Melissa and Jess spent their honeymoon in Croatia and Slovenia getting to know the locals and their culture. They even participated in a local newlywed tradition. Read on for their favourite honeymoon memories and gorgeous photos of their time in Dubrovnik.

“Jess and I knew we wanted to go on our honeymoon immediately after our wedding. We chose Croatia and Slovenia as our honeymoon spots because we were both charmed by the beauty of the countries. We’re adventurous spirits and knew we had to go to a place with many different sights to see and get lost in. We knew we wanted to end our honeymoon in Dubrovnik because the city has the most stunning backdrops, restaurants to indulge in and, of course, Game of Thrones!

“We visited Lake Bled in Slovenia and, prior to going, read about a tradition for the newlywed groom to carry his bride up the 99 steps on Lake Bled island. In the days leading up to our honeymoon, I kept joking with Jess and asking him if he’d been working out in preparation for the feat. Well, we went to the steps and Jess successfully carried me up all 99 steps without stopping! We had an audience of tourists applauding us and I have video proof of myself laughing up the entire flight of steps.

“Another favourite memory was truffle hunting in Croatia with a family that has done so for generations. Our cute truffle hunter puppies found us two truffles that day and we immediately feasted on a lovely three-course truffle-filled meal including ice cream with truffle honey! We learned about the history of Dubrovnik farm families and cooked a freshly prepared Dalmatian meal sourced straight from the farm. The people of Croatia are incredibly nice. I would encourage anyone visiting to try to find some really local activities to get to know the locals and the history of their country and people.

“I wanted to surprise my husband with a Flytographer session at the last stop of our honeymoon adventure to remember this special time forever. When Jess found out we’d be doing this, he completely embraced it, even dressing up for the occasion! Dubrovnik was the best place to capture our honeymoon adventure with its old city charm and stunning backdrops. Božo made us feel so at ease, helping us pose and even picked spots that weren’t in the old city. We couldn’t be happier with the results – it made our honeymoon even more special and now we have pictures to remember it forever!” – Melissa

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 Flytographer:  Božo in Dubrovnik

Flytographer: Božo in Dubrovnik

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