Best gifts for Mom

When you think back to the best memories you have with your mom, are those memories centered around experiences or things? We’re willing to bet that they’re all about the quality moments you spent together doing something you love. ❤️

We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for the mama in your life who doesn’t need another last-minute bathrobe, coffee mug or subscription box. 🎁  The gift of experiences and memories is an easy and meaningful way to say an “I love you” that lasts. Here are 4 ways to give Mom a meaningful gift to celebrate a special occasion.

1. Gift of quality time together

Schedule a date with Mom to “fill her bucket” and spread some sunshine! ☀️  A few minutes of thoughtful planning can easily turn into hours of fun that you’ll both treasure for years.

  • Brunch and mimosas anyone? A local “date” together is a thoughtful gift and opportunity to dress up and spend intentional quality time together. 💕  Make a reservation at a new or well-loved spot, and if you want to elevate your conversation, bring along these conversation starter cards. Even with the people we know best, there are always opportunities to learn something new about each other. Ready to up the ante? Make these dates a weekly or monthly affair for maximum quality time.
  • Does your mom need a break from her daily routine? Treat her to a cozy staycation at a local hotel for a much-needed getaway… even if it’s just down the road. 🥰  Book a luxe spa day for the ultimate pampering experience, and order her favourite desserts and wine to indulge in afterwards while donning comfy hotel robes. Treat her to a massager to take home for pampering on demand.
  • If an upcoming getaway isn’t in the cards, an “I owe you” vacation is a great gift to give now and enjoy later. Create a flexible itinerary with a list of dining spots, activities and accommodations for her to have on hand, so when you’re ready to book down the road, the planning is already done! 📝

2. Gift of family fun

Is your mom always in charge of getting the family together and planning a night of fun? Plan a game night with the whole family to help Mom sit back, relax and enjoy. If you can’t get every family member into the same room, make it a virtual get-together, and play one of these Zoom-friendly games:

  • Keep it old-school! Pictionary is a tried-and-true classic for all ages, and here is a great how-to for adapting this game to Zoom. Or use this generator for a night of charades, laughter and bad acting. ✍️  Other virtual-friendly games include: 20 Questions, Scattergories, Trivia, Head’s Up, and Bingo.
  • Ready for the ultimate test of skills, collaboration and problem-solving? 🔑  Team up to complete a virtual escape room, and don’t forget to dress up to match the theme!
  • If you’re getting together virtually for Mother’s Day, consider adding special touches like sipping on matching mixed drinks, decorating with a special background or sending thoughtful, handwritten cards ahead of time for her to open while you’re together. 💌

Give Mom the gift of memories

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3. Gift of learning

Taking the time to sit down and learn a new skill together is one of the most rewarding activities of all 🤓  and there are hundreds of possibilities based on your shared interests.

  • Our Better Everyday Photos with Your iPhone course is a fun, self-paced class you can take together to up your iPhone photography skills! Your mom can virtually travel to iconic destinations around the world while she sips from her wine glass and practices her photography skills. Gifting her the confidence to document memories through her eyes with the iPhone camera she already has is the gift that never stops giving. 🤳
  • Can’t whisk your mom away to Tuscany for a pasta-making class or to a French patisserie to bake pastries for her sweet tooth? Virtual cooking classes through AirBnB Experiences bring the chef to you! 👩‍🍳  Other ideas include learning to make authentic Mexican tacos, a sangria tasting in Portugal, a coffee masterclass or even an introductory language lesson to prepare for your future trip. There’s even a class for learning to sabre a bottle of champagne! 🍾

4. Gift of memories

If the photos hanging on the walls of your mom’s home are severely outdated (or even if they’re not!), fresh, updated photos will always spark joy. ✨

  • Whether you have an upcoming trip or you want to take photos together “just because,” the joy that comes from priceless photos never fades. A Flytographer gift card is a meaningful gift that keeps on giving! Remember to view galleries from past shoots as well to choose your favourite Flytographer memories to print.
  • A coffee table photo book is another way to compile her favourite images into one place. Artifact Uprising offers a variety of styles and price points for creating beautiful, DIY albums for her photos, and the simple, minimalist designs help create keepsake books that will stand the test of time. Do you have a video on your phone that you know will make your Mom smile? Send a video in the mail (yep, you heard us right!) with Heirloom – a high-quality card that plays the video when opened, every time. 
  • If physical prints and snail mail 🐌  are too slow, say “I love you” with a Skylight digital picture frame to display photos on demand. This personalized gift allows anyone invited to send any photos directly from phone-to-frame for your mom to enjoy in real-time. No more digging through emails, albums or text messages to find those precious memories. 📸

Capturing memories with Mom

The best moms out there deserve the perfect gifts, and perfect gifts are ones that come from the heart. ❤️  We guarantee that a thoughtful gift will mean more to her than an Etsy tote, a cutting board, essential oils + a diffuser, or a weighted blanket ever could. Simply taking the time to create a special Mother’s Day or birthday for her is the true gift, and we hope these ideas help create lifelong memories she’ll treasure.

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