What better way to celebrate one of life’s greatest adventures – the journey to parenthood – than with the gift of travel! In 2017 we saw many people take their final vacation as a family of two with trips that ranged from relaxing at the beach to exploring the most romantic cities in the world. Take a peek at these glowing mamas and papas-to-be and get inspired for your own babymoon getaway!

Chinny and Joe in Cape Town, South Africa
Flytographer Nadine

“My husband has visited South Africa several times in the past and loved it. With our little one on the way, we knew our lives were about to change so we decided to make the long trip to this amazing country and capture as many memories as possible. One memory that stands out is stopping our car on the side of the road on our wine tour in Cape Town and staring out at the mind-blowing view of mountains, countryside, and blue skies. We were both speechless.” – Chinny

Leona and Angie in New York City, USA
Flytographer Johnny

“I surprised Angie on Valentine’s Day with a trip to NYC for our babymoon (the last trip with just us two before the little one arrives). One of our favourite memories was spending the day in Brooklyn waiting for our photoshoot. We got to have an extra long dinner date at Grimaladi’s Pizza place reminiscing about our life together and the journey ahead.”

Ivana and Blake in Whistler, Canada
Flytographer Alanna

“As soon to be first time parents we wanted to take a little trip outside the city and enjoy a relaxing getaway. We stayed at the beautiful Fairmont  Chateau Whistler which meant our stay included a lot of room service and sleeping in. Walks (or waddles) in the village allowed us to stumble into small coffee shops and boutique clothing stores. The snow on the ground while we were there was the icing on the cake. It was the most perfect babymoon a prego could ask for!”

Rebecca and Trey in Sydney, Australia
Flytographers Sarah & Stephen

“We planned a babymoon to Sydney and New Zealand to celebrate our last couple months as a family of two!  We’ve always loved traveling together, and wanted to fit in one more adventure before we welcome our baby girl. We loved getting to spend several days walking around Sydney exploring!  The walk between the Opera House and Macquaries Point through the botanical gardens was one of our favorites.”

Jena and Matthew in San Francisco, USA
Flytographer Danielle

Kelli and Kyle in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Serena

“We were inspired to have our maternity photos taken in the ever romantic city of Venice, Italy. We absolutely love exploring all that Venice has to offer. We are also lucky enough to live in northern Italy and are expecting our first child and could not think of a better Italian city to capture our love and excitement of welcoming a new little one into this world.”

Amanda and Matthew in Charleston, USA
Flytographer Catherine

“We have two toddlers at home so when we found out we were pregnant with baby #3 we knew we needed to take a long weekend trip for some rest, relaxation and quality time before the level of chaos in our house rose any further. Since I was 24 weeks pregnant, we wanted to choose a location that was close to NYC and somewhere with both culture, food and beaches. Charleston was the best of all worlds. The city is the epitome of charm. Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful home, stunning garden or breathtaking water view.”

Felipe and Melina in Honolulu, USA
Flytographer Trevor

Diana and Steven in Nice, France
Flytographers Andrea & Cyril

“We love France. Being born there and going back quite often we always find some place new to discover. We came here when we first got engaged and it made sense to come back again for our baby moon trip. There’s so much Italian influence in Nice that most of the time there, I forget that i’m in France! Traveling at 32 weeks pregnant I thought would be difficult but it was such a breeze to get around especially when there’s so many gelato spots around!”

Annie and Richmond in Tokyo, Japan
Flytographer Nathalie

“We went to Tokyo as a babymoon vacation because it is a great way to experience both the modern and traditional aspects of Japanese culture. It is easy to commute around this busy city to see all its the amazing sights and sounds.  The best part of Tokyo is of course the amazing food experiences!!”