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What I love the most about my job is YOU! I love capturing the smiles and the joy radiating from your faces surrounded by the marvelous atmosphere of The Eternal City, Rome. Be ready to share those wonderful moments with my camera. It will not let any of them fade away!  What can you expect from my shooting style? A fresh and realistic one, elegant and stylish with an editorial touch; the perfect mix of posed and candid.

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I am a person with a huge passion for travel and nature. I'm very curious, as I like to explore and always learn new things. I am fascinated with people's history from an emotional point of view, but can also be flattered by the simple image of a thunderstorm. This is what moves me is to portray human conditions with a reportage style.

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I'm a positive, generous person who loves the simple things of life. I'm enthusiastic for everything and always say "yes" to new adventures. I love the mix of the raw emotions of photojournalism and the fascinating look of portrait photography. I'm enchanted by people's stories and I always try to translate it into images with a sensitive eye.

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A photographer, a surfer, a dreamer... that's me! I love traveling to catch the cocktail of cultures, traditions, venues! And with me my faithful camera, my every-page-full passport and my surfboard! I have been a photographer since I was eighteen. I worked in the fashion field, sport magazines, for a stock agency and weddings! I also founded Framelines, a wedding photography society. I have a documentary approach: I love dynamic pictures, where I could catch your natural emotions, your laughs, your soul. I don't like posed pictures unless there's a good light condition or an incredible venue. In this case the pose becomes a creative, artistic image.

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I work as a full-time wedding and portrait photographer throughout central Italy. I absolutely love capturing real moments of emotion and affection between people. Over the years, my weddings have been featured in lots of Irish and English wedding and lifestyle magazines.

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Benvenuto a Rome!

The Eternal City is a spectacular lesson in the marvels of art, architecture and technology. Visit the ancient wonders along with the cutting-edge boutiques and bars. La dolce vita is best experienced in one of Rome's many caffès or piazzas, enjoying an espresso or sweet glass of vino, simply soaking in the theatre of life.

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: St. Peter's Square; The Basilica; St. Angelo Castle; Trevi Fountain; The Pantheon; Piazza Navona; The Spanish Steps; Palazzo Farnese Campo de' Fiori St. Angelo's Bridge Trastevere; or your own custom route.

Rome Routes

St. Peter's Square

The Basilica

St. Angelo Castle

Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon

Piazza Navona

The Spanish Steps

Palazzo Farnese Campo de' Fiori St. Angelo's Bridge Trastevere

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