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Meet Nadine W. in Amsterdam

My photography style is fun, emotional and full of laughter, which perfectly suits any easy-going couple or family. If you're looking for creative and lively photos which are full of emotion, I am positive we'll make a great team!

Three Things

  1. Don't let this pasty pale skin and light hair fool you, I was actually born and raised in sunny South Africa! Somehow I always end up telling my life story to everyone I meet (not just because it's a good story) but nobody ever really believes me!
  2. One thing I can't live without is my very trusty pair of sneakers. They have seen the world with me and feel like part of the family by now!
  3. I love to pet my two cats, Buffy and Fluffy... if possible, both at the same time (imagine a big, furry group hug!). I also love to travel great distances in search of adventure and happiness - which also includes trips to the fridge and my parent's house for dinner!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Amsterdam

The vibrant Jordan District the Centre of Amsterdam! I love to go to colourful and unique locations for shoots

Languages Spoken

English, Dutch & Afrikaans

More Information

Nadine W. has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Amsterdam.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Nadine W.

"Nadine W. is AMAZING!!!! She captured everything effortlessly, she was GREAT!!!!" - Tifani

"My kids love Nadine! They absolutely enjoyed the 1 hour ‘cos she made them laugh a lot. The photos turn out great and natural too. Unfortunately I cannot help to showcase most of Nadine’s work as I do not want to share most of the kids photo on public website. Nonetheless, I love ALL the photos, all taken with great perspectives :) Thanks Nadine and thanks for the great morning session in Amsterdam!" - Jil

"Nadine was very creative and had a lot of good ideas. She was delightful and made us feel conformable in front of the camera. Would recommend her 100%" - Ernir

"Nadine was such a pleasure to work with! She really makes you feel comfortable and confident during your photo shoot. All of the photos turned out AMAZING! I highly recommend her and this experience to everyone." - Jessica

"Nadine was wonderful! She had us laughing the entire shoot and by the end we felt so comfortable with her I almost forgot she had a camera. We were nervous before as we did not have much experience with a professional photographer but Nadine knew exactly what to do and say to help us relax and get some wonderful pictures." - Caitlyn

"Nadine was awesome! She made us feel comfortable right away." - Madeleine

"Nadine was wonderful! She had us laughing the entire shoot and by the end we felt so comfortable with her I almost forgot she had a camera." - Caitlyn

"Nadine made our experience super fun and memorable. We are obsessed with our photos and have shown them to everyone!" - Emily

"Nadine was our first experience with Flytographer and she was great with the four kids in our group.  She made them feel comfortable (in a short amount of time) to take a number of portraits in quintessential places in Amsterdam.  She also recommended an amazing cookie store that the kids LOVED.  The photos came out great- the kids really loved their individual shots.  If you are traveling with kids, Nadine is your Flytographer!" - EC

"We absolutely loved Nadine! She made the experience so relaxed and fun." - Dana

"Nadine was an absolute professional and joy to work with. Our session was the highlight of our trip! She made us feel so comfortable! Our pictures are beyond beautiful and we've gotten so many compliments for how unique they are. Thank you for making our trip wonderful and thank you for the dinner recommendation. The food was just what we were looking for and we got to see a new side of Amsterdam." - Elyse

"Thank you very much to our photographer in Amsterdam, Nadine, for her wonderful photos! She really captured us as a family and she took her time showing us around and making sure we knew how to get home after the shoot. She made us feel at ease and we had way more fun than we expected spending the afternoon with her. Thank you, Nadine!" - Annemieke

"From the second we met Nadine, she was engaging and personable. We are not always the most comfortable in front of a camera, but she made us look flawless!" - Daliena

"Nadine was great! She was fun and kind, and even recommended a few places to eat and they were great too! She was the best! I felt like I've known her for years." - Patty

"Nadine knew the perfect locations and made us feel like naturals in front of the camera. She perfectly captured our personalities and the love my husband and I have for each other." - Bailie

"Working with Nadine was an absolute dream! Her fun and engaging personality helped us relax, and the final product looked natural and deeply emotional – exactly what we wanted for our engagement photos. We will cherish this happy memory forever, so thank you for the being with us on our special day!" - Ryan

"We had an absolute blast on our Flytographer shoot with Nadine W. in Amsterdam! She was so friendly and easy to work with, and even gave us some recommendations for restaurants and bars for our trip.  She made us feel comfortable for the shoot and selected some incredible backdrops for our pictures.  The pictures themselves were amazing! She captured the two of us so well together and we couldn't be happier with the final product." - Sarah

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