Our Favourite May Proposal Moments

Your proposal is a moment you will remember forever - and for these couples, it's a moment they will get to relive over and over through stunning photographs. From seaside escapes to big city adevntures, Flytographer's proposal couples marked this momentus occasion in stunning locations all around the world. Take a peek at some of our favourite proposal moments from May, and get inspired for your own surprise proposal!


2. Kentaris & Jasmine in Honolulu, USA
Flytographer Sarah


11. Konstantin & Nicole in Reykjavik, Iceland
Flytographer Rakel


13. Kelvin & Celine in Honolulu, USA
Flytographer Chelsea


14. Michael & Shelby in Los Angeles, USA
Flytographer Katie


17. Sumit & Manisha in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Marta


19. Jonathan & Alison in Chicago, USA
Flytographer Adam


21. Kevin & Sally in Tulum, Mexico
Flytographer Conie


23. Matthew & Jasmine in Los Angeles, USA
Flytographer Dipan


25. David & Christina in Boston, USA
Flytographer Sabine


26. Justice & Hannah in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Siza


27. Brandon & Meagan in Tofino, Canada
Flytographer Paul


28. Marius & Adina in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Marta


30. Justin & Lucille in Tulum, Mexico
Flytographer Claudia


31. Alex & Stephanie in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Alberto


33. Logan & Kristin in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Marta


35. Austin & Elizabeth in Paris, France
Flytographer Olga

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