Your Vacation Photographer in Prague: Meet Eliska

Meet Eliška

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***Please note: Eliska is unavailable for shoots from December 22 - 27, 2017 and January 1 and February 3 - 18, 2018.

Your ordinary smiley girl next door, who loves her boys (boyfriend & the happiest Labrador on the Earth)… and shares passion for photography with the world. That's me! Photography is all I do and all I love. I graduated with a BA and MA in the field of photography. I am so exciting about doing JUST this.

Three Things

  1. I love reading books, meeting my friends and being with my beloved family.
  2. I can't live without my family — and my camera! :-)
  3. My friends say that I have a lot of positive energy and being with me is like a recharging process. So I hope that's true!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Prague
We have a lot of nice places in the very centre of my hometown.

Languages Spoken
English & Czech

Customer Love for Eliška

"I really like this idea and it really brought us valuable memories.  To interact with a local photographer, and take photos in various tourist spots was the best thing we did on our trip.  I am really glad that I planned this, and it's our great pleasure to have met Eliška! She is a very professional photographer with great skill, yet super friendly and nice.  It's not only about the photos, but the chance to make a nice new friend - that's what we treasure most!" - Joanne (see blog post here)

"I've never met someone who put so much time & love into what they do. If you're planning a trip to Prague, I highly recommend working with Eliška. Prague is an amazing city & you really need an amazing photographer to capture it." - Mike (read the blog post here)

"Eliska was amazing and I would recommended her again and again." - Kate 

"Eliska captured some beautiful shots of me and my friends on vacation in Prague. Eliska was so friendly and helped make our Flytographer experience a great one!" - Krista

"Eliska was terrific to work with. She had a great vision for the shoot, was patient and provided very helpful, gentle guidance during the shoot, and listened to my preferences. I love how she captured the poetic beauty of Prague with my very modern personality!" - Jana

"Eliska was fantastic! We really loved her energy and spirit, and her photos are just what we wanted." - Mette

"Eliska was incredibly friendly when we met her. We could not be happier - I love every picture! Eliska did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do a photo shoot in Prague!" - Amber

"Eliska was the best part of our trip to Prague! She captured our personality and love perfectly! She showed us around the city while taking spontaneous pictures. So warm and friendly, we felt like we knew her for years!" - Natalie

"Eliska was super fun and the photos had came out really well!" - Rahul & Honey

"We had an amazing time with Eliska! Plenty of pictures were taken while Eliska took us on a secret route of hers, it's unbelievable how great the pictures turned out." - Sherry

"Eliska is very talented and also knew so much about Prague so was able to share the history of the city as well. We are glad that she is a part of the Flytographer family. She was very knowledgeable, professional and gracious to share the day with us!" - Ashlee

"Really enjoyed the friendly, easy going and warm attitude of Eliska - she is helpful and puts you at ease so that she can take great pictures!" - Jana

"Eliska was incredible! She knew all the best sites for shots and documented our honeymoon beautifully. I am beyond thrilled with the photos, they're everything I could have wanted."- Lindsey

"Eliska is a great photographer & also a fun new friend." - Gusmank

"Eliska was wonderful and so great with our two young boys in getting them to smile! We absolutely love our family photos that she captured for us! Cant say enough good things about her! Thank you for capturing family memories that will last a lifetime!!" - Monica

"Eliska's photos look AMAZING, and she was very friendly, very sweet during the whole shoot." - Moisés (see blog post here)

"Eliska was so warm and friendly - we really enjoyed our time with her and she was especially kind with our young daughter. We felt relaxed and at ease with Eliska right away!" - MD

"The experience was great. Eliska made us feel very comfortable and it was great, especially when you have someone that can share local history with you." - Fabio

"Eliska was amazing! She picked out some fun, unique scenes for our shoot  and I highly recommend her. Many thanks for another great experience!" - Laurie