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Eliška's Portfolio
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Your ordinary smiley girl next door, who loves her boys (boyfriend & the happiest Labrador on the Earth)… and shares passion for photography with the world. That's me! Photography is all I do and all I love. I graduated with a BA and MA in the field of photography. I am so exciting about doing JUST this.

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Honza's Portfolio
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I would describe my style as organic and modern, combined with documentary and reportage wedding photography, and a touch of fine art thrown in for good measure.

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Natalie's Portfolio
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I'm a southern Texas gal who followed my Czech heritage roots here to Prague. As an American expat living abroad, I get to visit beautiful European cities all while calling (the best) one my home! I have a passion for turning beautiful, fleeting moments into tangible memories through lifestyle and travel photography. I pour my heart into every image I create, and my hope is that each piece of my work not only reflects who you are, but also the unique city of Prague. My aim is to genuinely capture you through bright, vibrant and laughter-filled photos.

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Evgeniya's Portfolio
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I'm a lively and sincere photographer living in Prague.

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Vítejte v Prague!

Romantic and historic, Prague charms all who visit with its beautiful architecture. With a gothic castle perched on high and the Vltava River flowing through the centre, this Czech capital offers the traveller endless reasons to swoon. A sea of terracotta roofs, the John Lennon wall, and the best beer in Europe are only a few of Prague's delights.

Explore Iconic Spots in Prague

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Charles Bridge; Old Town; Lennon Wall; Na Kampě Street; Čertovka (Devil's Channel); Petřín Lookout Tower; Prague Castle; Lesser Town; Vrtbovska Garden; or your own custom route.

Prague Points of Interest

  • Charles Bridge
  • Old Town
  • Lennon Wall
  • Na Kampě Street
  • Čertovka (Devil's Channel)
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Prague Castle
  • Lesser Town
  • Vrtbovska Garden
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 - Image 1

Petrinske Sady

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Prague Castle

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

St. Charles Bridge

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Old Town & the River

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Prague Castle Gardens & Prague Castle

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

St. Charles Bridge & Vltava River

60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Valdstejnska Zahrada Gardens & St. Charles Bridge

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths

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