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Photographer Q&A Series: Kate in St. Petersburg

“I think it’s important to embrace who you are rather than try to pretend to be someone else for the camera so I don’t like to over edit and prefer to keep everything natural. My favorite genre is street photography because it is completely unpredictable and unposed, so I like to use the same principle in my portrait shoots. ” – Kate in St. Petersburg

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Photographer Q&A Series: Katie in Los Angeles

“I have this rule I tell myself: interesting is better than perfect. I’m not overly concerned with the technically ‘perfect’ photo. I just want whoever is looking at my images to stop and stare for a minute, and to feel something.”

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Photographer Q&A Series: Cassie in San Francisco

“I’m passionate about chasing the sunlight and turning life’s greatest adventures into timeless images. My goal is to create memories of love and life in ways that are timeless and classic that will never go out of style.”

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Photographer Q&A Series: Kelly in Victoria

We’re excited to announce a new series of photographer Q&A’s on the Flytographer blog! Offering insight into our amazing community of photographers, we begin with natural light Flytographer Kelly in Victoria, British Columbia.

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