Your Vacation Photographer in Honolulu: Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

I am a quirky little daydreamer at heart and wired to love and care for people. It's probably how I discovered my love for photography. I'm constantly captivated by our connection with friends and loved ones, and how that keeps us going in life. My style of photography is a mix between candid and fun, and sweet and intimate. I enjoy photographing the organic and natural connection between people, whether it's goofy and silly or tender and sweet.

Three Things

  1. I'm always interested in trying new things, like new workout classes, calligraphy workshops, food events, learning to watercolor, painting mugs at a café. If it's interesting, I'm open to it!
  2. I love eating spicy ahi: spicy ahi rolls, spicy ahi bowls, spicy ahi anything! 
  3. I have a really loud laugh and laugh with all of my being, but maybe that's because I think everything is funny.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Honolulu
East side

Languages Spoken