Coming from all corners of the world, this fun family finally got everyone together to celebrate Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. Read on for how they spent their time together and why they plan to make it a yearly tradition.

“It took us almost seven years to get every single member of our family together and celebrate this wonderful Chinese New Year. In our family, almost everyone lives at different corners of the world. This was the most memorable trip to us! And for this reason, we decided every year we should make time for family together time.

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“We chose Chinatown because it has the most Chinese New Year feel. It is also a vibrant and lively neighbourhood to walk around. The background is colourful and was perfect for our photo shoot. Peter was amazing. He is very familiar with the area and showed us all the good places to walk around. He even made us feel very comfortable. We really liked his approach making everyone look natural. We stopped by a coconut stand and everyone got a coconut! Gosh, it was probably the best coconut juice I have had in years!

“Another personal favourite place is the Dark Cave. It is a sacred place and the view is absolutely spectacular. There were so many monkeys running around, you cannot believe it! But they were so adorable! We like how Kuala Lumpur is so full of colour and many diverse cultures and people! Especially during the Chinese New Year, everywhere we went was filled with the colour RED, celebrations and people. It was so alive.” – Sasha

 Flytographer:  Peter in Kuala Lumpur

Flytographer: Peter in Kuala Lumpur

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