Stepping Behind the Scenes

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. 🌎 We asked our local photographers to let us peek behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Flytographer — are you ready to see what they’ve shared? 📝

Today we’re including some examples of behind-the-scenes video and behind-the-scenes photos from a Flytographer shoot (a tutorial of sorts!), so let’s walk through this BTS process— we hope this information is helpful and fun to see, especially if this is your first time booking a Flytographer shoot! 👍

Photo: Ellie in Florence for Flytographer. Madison and partner celebrate an anniversary in Florence with an anniversary photoshoot at the Boboli Gardens.

1. Book Your Flytographer Shoot

So you’ve decided you’re ready to make the leap and book a shoot … hooray! 👏 Fantastic choice. 😉

Find your destination on the Flytographer website and scroll to pick one of our amazing professional photographers that feels like a good match for you based on their photography portfolio and bio. 🙋‍♀️ Once you select your photographer, you can send in a request to check their availability. Within 24-48 hours, you’ll be notified if your photographer is available for your date & start time. 📆 Once confirmed, you can officially book and reserve your shoot! (If by chance the photographer you selected is unavailable, we’ll easily help you connect with an available photographer.)

If you don’t have a photographer in mind, or if you’re open to any of our amazing photographers, you’ll also have the option from the Destinations page to request and match with a photographer based on your preferred dates. 😎 Easy peasy!

2. Finalize Your Shoot Plan

Ok, now that your shoot is booked, it’s time to finalize details. Some helpful reminders as you confirm your timing and route:

  • Choosing your perfect route is fun and easy. 📍 This post is a must-read if you want some extra tips on finding the perfect route type for you.
  • Here at Flytographer we specialize in outdoor, natural light locations (no photography studio shoots here!). Because of that, we recommend keeping in mind the time of day when you plan for your photoshoot; golden hour is our favourite, but there are plenty of amazing time options depending on where you’re planning to visit, and your Flytographer is the local expert that can help ensure you select an ideal time to create amazing photos. 🌅 Timing is also a big deal in terms of crowds in popular destinations and cities, so this is also where your photographer’s advice comes in handy!
  • Worried about the weather? 🌤 Fear not! Although customers often get nervous about inclement weather, we love overcast and rainy day shoots because cloud coverage provides a natural light diffusion. Cloudy skies are a favourite for photographers and — especially in locations when crowds are a factor — gloomy forecasts often mean quieter surroundings and even more magical photographs. Don’t let a less-than-ideal forecast be a bummer — trust us, some of the most fun shoots we’ve ever captured have been on questionable-weather days! 🌈

We work hard to make the booking process quick and easy, so we hope that it is your experience as well! Once your shoot is booked and specific details are finalized, you will receive your Shoot Scoop itinerary and your photographer’s contact information. 👩‍💻 Awesome!

3. Decide What to Wear & Bring

Moving right along! How are you feeling? Have you started to think about what you’ll wear and what you need to bring? This can be the most intimidating part of photoshoot prep, particularly for families and large groups, but we’ve got your back. We have an official style guide we highly recommend checking out. 👗 We also have a plethora of helpful posts no matter what occasion you may be celebrating — we have outfit inspiration for surprise proposals, engagements, grad shoots, couples, families, beach vacays, or for any moment really.🥰

When it comes to day-of prep, we like to keep things simple and ask that you bring as little as possible to your shoot to avoid having to worry about hauling heavy bags around. 🎒 If you are celebrating a special occasion like a proposal or expecting a little one, a few small, tasteful props can be great additions and make your photos more meaningful, but keep in mind that our photographers are going to be carrying their own gear and aren’t able to carry additional bags, coats, accessories, etc., so choose your items wisely. ✔

Photo: Stephanie in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Aleah and family capture memories in Cabo San Lucas with a family photoshoot at Monumentos Beach.

4. Photoshoot Day!

IT’S TIME! Photoshoot day! 👏

We recommend planning to meet up with your photographer 10 minutes before your scheduled shoot start time to go over your goals. ⌚️ If you are a person who tends to run on a “fashionably late” timetable (😉), you may want to aim to arrive even earlier. It’s always better to be early so you can take some deep breaths, fluff hair, straighten outfits, check teeth … you know, calming fixes! 🪞 Giving yourself breathing room is really helpful in starting your shoot without feeling frantic. Another reminder that traffic, transit schedules, and other local quirks can greatly impact travel time, so give yourself ample time since shoots start right at the scheduled time and a late start will make you feel frazzled and cut into your camera time — not what you want! 🚦Tip: Plan for a fun pre-shoot coffee date a block or two from your shoot location so you can easily walk there, show up relaxed and be right on time to meet your photographer.

You’ve arrived! Are you camera-ready for your close ups?! 😃 Now is when you get to communicate any must-have shots with your photographer. Our Flytographers are not only great people, they’re also awesome resources for what to eat, see and do in each city and can give you recommendations on the best places to go for dinner or a morning pastry! Chatting during your shoot is a fun way to get to know awesome spots in your destination in addition to getting the scoop from a local guide who can help you find the very best spots to take photos.

5. Receive Your Photos

After you’ve parted ways with your photographer, keep an eye out! Within five days of your shoot, you will receive your beautiful gallery in your Inbox with the final images often before you even touch down back home. ✈️

As a helpful reminder, you’ll also have the option to provide feedback about your Flytographer experience — we would love it if you shared some of your experience with us! It’s super fast and is a great help for our photographers to get stellar reviews and insight. 

After you get home, you can preserve the quality of your professional photos by printing them right through your print dashboard or order a beautiful, hardcover photo book in just a couple clicks. Having physical copies of your memories displayed throughout your home will serve as a wonderful reminder of your most cherished moments together. 🩷 

Capturing the Magic with Flytographer

Alright! What do you think? Pretty cool, right?! 🫶

We can’t wait to capture your magic, and we have an incredible team of professional photographers to make it happen. 📸 They’ll help you nail the perfect shot(s), and in particular, help make your photoshoot experience amazing.

Be sure to save this behind-the-scenes photoshoot post for your next trip!

See you soon! 👋