Your Vacation Photographer in New York City: Meet Bri

Your Vacation Photographer in NYC: Meet Bri

Bri can shoot in NYC with a 60-minute booking minimum.

I am a fashion and beauty-focused photographer who also captures lifestyle and wedding photography; I am passionate about creating great imagery. I bring a natural, classic, and timeless approach to all my work. I thoroughly enjoy working with new people and exploring new places. 

Three Things

  1. I love traveling ( and taking lots of photos), snowboarding, playing soccer, surfing, and hanging with friends and family.
  2. I couldn't live without coffee!
  3. I am a cat lady. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in NYC
Central Park & the Highline

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Bri

"Bri was awesome! The (proposal) shoot was everything I could've wanted and more. She did such a great job capturing the moment for me and my fiancée. It truly was an experience we will never forget. Thank you so much for giving us such a great memory!" - CB

"To put it simply, Bri was absolutely incredible. The work she did was fantastic, and her personality meshed so well with Lauren and I. She was knowledgeable, informative, and incredibly nice/helpful to us throughout this entire process. It felt as though we were old friends who had known each other for years. After this experience, I have touted how Bri should be highly recommended, as well as Flytographer in general. I could not have asked for more for this very special (proposal) moment, and I cannot put into words how thankful I am that Bri was the photographer chosen. Absolutely perfect." -  Michael

"Bri, was so instrumental and fun in the planning session, surprise proposal, and post-engagement shoot. She was flexible during a hiccup in plans, and helped me pull off an absolute fairy-tale proposal! The amazing pictures will allow us to relive the moment and share our special day with others. Thank you again to the Flytographer team!" - Jason

"Bri was fantastic. We have a 2-year-old with a limited attention span and she was great at getting his attention and daring him NOT to show her his teeth, which he fell for every time. Overall this was a great experience which resulted in pictures we can treasure forever." - Jeremy

"I absolutely love our photos! Bri was so easy to work with as her kindness and professionalism helped the shoot run smoothly." - Emilie

"Bri was super easy to work with. Wasn't in our way (at the event) at all. Loved the photos and the quality!" - Kelly

"Bri did a great job capturing us in a comfortable way that really reflected who we are. It was exactly what we wanted and just love these photos." - Amanda

"Bri made our concerns go away the moment we started working with her. She understood right away what we were looking for in our shoot, and put our concerns away the moment we started working with her. The entire experience was fun and enjoyable, it was as if we were exploring New York City together with an old friend. The pictures turned out great and we can't be happier with the experience." - Minnie

"Bri was a great photographer! She was very nice and comforted us. Thank you for the great experience and amazing photos." - Rolien

"Bri, our photographer was adorable. These photos are family treasures. So beautiful. I'm so glad we did this photo shoot!" - Julie