Get Mom Back in the Photo

Tired of Mom being stuck behind the camera? So are we. Too often Mom is the chronicler of family memories, and as a result, is missing from the summer family photos, or sometimes even worse, is reduced to a floating selfie-head. Here at Flytographer, we are on a mission to get Mom back in the photo.

While we all have different reasons for avoiding the camera — that extra few pounds (that, by the way, only you can see) or the bad hair day — your kids don’t care about those things. And neither should you. Too often we realize too late that the memories captured in photographs become the most cherished family keepsakes, whose value grows exponentially over the years — and generations.

We have engaged in conversations with moms around the globe to learn more about the mom-missing-from-the-photo epidemic: why it happens and why it should change. We’ve talked to moms who regret, too late, their own mothers being absent from family photographs. Moms who yearn to see their evolution of motherhood, with their children, in frames. Moms who are ready to be on the walls, together with their families.

Here at Flytographer we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over four million memories worldwide. 🌎 The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip forever. Today, we asked our local photographers to share the best ways to get Mom back in your summer family photos, so let’s dive in. 👍



  1. Celebrate the occasion — while it’s not so difficult to get photos of your summer celebration(s), getting everyone—Mom included—in front of the lens is a totally different story; this year, celebrate by picturing everyone together.
  2. Find the perfect spot — narrowing down the perfect location for your summertime photos can be a fun part of the planning process, and we’re here to help with the inspo.
  3. Pick the perfect outfit — more than just thinking about the best colours, we think picking the perfect photo outfits all starts with Mom.
  4. Try a variety of poses — getting the whole family captured in pictures doesn’t have to feel stiff, forced, or irritating, and your photographer is there to help each member of your family feel good and look good.
  5. Use Flytographer as your family photographer — we have countless families who come back again and again for family photos around the world; we try to make family photography an experience your family will want to repeat!
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Photo: Jimmy in London for Flytographer. Tonya and family capture memories in London with a birthday photoshoot at the Westminster Bridge.

1. Celebrate the occasion

Summer is typically the long-awaited vacation time 🛫 for many families, so what better time to capture you all together than when you’re on a trip as a family? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It’s not so difficult to get photos in the summertime, but getting everyone (Mom included) in front of the lens is a different story. 🫣

Not above a good guilt trip (pun intended)? It seems perfectly reasonable that those who get to enjoy the benefits of a summer vacation who didn’t do the prep work for said vacation should totally express their gratitude by participating gladly in (or at least tolerating) photos, don’t you think? 😜 Jokes aside, a summer family photo shoot is such a fun way to commemorate summertime with your whole family. Whether it’s a family vacation, reunion, birthday, anniversary, or any other time family is gathered, celebrate the occasion 🥳 with family pictures.

We must make a special mention—coming from those of us who are moms, take note: pictures that include Mom in front of the lens are so special. We know it’s not technically impossible to ask Mom to take a turn in front of the lens, but the reality is—being in front of the camera can be easy to push aside for later. We all have moments we don’t feel particularly model-esque, but photos of Mom—of you, of your mom—will be cherished in the years to come. It doesn’t take long before we all look back and realize how quickly time passes and how fleeting moments with children are; celebrating any occasion with a photo shoot that allows Mom to completely check out as photographer and relish the moment with her loved ones is a larger gift than many might realize. Moms, we’re looking at you! Don’t let time pass by without capturing these seasons! 👩‍👦 Whether you are a mom or you’re thinking about getting photos with your own mom, we can’t encourage you enough: CELEBRATE MOM! 🤗 Being a mom is enough of an occasion, so make pictures happen this summer. ✅

Photo: Sarah in Maui for Flytographer. Caramel and family capture memories in Maui with a family photoshoot at Kapalua Ironwoods.

2. Find the perfect spot

Once you’ve decided to make family photos happen, it’s time to pick the perfect spot for pictures. 📍 Flytographer has photographers in hundreds of destinations, so no matter where you are, chances are there’s a professional photographer close to you! Be sure to look at the route options for your location for more info on specific routes and to see sample galleries. We also highly recommend looking at this Flytographer Routes blog post for lots more information about finding the perfect spot for your photo shoot! Different people are drawn to different aesthetics, so looking at these samples (which also include the season and time of day) is super helpful. 😍 Don’t forget, if you have a special occasion, a custom route is always an option.

This time of year, natural light is abundant, so getting outdoor family photos is a breeze. We recommend early morning or late in the day this time of year to avoid the heat of the day and direct midday sunlight, which can be trickier for family pictures. Check out the best time to take family photos outside for the perfect golden hour moment! ☀️

Finding the perfect spot is one of the most fun aspects of planning family photos and can really get everyone excited about what’s in store! Mom, this is where you can shine! 👏

Photo: Marta in Venice for Flytographer. Erin and family capture memories in Venice with a family photoshoot at Dorsoduro.

3. Pick the perfect outfit

Location? Check! Now, it’s time to talk about family photo outfit ideas. If you’ve done family photos before, you may have less than positive memories about trying to style an entire family for pictures 😳… but FEAR NOT! The task can be tackled, and family photo outfits don’t have to be a monumental headache. 😅We recommend starting your coordination efforts with Mom—whether it’s new or something already in the closet, a comfortable, happy, feel-good mom is the perfect place to begin. Coordinating colours after mom’s dress 👗 or other cute attire has been chosen is a perfect jumping-off point, so next, think of a coordinating colour palate 🎨. Don’t stress about being overly matchy-matchy. Neutral tones are always great, but don’t be afraid of pops of colour. Remember to look at those previously mentioned route galleries as a guide, too. Particularly in the summertime, background colours are usually more vibrant, so you should have lots of good options when it comes to picking the perfect outfits. Summer family photo outfits don’t have to be daunting—picking a colour scheme for your family members can be a lot of fun. 😃 

Hot tip: if you’re including a photo shoot during summer travel, don’t overcomplicate your looks. Make sure shoes are more comfortable than fashion-forward, especially for little ones who aren’t particularly great at subtly pushing through cute shoe pain. 😉 Remember, it can get hot in the summertime, so less can be more—t-shirts, maxi dresses, light fabrics, and neutral colours that hide sweat are great options that will leave everyone feeling good. For more clothing inspo, be sure to head to our family photo ideas for all ages blog post—it’s a great resource.

Photo: Flytographer in Amsterdam. Margaret and family capture memories in Amsterdam with a family photoshoot at The Jordaan.

4. Try a variety of poses

Colour palette? Check! So now what? The great thing about summer family photos is more people means more natural movement (some call it chaos, but we’ll go with “movement” 🌪 🤪). Getting the whole family included in pictures doesn’t have to feel stiff, forced, or irritating. Candid, casual, and interactive photos are so special, and for many of us, it’s also the season of life for movement, so you’re already on your way to great pictures! Look around for pose varieties and images you love to get your brain thinking (we love a good Pinterest board), but don’t stress too much. Your photographer is there to help each member of your family feel good and look good in your family photos. 👌 Another benefit to hiring a professional is that their job is to create visual interest and make your family look amazing during your portrait session.

Bonus: be sure to check out these posts for more specific mother-daughter and mother-son posing tips! 👩‍💻

Photo: Darine in Banff for Flytographer. Shiloh and family capture memories in Banff with a babymoon photoshoot at Emerald Lake Lodge.

5. Use Flytographer as your family photographer

If you haven’t guessed already, we love taking family photos here at Flytographer—we have countless families who come back season after season for family photo sessions around the world. 💓 With incredible professional photographers, we try to make family photography an experience your family will want to repeat! 🔁 Flytographer is a favourite for moms in particular because of our consistent love for getting Mom back in the photos. If you’re looking for a gift for your mom (or any moms in your life!), gifting a photo shoot is a seriously awesome gift. (More gift ideas for Mom here! 💌) Moms, there’s so much joy and comfort in knowing these fleeting seasons are being captured—no matter how silly it seems now, future-you will thank you. 🥹

Photo: Spyros in Santorini for Flytographer. Anne and family capture memories in Santorini with a family photoshoot in Imerovigli Village.


What colours are best for family photos in summer?

For summer family photos, opt for light, airy colours like pastels or soft neutrals such as light blue, pale yellow, mint green, or blush pink. These colours complement the brightness of summer and create a timeless look for your family photos.

What is the best season for family photos?

Summer is the best season for family photos because of the vibrant outdoor settings, lush greenery, and ample natural light. It offers perfect backdrops for capturing memories with your loved ones amidst the warmth and beauty of the season.

Should everyone wear the same colour for family photos?

It’s not necessary for everyone to wear the same colour for family photos. Instead, coordinating colours by sticking with a colour palette or throwing in a pattern in the same tones can create a cohesive look while allowing each family member to express their individual style.

Is sunrise or sunset better for family photos?

Both sunrise and sunset can offer stunning lighting for family photos, but it ultimately depends on your preference and schedule. Sunrise provides soft, golden light and fewer crowds, while sunset offers warm and dramatic hues. Choose a time recommended by your photographer that works best for your family’s schedule.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Rachael and family capture memories in Paris with a family photoshoot in Sacré Coeur & Montmartre.

Capturing Memories with Mom

So, have we convinced you!? This is the year for summer family portraits. 📸 We can’t stress just how valuable photos are with Mom in them, both for her and for you—now and later. Find a reason to celebrate, pick the perfect spot, get excited about how to make your shoot look and feel good, and book your own family photo shoot for you or the mom in your life, and get mom back in your photos! 🫂 

See you soon! 👋