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Meet Steven in Amsterdam

I describe my photography style more candid than "smile and pose." I always tell my clients that the best photographs are the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other. Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Doing these things will allow me to capture the emotion and true beauty of you and your family!

Three Things

  1. I love to be with my friends and do sports, but the most important thing is spending time with my family.
  2. I can't live without my camera!
  3. My clients always tell me that I use the word "perfect" a lot when I am photographing... hahaha. My friends tell me that they admire how much fun I have with my clients!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Amsterdam

My favourite areas in Amsterdam is Vondelpark and the Jordaan District. I love the atmosphere and the colors of the buildings!

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento and a little bit of Portuguese

More Information

Steven has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Amsterdam.

***Please note: Steven will be away from Amsterdam between January - June 2019 but available to shoot in Madrid at that time. He will return to Amsterdam July 1, 2019.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Steven

"Steven was phenomenal! He made the shoot feel really natural, even for someone who is not a fan of being in front of the camera! His attention to detail was amazing and I loved his willingness to let us help decide where and what type of photos we wanted." - Meghan

"Steven was amazing! My husband and I knew that we wanted to take some professional pictures during our Amsterdam trip but we didn't think they'd be this awesome!" - Sheila

"We had THE BEST time working with Steven! He was fun, encouraging, and very attentive!" - Rachel

"Steven was delightful to spend the afternoon with roaming the canals of Amsterdam and the photos have beautiful light, life and personality. A lovely experience." - Dana

"Working with Steven was such a great experience. I'm not too comfortable being in front of the camera as I'm usually behind it, but he made me feel comfortable and I actually enjoyed the experience. I'm looking forward to my next trip so I can book another session!" - Dawn

"Steven was amazing; he was beyond what we expected. He made us feel comfortable as soon as we shook hands; he gave us helpful tips when we needed it; he was very professional and friendly! I wish he lived closer so we could hire him to do our wedding!" - Carly

"Our photographer Steven was amazing. He came prepared with his own vision and was open to suggestions from us as well. I wish he had photographed our wedding! Our friends and family said Steven's honeymoon pictures were even better than our wedding pictures and we totally agree 100%. Will definitely shoot with him again whenever we go back to Aruba!" - Kathy

"Steven was nothing short of amazing. He made us all so comfortable and created such a wonderful environment for us, I do not think we could have had a better result. We had so much fun, we were sad he had a booking after us, as we wanted him to come with us to get drinks!" - Marica (see blog post )

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