As the due date draws ever closer and you prepare for your family to grow by one tiny addition, take a break from nesting and treat yourself to some serious self-care and romance on a babymoon.

Whether you’re looking to jetset across the ocean or stay closer to home, these fabulous destinations are perfect for indulging in one last luxurious vacation with just you, your partner and your little (or not-so-little) bump. We love spots that are beautiful, easy to get around, and have plenty of activities for you to do… or not do! Your itinerary is all about taking the time you need to rest and recharge before the baby arrives.

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Romance, passion and wine are three things that define the magical City of Lights, and while you may only be able to indulge in the first two on a babymoon, Paris is still a top destination for picture-perfect quality time with your partner. Strolling the quintessential streets of Montmartre to the tune of the street musicians, getting lost amongst priceless works of art at the Louvre or spending an afternoon hand in hand at the Luxembourg Gardens are must-do’s during your stay.

Couple hugging, the woman is pregnant, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France


This southern city is known for its tranquility and timeless beauty. Every corner looks like something out of a postcard, and a leisurely morning stroll past rows of pastel houses with a hot, fresh pastry in hand is heaven on earth. For posh, old style charm and living out your Downton Abby fantasy, you can stay in a literal mansion at Wentworth Mansion. This luxe accommodation features a variety of top-notch spa services for combatting swollen ankles and leaning into your pregnancy glow! Wander down the bustling King Street to do some window shopping before spending an afternoon at Waterfront Park for a romantic picnic.

Couple standing looking at each other, the woman is pregnant and touching her belly in Charleston, South Carolina


This dazzling Hawaiian paradise is a popular babymoon destination for good reason. With endless stretches of pristine beaches, warm waters and perfect temperatures year-round, the only hard choice is which beachfront resort to make home for the week. Tap into your adventurous side by watching the sunrise at the top of Haleakala Crater, drive the winding Road to Hana or snorkel with the fish and turtles in crystal clear waters. If rest is your priority, there are plenty of stunning beaches to rent an umbrella and simply relax with your toes in the sand all day long.

pregnant couple holding each other laughing on the beach in Maui, Hawaii
pregnant woman holding her stomach on the beach, wearing beautiful white dress in Maui, Hawaii


If you love living the island lifestyle and want to stay active, the island of Oahu has so much to offer. Step into history at Pearl Harbor, admire colourful street art in the hip district of Kakaako, take a slow hike on Diamond Head Crater, or walk along the turquoise waters of Laniakea Beach while you sip on a mocktail and watch for sea turtles. As the lively capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is easy to get to, so you can step off the plane and into paradise.

Couple holding each other happy and smiling, she is pregnant in Honolulu, Hawaii
pregnant woman holding her stomach in Honolulu, Hawaii


With magic to be found around every corner, you don’t have to walk far to uncover hidden cafes or hear a gondolier humming as his gondola floats along the sparkling canal. Nothing pairs better with pregnancy cravings than creamy gelato and fresh Italian pasta, and Venice truly feels like your own fairytale world in the early morning before the rest of the city awakens. As the sun rises along with the number of tourists, book an afternoon spa treatment fit for a queen at the Aman Venice (it’s literally housed in a palace!) or get lost in the less touristy neighbourhood of Cannaregio.

two LGBTQ women holding each other laughing, one of the women is pregnant in Venice, Italy

Wherever you choose to go, be sure your travel is cleared by your doctor, you know where the closest hospital is and you’ve got trip insurance to give you peace of mind. While you’re doing this planning, why not book a shoot with one of our amazing local photographers to capture the beauty of pregnancy and celebrate this fleeting time before your little one makes their grand debut into the world.

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