Your Vacation Photographer in Zürich: Meet Veronika

Meet Veronika

I have shot hundreds of different stories (weddings, engagements, parties of all kinds, family reunions etc.) around the globe.
The best rewards I get are those warm words about my ability to capture sincere emotions in a creative way. I do love photography - it's so exciting!

Three Things

  1. I used to work in communications for 7 years dealing with photography orders for different clients. When I realized the real fun is creating photos yourself, I got started!
  2. I love to travel.
  3. I hold the record of shooting a traditional Kazakh wedding non-stop for 14 hours! 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Zürich
I love the narrow streets in the old city with surprising light. 

Languages Spoken
English, Russian, some Italian and German

Customer Love for Veronika

"Veronika was an excellent photographer and took our input as we went through the shoot. Loved working with her." - Mark