Your Vacation Photographer in Ljubljana & Zagreb: Meet Mankica

Meet Mankica

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Mankica is available for all shoots in Ljubljana and minimum 60-minute bookings in Zagreb. She is also available for Bled Lake with a 20E cash travel fee.

I am mostly a documentary and street photographer, working as a professional photojournalist for the biggest Slovenian and international newspapers, magazines and online media. I'm a world traveler who is in love with travel and candid photography. I like to do creative portraits and explore the beauty of natural light. I have won several awards and prizes, such as the Slovenia Press Photo.

Three Things

  1. People say I'm an eternal optimist and I usually wear rose-colored glasses! 
  2. I am a big graffiti and street art fan & I love the magic of contemporary circus.
  3. When I was a little girl I used to collect paper napkins; today I collect (photo) memories.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Ljubljana & Zagreb
I love all urban city areas!

Languages Spoken
English & Slovenian

Customer Love for Mankica

"Not only did we have a blast shooting with the talented Mankica, but the quality of our pictures was astounding. We can't wait to get them up on our wall. What a great way to remember our trip to Slovenia!" - Tawny (see blog post)

"Wandering the streets of Zagreb, Mankica did a great job capturing the fun we were having discovering our last stop on an unforgettable trip!" - Charishe (see blog post here)

"We had a wonderful time shooting with Mankica in Ljubljana. She was so friendly and welcoming, and loved showing her city to us. It shows in the photos - she took us to some beautiful spots!" - Emily

"We were a little worried about being awkward having a professional photo shoot, but Mankica was such a sweetheart we ended up having a great time! The photos are a fantastic and the perfect memory from our weekend together." - Carly

"Not as scary at it may seem, actually quite fun, thanks to Mankica who is very careful. Very pleased with the shoots, and the experience as a whole." - Alina

"Mankica was just wonderful (in capturing the proposal) – playing along as a 'random stranger' to help keep the element of surprise, walking the route beforehand to identify nice spots (I think even shedding a few tears when my fiancée said "yes"). And the product itself, in the end – simply stunning! Now I'll let the pictures themselves speak a thousand words of recommendation." - Neil