Your Vacation Photographer in Reykjavik: Meet Rakel

Meet Rakel

Your Vacation Photographer in Reykjavik: Meet Rakel

Rakel is available for shoots throughout Reykjavik, as well as locations outside the city for longer shoots

I'm a freelance photographer and my project range has a wide spectrum. I shoot family portraits, editorial subjects, advertisements and corporate content. My background in photography is mainly editorial, where I did everything from gossip and glamour to food and interior. In Iceland I also have a good reputation in pet photography, specializing mainly in dogs.

Three Things

  1. I've always been a straight-A student and I thought the smartest thing to do was to study engineering. I was on the edge of getting a bachelor degree in engineering when I took a u-turn and realized I wanted to become a photographer.
  2. Besides my family and friends, I could never live without fresh organic fruits, my toothbrush and candlelight.
  3. I'm a smiley person and I'm told I have an infectious laughter. Many of my friends consider me their personal psychologist, which is probably what I would be doing if I wasn't such a brilliant photographer! ;)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Reykjavik
Harpa, the concert hall

Languages Spoken
Icelandic, English & Danish

Customer Love for Rakel

"We couldn't be happier! I wanted photos to remind us of our amazing time in Iceland and Rakel went above and beyond. She planned out some amazing scenic backdrops and was very easy to work with." - Brittany

"Rakel was absolutely amazing! She was so kind and creative, helped me overcome my shyness, and she made the most of our hour together. She truly made our experience into the memory of a lifetime. I could not recommend her more." - Katy

"Rakel made us feel extremely comfortable and delivered amazing photos." - Alli

"Rakel was really nice and considerate. She had great energy." - Taylee

"We loved working with Rakel!  It was very cold but she was super fun and we had an amazing time!" - Stephanie

"Rakel was so wonderful during our shoot. My husband Sean and I are fairly comfortable in front of the camera, so she pretty much let us do our thing and gave us cues as to where to stand, which lead to some amazing photos with mind blowing scenery. We were so thrilled with the whole experience! " - Amanda

"Rakel was so wonderful to work with and we love the pictures she captured. They are a great reminder of an amazing vacation!" - EG

"Rakel was very accommodating for our family of six.  Our luggage was late arriving and she was kind enough to meet us the next day and share her insights on things to do around Reykjavik.  The photos were far better than what we could have taken ourselves and for once we had all six of us in the photos without having to ask a stranger to take a photo." - David