Travel is so many different things to so many people. It can be a way of getting out of your comfort zone, of experiencing new things and meeting people different from yourself. It can be simply a fun way to spend spare time, relaxing and seeing a new city. Sometimes, travel is about keeping in touch with your family’s heritage.

“My parents immigrated to Canada, from Croatia, over 45 years ago. My parents and sisters and I have all visited Dubrovnik many times over the years, but this was the first trip in almost 20 years where the entire family – including all the grandchildren – was together in the town where it all started for our parents. Even though we all live so far away, we all consider Dubrovnik such a special place and it’s so important to all of us to keep a connection to our heritage and ancestry.

“We met Božo in Dubrovnik for a photo shoot of our 12 family members! He was fantastic! He made everyone feel comfortable and was great at managing a large group at a busy time in the city. The photos are amazing and a wonderful keepsake of our trip. Thank you Bozo and Flytographer for such a wonderful experience. We will treasure our photos forever.” – Nina

 Flytographer:  Božo in Dubrovnik

Flytographer: Božo in Dubrovnik

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