Your Vacation Photographer in Amsterdam: Meet Silvia

Meet Silvia

Your Vacation Photographer in Amsterdam: Meet Silvia

Silvia is also occasionally available in Venice - please enquire!

I am a natural light photographer based in Amsterdam. I narrate simple stories using fascinating and natural light in order to keep the memory of special moments that say who you are and what you feel.

Three Things

  1. I graduated in Cultural Anthropology; all my life I’ve been in love with documenting, taking photos and keeping memories.
  2. I love to cook & experiment in the kitchen. Travel is another of my biggest passions.
  3. My friends tell me I'm a quirky girl and I love to make them smile.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Amsterdam
I love shoot in the Jordaan area

Languages Spoken
English & Italian

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Customer Love for Silvia

"Silvia made this experience so fun and romantic! Rather than feeling self-conscious, she made us feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process.  We are thrilled with the result!" - Alexandra

"Our family thoroughly enjoyed working with Silvia! She was open to our ideas, creative and patient! We have beautiful photos to document our time in Amsterdam!" - Amanda

"Silvia was amazing, very friendly and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We loved being able to be ourselves and have fun. She took us to all the right perfect locations... and she went above and beyond all of our expectations." - Chloe

"Silvia was fantastic. She quickly put us at ease during the shoot and captured some amazing pictures - not an easy feat when two children are involved." - LJ

"We are so happy we chose the enigmatic Silvia. She made us so at ease and her suggestions for every photos showed her passion beyond dedication. The outcome....we were spellbound!" - Rahul & Honey

"Pictures are beautiful and thanks to Silvia for making us comfortable through out the shoot." - Kailash

"Silvia was very sweet and had all her favourite spots picked out for us. My sister and I really love our photos. I have been part of photoshoots before and this really didn't feel like one - it was much more organic and relaxed. We had a tremendous amount of fun!" - Adam

"Our photographer Silvia was fantastic. She had amazing knowledge of the area we were shooting in and gave us great guidance during the shoot to achieve the photos we wanted. We loved the experience and adore our photos. We wish she could be our Flytographer everywhere!" - Allison

"Silvia made sure we had the shots that we specified in our brief to her. Our boys were cranky halfway through the shoot, yet she was patient with us and gave us time and space to settle them down." - Atiqah

"Silvia was incredibly friendly and made us feel so comfortable during the shoot. She captured absolutely beautiful and unforgettable moments in breathtaking photos. We are both utterly in love with all of the photos and so grateful she was there with us." - Victoria

"We loved Silvia and the pictures are amazing!" - Catalina

"I can't emphasize enough how happy we were during the photo shoot with Silvia. She really knows Amsterdam well, she knew all the great locations to capture our magical moments together." - Jeffrey

"Thank you, Sylvia, for the incredible work! It was an unforgettable, fun and beautiful experience!" - Nazar

"Silvia's skills showed through when looking at the photos. They were taken on a heavy overcast day in dim light while setting up on a very busy little foot bridge with our group of four. The pictures are bright and cheery and she was able to capture the fleeting moments when a break in the crowd would occur. Excellent work, Silvia!" - Fraser