Endless opportunities across the world are ready and waiting for you to book your plane ticket and start your adventure. Which one of these bucket list experiences are you checking off next?

What we find so beautiful about travel are the limitless experiences available to each and every person. If 100 people scored a bingo on the board we created, there would still be 100 unique stories told — how incredible is that!? It’s the magic of travel; the stories may start with the destination but only continue with you. We’ve created a bingo board based on some of our favourite travel memories we’ve captured from around the world. Will your next trip make five in a row? If you’re not sure where to go next, we’ve got the perfect destination recommendations to fit every mood.

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I’m feeling romantic…

We think most people would agree that nothing tests a relationship more than travelling. After all, flight delays, lost luggage, language barriers and public transportation are just a few potential difficulties you may face as a team. But with great risk comes great rewards, which is why we encourage travelling with your partner as soon as possible! If you’re in the mood for a little romance, look no further for inspiration. Picture a bustling afternoon wandering the markets in Marrakesh and then ending the day on the rooftop of your riad as the sunset explodes into a rainbow of colours across the sky. If you love taking long walks while talking about life, love and everything in between, why not change up the scenery by wandering along pathways blanketed with pink-hued cherry blossoms in Tokyo?

“We had such a blast, and even though the rain was pouring down at times, Daniel made it a special moment. A few days later, we received the photos in an online link. The best thing about flytographer I would say is the incredible ease of the whole process, from booking, to choosing a venue (they are locals with excellent knowledge about their area).” -Thalia

I’m feeling adventurous….

If life’s daily routines have got you down and coordinating schedules for a trip is proving to be an impossible task, we say book your dream trip anyway! Solo travelling is an incredibly rewarding experience with unlimited potential. Let your curiosity be your guide. Amsterdam is one of our favorite cities, and it’s easy to explore if you’re a first timer in the solo travel world. After a few days of exploring the city by bicycle, you’ll not only look and feel like a local, but you may check even check off “help a stranger with directions.”

“Flytographer is simply the best souvenir you can buy while traveling. The magnets will get sold in a garage sale, the keychains will break, but the photos and the memories are what you will care about when you are old and grey. I love Flytographer and they will be apart of ALL my travels.” – Shay

I’m feeling hungry…

A feeling we can all relate to… feeling hungry! We’ve heard so many travel stories that revolve around the food. After all, food and culture are so deeply intertwined that dining like a local is one of the quickest and most authentic ways to connect with a city. Ask one of our local photographers in Barcelona for the best hidden tapas restaurants to sample a variety of tasty dishes, or befriend a local in Dublin over a Guinness while they teach you “cheers” in Irish… sláinte! To embrace your inner Parisian, simply don an all black outfit and enjoy a hot, flaky croissant under the Eiffel Tower. When you’re traveling, posting photos of your food is 100% encouraged.

“Vanessa went above and beyond just being an engagement photographer. She was empathetic, excited, and fun to be around! After a flight cancellation and getting into Dublin 24 hours after originally planned, Vanessa still enthusiastically participated in our special day. Our original planned spot was closed, and she was quick on her feet to pick another incredible spot that ended up being the best place we could imagine. The photos were unbelievable! She is so talented, she captured the genuine and authentic moments just perfectly. Vanessa truly made our special day one we will never forget!” – Jordan

I’m feeling sentimental…

Maybe it’s knowing that your trip is coming to an end, or maybe it’s knowing this may be the only time you’ll walk these streets in your lifetime. Maybe it’s your last trip as a couple before your baby comes into the world or your last trip before the kids go off to college. Whatever the reason, travel has this sneaky way of making us feel sentimental about every moment. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend staycation or taking a ‘round-the-world-trip’, make sure your memories last a lifetime. Capture the magic of travel with a vacation shoot, and decorate your walls with beautiful memories.

“Matteo, thank you for your wonderful gift of some incredible family photos that we will cherish forever. We can’t wait to welcome our little boy in 7 weeks and will always look fondly on our last weeks as a family of two with your photos. Thank you!” -Best Wishes, Shelbe, Chauntae, and Baby Judah

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