all of the best spots to take pictures and getting up a extra early gave us the entire town of Positano to ourselves! Such a great experience and beautiful pictures!" - Kate

"Barbara and Claudio were absolutely amazing. They were so friendly and very concerned with making us feel comfortable during the shoot. We're not the best at posing, but they walked us through every pose and found great lighting to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants some great photos in the Amalfi Coast!" - Jesse

"Claudio did a great job putting a big group of us at ease. The photos were fantastic (better than we had expected). A huge thank you!" - Charlie

"Barbara and Claudio were excellent! They made us feel so comfortable and showed us spots in Sorrento that we never would've seen on our own." - Susan

"Barbara and Claudio were AMAZING!! Fun to work with and fantastic photography as a result, would highly recommend!!" - Emily

"Barbara was great! She knew all of the best spots in Positano and used the lighting to her advantage. The pictures turned out beautiful!" - Bailey

"Our shoot with Barbara and Claudio was perfect! This actually worked out so perfect! Barbara was very nice with us, and very professional. Especially with the fact that this was our first photo shoot ever, so we didn't know any types of poses to do or where to face. Barbara had very clear instructions and was able to make the photos look natural and extremely beautiful. Her suggestion of having the shoot early at 8:30am was also perfect, because only 1 hour later and each shoot location became packed with people, which would not be ideal for having an engagement photoshoot." - Andy

"We loved our photoshoot with Barbara and Claudio! They were both very professional and super helpful guiding us throughout the photoshoot. I would recommend them to anyone going to the Amalfi Coast." - Maria

"Barbara and Claudio were amazing! Our photos are so beautiful! We can’t recommend them enough!" - Stacey

"Barbara and Claudio were really terrific. The spot that they recommended was perfect and my now fiancee loved the spot! We loved the photos they captured and really appreciated the coaching on how to pose." - Ankit

"Review: Barbara and Claudio were so much fun to work with! They did a great job of tag-teaming on photos and posing, and were open to any ideas we had. The images turned out gorgeous and we got everything we wanted. I am very impressed by their work!" - EB

"Barbara and Claudio were amazing! They helped us with everything and made us feel very comfortable with taking pictures!" - Dylan

"Barbara and Claudio showed us the magical site of Positano where we shot all of our pictures. The editing of the photos was also amazing." - Emily

"Barbara and Claudio were great! It was evident that they had read our preferences, knew what we were looking for as well as our concerns. We got some amazing natural pictures that we will cherish forever." - Kristen

"Barbara and Claudio did an amazing job with our photo shoot! They made us feel comfortable and we felt like we had known them longer like friends. The session was so fun and they had great ideas for shots and locations." - Areeba

"Barbara and Claudio were amazing! They knew of all the perfect spots to stop for photos, and were very skilled. Very creative ideas and used the natural sunlight to creature beautiful photos. This photo shoot was one of the highlights of our trip." - Angela

"A great time with Barbara and Claudio, was a pleasure to meet them both. They both took the time to chat and put me at ease during my photo session. Love the pics!" - Mary

"Barbara and Claudio were great photographers for our family shoot in Positano. They were friendly and offered great ideas for photos!" - Jessica

"This was our first time getting professional pictures done together. We thought it may be awkward being in front of the camera. We were wrong. Barbara made this an incredible experience for us! She was very easy going. She knew the area well, giving us suggestions for places to shoot and also what to do for our pictures. The pictures turned out amazing. We love them!" - Jacqueline

"We have nothing but good things to say about Barbara and Claudio. They were willing to get up early to avoid the crowds and make sure our photo shoot went well. The results and pictures were more than we could have asked for. I would highly recommend Barbara and Claudio to anyone who is looking to capture memories of a lifetime!" - Jade

"Barbara and Claudio were wonderful to work with. They were great to communicate with, were very flexible, and got everyone comfortable to allow for some wonderful photos of our experience that we will treasure. They helped to make our trip very memorable, and we would highly recommend them, particularly if you are looking for a family shoot as they were very engaging with our teen/tween children." - Arthur

"Barbara and Claudio made us feel very comfortable and natural. They gave us many local recommendations of things to do, see and eat during our time in Italia." - Annabelle

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