Your Vacation Photographer in Cape Town: Meet Nadine

Meet Nadine

FLYTOGRAPHER | Cape Town Vacation Photographer - Nadine

Nadine is available for shoots all over Cape Town and in Stellenbosch & Franschhoek.

I'm a short kid with the crazy hair and wild imagination! I believe my photography style is a strong representation of my personality: natural, relaxed, bright, fun, full of emotion & love. My work has been featured in fourteen amazing international and local websites. One of my photos has been published on the front page of the newspaper and I've done shoots internationally.

Three Things

  1. I love reading, spending time with friends and family, escaping to our family beach house, attending live music gigs, watching the sun set or rise, living in the moment, enjoying the small things, soaking up the sun and the occasional movie or series marathons.
  2. I can't live without music. I listen to it when I work, drive, gym, walk, shower, queue at the bank, clean house and even when I can't sleep. Music makes everything better.
  3. Most people are generally amazed by my never-ending amount of energy. I also tend to use sound effects & words that don't exist while shooting!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Cape Town
Green Point Promenade

Languages Spoken
English & Afrikaans 

Customer Love for Nadine

"Wow!!! Wow wow wow! It's like we were there, and we knew it would look great, but Nadine still exceeded our expectations. We are so grateful to her for being such a memorable part of our trip and giving us SO many beautiful photos to capture our time in Cape Town. Really priceless. Nadine is absolutely an artist and so much fun to work with." - Dori

"Nadine made the process so easy. Loved her sense of humour and patience." - Carmen

"Nadine was truly a pleasure to spend time with. She is incredibly personable and talented at what she does." - Shanna

"Absolutely LOVED working with Nadine!  She was extremely professional yet fun. We would recommend Nadine to anyone looking for a fun photographer who really enjoys her job." - Robin

"Nadine arrived before the booked time, she was so kind and funny with my kids while she took the photos, and also very patient." - Manal