Our Favourite June Proposal Moments

Capturing surprise proposals around the world - what could be better?! At Flytographer, we get to gush over every single proposal that comes in, and of the hundreds of surprise proposal photos we saw last month, these were our favourites! Take a peek and get inspired for your own proposal abroad, or bask in the glow of these adorable couples in love.


1. Gaurav and Ivanna in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Sonya

ryan 19-06-2017-3.jpg

6. Ryan and Jordan in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Serena


11. Pepe and Mirehl in Kyoto, Japan
Flytographer Lucas


16. Robert and Yohanny in Amalfi, Italy
Flytographer Chiara


17. Anthony and Camille in Kyoto, Japan
Flytographer Coo


18. Ryan and Allison in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Sonya


19. Jacob and Jessica in New York City, USA
Flytographer Johnny


21. Landon and Kaylen in Chicago, USA
Flytographer Adam


23. Daniel and Roskherin in Seville, Spain
Flytographer Gabriel


25. Michael and Lauren in New York City, USA
Flytographer Bri


26. Chance and Leah in Paris, France
Flytographer Olga


28. Shawn and Amanda in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Siza


29. Samson and Kellie in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Flytographer Bozo


30. Kevin and Elena in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Emma


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