There is nothing more exciting than a new chapter, and celebrating your new life as a married couple is one of the best reasons to travel! Take a peek at some of our favourite honeymoon photos that have us daydreaming of a romantic vacation around the world.


Amber and Ravi in Bali, Indonesia
Flytographers Bauy & Ivony

“We had spent two weeks in India having the most glamorous traditional wedding and a little alone time in Bali was a necessity. We spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach, but my favorite memory of our honeymoon was playing in the pool together- we were like kids! The most special thing we did was have dinner on the beach in Jimbaran. It was so nice, yet so simple.”


Brittany and Grant in Amalfi Coast, Italy
Flytographer Jennifer


Jess and Melissa in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Flytographer Bozo

“We went to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia and prior to going, we read about a tradition for the newlywed groom to carry his bride up the 99 steps on Lake Bled island. The days leading up to our honeymoon I would keep joking with Jess and asking him if he’d been working out in preparation for the feat. Well, we went to the steps and Jess successfully carried me up all 99 steps without stopping! We had an audience of Japanese tourists applauding us and I have video proof of myself laughing up the entire flight of steps.”


June and Derrick in Moscow, Russia
Flytographer Deborah

“We’ve always wanted to visit the history-rich St Petersburg and Moscow for years! Now that we’ve made it as a honeymoon vacation, they have become part of our ‘history’ too!”


Nicole and Michael in Paris, France
Flytographer Olga

“After our Washington DC wedding where we took some incredible shots with the monuments, we found ourselves wanting to capture our honeymoon in the same iconic way. It was our first trip to Paris (Michael’s first time in Europe) so of course we wanted to be captured with the iconic Eiffel Tower, but our most memorable times in Paris were spent strolling through the picture perfect streets and sitting at cafés drinking coffee and eating cheese and baguette.”


Lianne and Ian in Kyoto, Japan
Flytographer Lucas


Ashley and T.J. in Santorini, Greece
Flytographer Miltos

“My husband and I took this vacation as our honeymoon — we visited Amalfi Coast, Santorini and Paris. We chose Santorini for our photos because it is just a stunning place!
We had the most amazing trip and had a chance to do a sunset cruise where we swam in the hot springs and later saw the most amazing sunset!”


Meredith and Andrew in Maui, USA
Flytographer Marie

“My husband and I boarded our plane to Maui less than 12 hours after our wedding and, although exhausted, could not wait for a week on our favorite island! We had visited Maui 3 years prior with my family, but this trip was different, because we could fill it completely with our shared passion: the outdoors. We hiked our first tropical trail, the Wahe’e Ridge Trail, in the mountains of Maui and it proved to be the hardest hike we have ever completed together. We kayaked, swam with a group of sea turtles, conquered the road to Hana, watched the sunrise over the Haleakala volcano, and tackled Andrew’s fear of heights on a zipline course!”


Brad and Emily in Brisbane, Australia
Flytographer Jason


Dakota and Brian in Tokyo, Japan
Flytographer Daniel

“My husband and I went to Tokyo, Japan in 2015 where we got engaged. He proposed to me on Halloween night with a vending machine ring. Fast-forward to 2017, I got a real ring, we got married, and we decided to revisit our favorite city for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time and we have enough good memories to last a lifetime.”