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Embracing Newlywed Tradition on a Dubrovnik Honeymoon

Melissa and Jess spent their honeymoon in Croatia and Slovenia getting to know the locals and their culture. They even participated in a local newlywed tradition. Read on for their favourite honeymoon memories and gorgeous photos of their time in Dubrovnik.

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Dubrovnik

A shared love of travel and a recent engagement brought them to Dubrovnik. A destination that had long topped their dream destination list, Dubrovnik exceeded their expectations in every way. Read on for Emily and Ben’s favourite experiences in Dubrovnik.

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One-Day Guides for Top 10 Cruise Port Cities

Travelling by cruise this year? Indulge in all the offerings on board, and don’t forget to step off the ship to fully experience the different cultures and way of life of your destination. Since you may have just one day in each city, we’ve compiled a guide for quick one-day itineraries for our top 10 cruise port cities!

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Adventures with a Globetrotting Dog

We love a dog with a travel blog! Montecristo, the long hair Chihuahua behind Montecristo Travels, recently visited the walled city of Dubrovnik along with his humans, Sonja and Stefan.

“Montecristo was such a sweet little dog; so amazing. He would stand in front of the camera like a real top model star! He’d turn his head around and show me his profile, with a little breeze in his fur. He just knows it’s all about him – he was like a king!” – Flytographer Božo

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