We experience so much joy every single day as we deliver gorgeous galleries to our clients, but Melany’s story, in particular, touched our hearts and inspired us with her unmistakable joie de vivre. Read on for more on her first time travelling solo.

“My husband died five years ago. I’m 57 and all my friends have partners. I was tired of waiting for someone to be free or interested in travelling with me, so I decided to go alone. I went to Amsterdam to see tulips and windmills. I had the best holiday of my life. I couldn’t stop smiling!

“To paraphrase Alain de Botton, ‘Being closely observed by a companion can inhibit our observations of other people. We have to make ourselves seem more normal to fit in and it stifles our curiosity.’ Every single day, I went where my curiosity led me. I saw centuries-old churches, famous paintings, and, yes, tulips and windmills! I was filled with joy, and Silvia at Flytographer captured it perfectly. When I’m an old woman in a nursing home, I will look at these photos and remember my bliss.

“Amsterdam is a lovely welcoming city. The people are exceptionally friendly. Everyone speaks many languages. I am vegan and it was very easy finding delicious vegan food. My top tip would be to wear thick-soled shoes. The cobblestones caused me a great deal of pain when I was wearing my flats. And nothing ruins a holiday like sore feet!” – Melany

 Flytographer:  Silvia in Amsterdam

Flytographer: Silvia in Amsterdam

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