Your Vacation Photographer in New York City: Meet Johnny

Meet Johnny

My work in photography is a natural extension of my desire to tell stories. I'm a full time wedding and portrait photographer, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to document couples and their families and make a lasting contribution to their story. 

Three Things

  1. I'm also a musician and filmmaker. Many of my friends and colleagues are also in creative fields, so we're often collaborating and lending a hand on each other's projects!
  2. I can't live without my guitar! Give me a beach on a warm summer night with a guitar and a good group of friends and I couldn't be happier.
  3. I love to travel. I've visited Europe three times, having spent time in Italy, France, and Switzerland. Outside of my home, Florence is my favorite city in the world (and actually where I first studied photography).

Favourite Place to Shoot in NYC
My favorite location is DUMBO in Brooklyn -- it offers gorgeous cityscapes and green spaces, and the views of Manhattan are spectacular!

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Johnny

"We think Johnny is exceptionally talented. His ability to capture just the perfect moment between two people is amazing! He is such a nice and friendly guy and made us feel so comfortable, at times we didn't even notice he was there. We feel very grateful and are happy that he was the one that captured one of the most important moments of our lives. We absolutely LOVE the photos. It's amazing how Johnny managed to capture the love between us and get that perfect shot of the proposal."  - Chalana

"The photos are fantastic we are really pleased with them!!  Johnny was really lovely.  He is also a very talented photographer and came up with some unusual ideas which turned out as really amazing photos!!  We really enjoyed the whole Flytographer experience and will definitely recommend Flytographer and Johnny!!" — Caroline

"Our photographer Johnny was a total sweetheart to work with and he understood the dynamics of my family to get the best possible photographs out of a 2 hour shoot. The photographs he delivered were EXCELLENT. Thank you!!!" - Dara (see blog post here)

"Working with Johnny was great! He was awesome with [my young daughter] and captured everything I envisioned from the bridges to the murals of Brooklyn. I especially loved the candid shots he took because those little moments he got are what I embrace most with our daughter. Thank you sooo much Johnny! You've made our trip even more memorable and we can't wait to book you again when we fly back to NYC!" — Joyce

"Johnny was great - really fun to work with and very professional. He had lots of great ideas, really made us feel comfortable and relaxed. At the end of the shoot, it felt like we'd been hanging out with a close friend all afternoon! He really captured us and our personalities." - Clark (see blog post here)

"So glad that we decided to book Flytographer during our honeymoon in NYC. The photos are absolutely stunning and we will treasure them forever. We would definitely use you again in future and would recommend Flytographer to anyone who wants any special occasion captured by real professionals. Thank you, Flytographer! :)" — Chris

"The truth is it felt as though we already knew Johnny; he was a thoughtful, considerate and very talented artist to work with. It felt like we were old friends just hanging out, taking some pictures, and this helped us feel at ease about someone taking photos of us. It made us want to take more, actually, and are looking forward to using your great product again. Thanks so much!" - Ara

"We worked with Johnny and he was amazing! We've worked with a few professional photographers getting couples pictures in the past and he was the best we've worked with. He made everything so relaxing and fun that we couldn't help but take natural photos. It was great to spend to spend only an hour of our weekend vacation and end up having amazing photos that we will cherish forever." — Curtis

"Johnny was just like an old friend, who took us around his favorite places. We were surprised that our son also relaxed and expressed himself in front of the big lens---probably because of the relaxing mood Johnny had." — Tomoyuki

"Johnny is the best!!! He is professional, very passionate about his work and friendly. He made us feel so comfortable, it was like we are just hanging out, taking some pictures which resulted in natural and excellent photos." - Neeraj

"Johnny was so nice, patient, thoughtful, understanding, and knowledgeable.  He is from New York so he knew exactly where to go to get the best shots at our chosen locations." - Stacy

"Johnny was amazing to work with! He arrived knowing so much about us and we felt like we had known him for years. He was patient and knowledgeable and helped us have an awesome experience that we will cherish for years to come!" - Jacqueline

"Johnny is a fantastic photographer (and on top of that, just a super awesome/easy to talk with guy!).  He directed us in a way that was comfortable and was willing to journey down into the subway to get some awesome 'action shots' as the trains rushed by. Our entire shoot was relaxed and lighthearted - and as a result, he gave us the greatest souvenir from our New York City honeymoon!" - Chaney

"Johnny is an amazing photographer. He made us feel so comfortable, had wonderful ideas and gave good directions.  He is so personable & friendly and at the same time so professional and helpful during the entire shoot. We loved working with him!" - Jennifer

"Johnny was amazing to work with. He was prompt, responsive, and so interested in our vision of the shoot. He provided direction as needed but also let us to take the shots that we wanted! Johnny has a friendly and professional demeanor that immediately makes you feel comfortable with him." - AC

"Johnny was absolutely amazing.  He was friendly and personable and put us at ease right away.  He knew exactly where the best shots would be and posed us in very flattering ways.  He has an amazing eye for composition as well.  I love every single image.  Johnny managed to capture our personalities and the fun and excitement of our vacation to NYC, all while including beautiful iconic backgrounds to remind us of our trip." - Julie

"Johnny captured us in the most romantic and authentic way. They are not just photographs. They are moments in our life full of emotion and will be treasured for a lifetime. From the planning to the shoot to the follow up, I couldn't be happier." - Jack

"Johnny was so professional, patient, and has an amazing eye. He made us feel like we were working with a close friend, and allowed us to feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot. He also absolutely nailed every moment that we needed to create an amazing permanent memory of the the first day of the rest of our life together!" - Arthur

"We had the pleasure of being captured by Johnny and it was one of the best experiences we have ever had. From the beginning; Johnny was professional, friendly, attentive and really easy to work with. The quality of his shots is absolutely amazing and a testament to the love he has for what he does." - Thabo

"Johnny did an amazing job of capturing our natural reactions and moments of our engagement. These photos will forever be a part of the beginning of our journey together." - Nate

"Johnny was super friendly and did an awesome job capturing every precious moment for the proposal (even through the chilly weather)!" -David

"Our Flytographer Johnny was great!  I love all of our pictures!  They came out better then expected!  Thank you Johnny." - Christine

"Johnny was excellent and fun to be around. He did a great job working with us on the busy streets of Times Square and managed to keep the crowd on the pictures to a minimum when appropriate." - Rakel

"We didn't want awkward or corny poses, just candid lovely shots of us as a couple in this incredible city. We feel Johnny captured just that. He was so easy to deal with and made us feel super comfortable, really is a professional. We got lost in our moments and Johnny was able to capture them." - Bakulia

"It was really fun meeting Johnny at Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge. He is such a nice guy! It was very crowded in the district that evening, but you can't see that in the pictures at all!"- Francoise

"Johnny was an amazing photographer. The quality of the pictures were beyond anything myself or my fiancé had expected. Johnny made us feel extremely comfortable during the shoot and felt like we had been friends for a long time." - Tyler

"Johnny was amazing! His suggestions were extremely helpful and the pictures turned out beautifully! Johnny was kind enough to show my fiancé and I around and maximized our shoot!" - AL

"Our experience with Johnny was wonderful. In a short amount of time we took tons of perfect, beautiful, framable pictures!" - Alice

"Johnny was truly amazing to work with. Made large crowds in the park seem like they weren't there at all. For our first trip together and having never shot pictures we were extremely comfortable with everything and Johnny is a true Pro. Thanks again for capturing some of the most memorable moments from our trip" - Matt

"Our photos are easily my favourite souvenirs from our trip! We will cherish them far into the future. My family feels lucky to have had Johnny, who is not only very talented but also a really wonderful person." - Shannan

"Johnny was very professional and kind. He was very flexible and easy to work with. Johnny made us feel at ease and made the whole experience very enjoyable. We will never forget our babymoon to NYC!"- Leona & Angie

"I was very pleased when shown the photos with our shoot with Johnny. He gave us some direction but, for the most part, let us do our thing. I love that the photos captured our personality in such a candid way." - Rachel

"Johnny was great to work with.  It was my first time, shooting by myself and I wasn't the most comfortable- plus it was really cold- but Johnny was very friendly and easy to work with and he captured some great photos." - Renee 

"Johnny was AMAZING!! Spending the morning with Johnny was like spending the day with a friend. He did such a great job of putting everyone at ease so our photos came out extremely natural and candid. Johnny was incredibly patient with us and also very thoughtful about how and where he posed us for photos so (my mother in-law) was comfortable and safe the whole time!!  We couldn't be more thrilled with our photos! Thank you so much, Johnny for the incredible souvenirs from this special trip!" - Colette

"It was an incredible experience, Johnny was on spot with every photo, we are more than happy with our photos!" - MS

"I am more than grateful to have Johnny capture one of the most unforgettable moments of my life, and my new fiancé and I will treasure the photos forever." - Stefan

"Johnny is an amazing photographer. Not only did he give us great ideas for poses, he was incredibly kind and patient during the entire process. The sun was setting and he captured the right moments. Very elegant and romantic. We really enjoyed our photoshoot and look forward to doing another one." - Lily

"Thanks to Johnny, he did an amazing job. He is an amazing photographer and person. My girlfriend was really surprised and she had no idea, which made it even more special. The perfect proposal and we are both more than just happy. Thanks so much for your great support!" -Matthias

"Words cannot describe how incredible and talented Johnny was while taking our engagement photos. He was very easy to get along with and personable to make the experience even greater." - Steven & Alicia

"Johnny was a true professional, with a warm personality and did everything possible to ensure he captured the true essence of what we were looking for." - Ryan

"Johnny was nothing short of spectacular. He was friendly, professional, fun to work with, and very patient with rookie models like us. We had a blast during the shoot and made a friend we will always keep in touch with. When we received our pictures, we were blown away. They were beautiful and captured exactly what we were wanting; our love and a memorable trip to NYC."- Matt 

"Johnny was amazing! He took the most amazing photos and I felt like I didn't even know he was there. So patient, amazing eye, a wonderful experience!" - Ric

"We love our photos from NYC!  My husband is a little uncomfortable getting his picture taken and Johnny was so patient & helpful that we were both at ease and actually enjoyed the experience." - Lori 

"Johnny was wonderful and he made it so much fun for our family.  Definitely not easy to capture a family with three boys but he managed to do it!!!  We loved our family photos from New York City." - Essie 

"Johnny was fun to work with! We had two photoshoots in two days; one for a typical NYC shoot and another in black tie outfits before an awards show. He asked us for our vision and gave great direction while letting us get certain shots/poses we wanted. Both shoots felt relaxed which translated well into the photos we received. It felt as though we were hanging with an old friend from NYC who knew the ropes." -Alex 

"We had a wonderful photo session with Johnny.  He was very patient and accommodating for our big group.  Our children responded to him very well, and he was very conscientious when speaking with them.  I loved that he picked a part of New York City that we never would have explored, so our pictures are better than anything we could have planned.  He also was very experienced and could not have planned the lighting any better.  Overall a fantastic experience." - Reena

"Johnny was terrific from beginning to end. We had a lot of fun shooting with him, even in the rain! He took us all over the Coney Island boardwalk and amusement parks. He also knew exactly where he would like to take the pictures. He's extremely patient in wanting to obtain the best photographs, and I completely understand why after seeing all of the images. It is hard for me to choose my favourite photo because there are so many great pictures!" - Supicha 

"I can't say enough good things about Johnny. He was kind, gracious, and made us feel so relaxed. Not to mention he's so talented and his photos are beautiful. We're so happy with them." - David

"Johnny, he was excellent!! He was very patient and kind.  He asked our requests and arranged us nicely.  And the photos - fantastic!! We say it was a once in a lifetime experience!" - Mariyo

"With Johnny's excellent knowledge of the area, he helped me pick out the perfect spot for the proposal. He was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process and my fiance and I completely forgot that he was even there! The pictures turned out absolutely great and I could not be more pleased." - Praneil