Proposing to your partner is a fleeting moment that absolutely overflows with joy and celebration. Leave it to us to capture the magic that ensues when you pop the surprise question, so you can focus on what really matters when the time comes – your partner!

While the proposal moment may be short, it’s one that requires planning and thoughtfulness in order to unfold seamlessly. We’ve captured thousands of proposals around the world, so we’ve truly seen it all. A little planning goes a long way to create that picture-perfect moment that you’ll look back on with joy for a lifetime, so read on for our top tips to avoid making one of these mistakes when proposing to your partner. 

1. Opening the ring box backwards or upside down

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many ring boxes can look the same from every angle. When you’re down on your knee and gazing into your partner’s eyes, the last thing you want is to have the ring facing the wrong way or fall out, especially if you’re near water! We suggest practicing pulling the box out from your hiding spot, and make a small mark on the bottom of the box so you know which way is up. With these preparations in place, you’re ready for the grand reveal.

2. Not practicing getting down on one knee before the big day

Getting down on one knee to pop the question is when your photographer will capture that iconic proposal shot. However, how you get down on one knee will determine if the photographer can capture the overjoyed expressions on both you and your partner’s faces. Make sure you practice kneeling in the outfit you plan to propose in, and envision where the photographer will be. Your partner will naturally turn to face you as you kneel, so you’ll want to make sure your photographer is facing your shoulder in order to capture that magical, profile shot of both of you.

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3. Not knowing your speech or words in advance

While you’ve likely been thinking about and planning your proposal for a while, many of our customers have told us that they were overwhelmed with emotion and the moment passed surprisingly fast. By practicing what you’d like to say in advance, it frees up your mind to be right there in the moment. But if you toss out your speech and opt for a romantic kiss when the time comes, we’ll capture that too!

4. Popping up too fast – stay on one knee until the ring is on their finger!

Saying the four magic words, “Will you marry me?” and waiting for their “Yes!” may feel like an eternity, but in reality, it takes just a few seconds. While it’s tempting to immediately pop up for a celebratory hug or kiss, stay down on your knee until the ring is on their finger. Not only does it allow you and your partner to savor this momentous moment a bit longer, it also allows your photographer those extra precious seconds to capture the iconic shot. 

5. Not planning your outfit for success

There are a few details to be thoughtful of when choosing your proposal outfit. First, make sure you can kneel in your pants or dress comfortably; not all fabrics are equally stretchy! Second, think about the climate. If you’re in a tropical location, opt for light colours and breezy fabrics like linen and cotton to hide any sweat stains that could pop up. Finally, double check that your zippers are zipped, your buttons are buttoned, and you’ve got a place to stash the ring before the big moment.

6. Not capturing the moment with Flytographer!

The moment you ask your partner to spend the rest of your lives together is one of the most romantic and defining decisions in your relationship, and that magic deserves to be captured. It allows you to relive and remember the experience over and over. We’ve heard from hundreds of couples that they were so overwhelmed and excited in the moment that they “blacked out” and forgot what happened! Beautiful photographs have the power to bring you right back to that moment, and they become precious heirlooms to share with family and friends along the way. 


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