Sparkling crystal waters gently lapping on shimmering pebble beaches, colourful pastel houses cascading down cliffsides and framed by surrounding mountains, hidden coves and winding pathways waiting to reveal their secrets to you. Where else can you find this magic and more than the stunning seaside village of Positano? This picture perfect town in the heart of the Amalfi Coast is easily regarded as one of the most photo-worthy spots in Italy (but honestly, where in Italy isn’t?), and with every turn bringing new angles and points of view, it’s practically impossible to take a bad photo. However, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite spots you’ll want to re-post on your feed over and over again.

For the iconic view you’ve seen on nearly every travel Instagram out there, head to Spiaggia Grande Beach. The main beach of Positano is one of the most loved beaches in all of the Amalfi Coast, and a visit wouldn’t be complete without a photo among the perfectly straight rows of colourful umbrellas. We recommend waking up early to explore the beach just as the sun rises above the horizon. Every great photographer knows all about “golden hour,” or the hour just after sunrise and before sunset that bathes everything in soft, flattering light. Now, we’re letting you in on the secret! Treat yourself to a tasty breakfast spread after a morning of taking photos with the empty beach and postcard-worthy views.

The short walk from Marina Grande to Fornillo Beach feels like a hidden, romantic path carved into the cliffside just for you. There are plenty of panoramic views of the glittering ocean along the way, so we won’t judge if you choose to take a few “rests” during the 10-minute walk. Once you arrive on Fornillo Beach, you’re greeted with a serene views and a much quieter atmosphere than the bustling main beach. For fans of the movie ‘Under The Tuscan Sun,’ this is where Frances strolls the beach with her Italian man, so go ahead – grab chairs and an umbrella and recreate the dreamy scene for yourself! 

While the beaches may be what first come to mind when you think of Positano, the town itself is waiting to be explored. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost as you explore hidden alleys and climb hundreds of steps…it is a cliffside town, after all! Eventually, you’re guaranteed to come across the stunning Church of Santa Maria Assunta that sits in the heart of the town. You’ll see the glittering dome and breathtaking architecture in nearly every photo, and its towering doorways and ocean views offer unique background and photo opportunities. If you love pink, this is the viewpoint for you. The pastel pink half-walls surrounding the plaza look out over the beaches below and provide the perfect pop of colour.

Positano is a once-in-a-lifetime destination, so if there’s any time to go all out for a view, this is it. Rent a private boat for the evening and experience the stunning coastal views from the water. There’s truly no better way to admire the colourful houses cascading down the cliffside into the water as the sun sets, and the soft glow of the lights illuminate the town. With the waves gently lapping against the boat and a gentle sea breeze in the air, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the view. Take plenty of photos because you’ll want to relive this moment for years to come.

Wherever you choose to explore in this incredible destination, capture a bit of the magic to share with your friends and family. But when selfies or handing off your camera to a passerby for a subpar photo just won’t do, our amazing local photographers in Positano can’t wait to meet you and capture your travels!