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Meet Eliška in Prague

Your ordinary smiley girl next door, who loves her boys (boyfriend & the happiest Labrador on the Earth)… and shares passion for photography with the world. That's me! Photography is all I do and all I love. I graduated with a BA and MA in the field of photography. I am so exciting about doing JUST this.

Three Things

  1. I love reading books, meeting my friends and being with my beloved family.
  2. I can't live without my family — and my camera! :-)
  3. My friends say that I have a lot of positive energy and being with me is like a recharging process. So I hope that's true!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Prague

We have a lot of nice places in the very centre of my hometown.

Languages Spoken

English & Czech

More Information

On Sundays, Eliška requires a 60-minute minimum.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Eliška

"Eliška was so friendly to my mom & I, it felt like meeting an old friend who was just taking pictures of us - which turned out more amazing than expected! It was the best mother's day gift." - Mouza

"We had such a wonderful shoot! It was just like walking around the city with a friend. " - Carol

"Eliska was incredible. She made the whole experience easy and not awkward! I feel like she listened to our needs and wants. The photos were incredible. I wouldn't hesitate booking Eliska! " - Spencer

"What a wonderful time! As a photographer, it was great to be working with someone who understands how to get the best pictures. She took us to the most beautiful places and we had fun getting to hang out." - Jennifer

"Eliška was a fantastic photographer. Our photos were beautiful and our session felt more like we were being given a tour around Prague by a friend, the beautiful photos were an added bonus! We will always cherish these memories. Děkuji Eliška!" - Nia

"Eliška went above and beyond to help me plan and execute the perfect proposal. She has amazing insight into her city, so trust her suggestions! She was extremely professional, and I cannot stress enough how many compliments I have gotten on her photographs. It felt like we had a friend there the entire shoot helping direct us to get the best shots. I would not hesitate to book with Eliška again. I hope that we can get back to Prague again soon and raise another pint with our new friend. Děkuji Eliška! " - James

"Eliška was amazing. She took amazing photos in the location and then also took more at her favorite spots. We had a great time, made great memories and have the amazing photos to show for it. I would highly recommend Eliška." - Christopher

"She is a very professional photographer with great skill, yet super friendly and nice. It's not only about the photo but the chance to make a nice new friend that's what we treasure most! :)" - Joanne

"I booked Eliska through flytographer about a month in advance of my propsal. We skyped a few times & she was so helpful not only on the photography side of things but choosing the right place. Since I've never been to Prague she went out & photographed the places we were discussing to show me what it would look like as if I were there.. I've never met someone who put so much time & love into what they do.. If your planning a trip to Prague I highly recommend working with Eliska." - Mike

"Eliska in Prague was a treasure, very personable and professional. Delighted to have met her, and to enjoy her work!" - Jim

"We are so happy we hired a photographer while traveling to Prague this Christmas. It isn't often that mom is IN the photos so this was a really special experience for us. Thanks so much!" - Sarah

"We love our photos that Eliska took on our family holiday in Prague! She was so friendly, and worked well with our family. Her work is beautiful, and I couldn't be more pleased! She is highly recommend for my family!" - Megan

"I couldn't be happier of asking Eliska to take pictures of the moment I got on one knee and asked the famous question. Her photos look AMAZING, and she was very friendly, very sweet during the whole shoot. More than recommended! Thank you for making this moment even more special!" - Moisés

"Elishka was amazing! She made us feel comfortable immediately and really captured the vibe that we wanted. We're so happy to have this special keepsake from our trip!" - Amanda

"Everything was seamless and just perfect, including the pictures. Eliska was so awesome that we had to have coffee with her after the shoot, she even gave some great local recommendations!" - Neelima and Praveen

"My fiance and I both loved our photos. I'm so glad I booked them because out engagement was a once in a lifetime moment that we can now look back on forever." - Jeff

"Had a great photo shoot with Eliska in Prague. She was really friendly, and we are very happy with the photos!" - Beth

"Planned and executed to perfection. Shay and Eliska were great in working with me to set up a plan in order for my (now) fiance not have any idea what was happening. Eliska was kind enough to book us a great spot for dinner after the surprise shoot. Thank you both so much for everything !!"

"We've done two family shoots now - one of them in Prague with Eliška. I'm usually behind the camera and am rarely in my shots, so I love having photos with all of us in them." - Eric

"Our photographer was wonderful and really drew us out so she was able to catch lovely pictures. We will always treasure these pictures!" - Melissa

"My husband and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in Prague and chose Eliska to take photos for us. I’m so glad we did! Neither of us are comfortable in front of a camera, and Eliska was absolutely amazing! She was helpful, patient, and encouraging, not to mention kind and funny and incredibly talented. We loved every minute with her, and we love our photos. Thank you, Eliska!" - Callie

"Working with Eliška was amazing! As well as making us feel comfortable in front of the camera, she showed us a different side Prague." - Alli

"Eliska was a gem! She was so nice and conversation came naturally. Eliska was so professional and let us be authentic to who we are. This was the fourth time we have used Flytographer and it was one of the best times we have had!" - Whitney

"Eliska made me feel instantly comfortable, like we were just old friends meeting up in the city. She knew the best places to shoot to capture what I was going for!" - Tianna

"Eliska was energetic, personable, flexible, very interactive, and made this a wonderful experience! In love with our photos, and even captured epic candids!" - Richard

"Thank you so much Eliska for such a fun time together! We enjoyed talking with you and loved getting to see the city with a local. We love our photos and will cherish them for years to come!" - Melissa

"Eliska was a wonderful photographer! She has a great eye and took the time with us to show us some of the sites as we came across them. Loved our time with her and the shots she took were great! I have already told people about Flytographer and have sang her praises." - Janoe

"Eliška is so sweet and easy to work with. She made our experience fun, and the photos turned out fantastic!" - Taylor

"We loved Eliska! The photos she captured of our family are breathtaking. So happy!" - Anna

"We couldn’t have imagined a more professional, comfortable and fun photo shoot! We love our photos and we loved spending time with Eliska!" - Corrine

"Eliška is a lovely lady who was so great at bringing my vision to life. From the start, she was very responsive to communication. Best part is she speaks English really well and enjoys sharing her experiences as a photographer. Eliška understood the aesthetics that I was looking for. She was more concerned about getting the right shots that we were happy with, than just checking one more client off the list. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for just about any event or occasion!" - Andrew

"OMG, I'm still amazed at the sheer awesomeness of Eliska. She was funny kind she directed me well and she hit all my angles !! I love the pictures but mostly I loved the experience. She is AMAZING X 20 !" - Terika

"Eliska was amazing! She picked out some fun, unique scenes for our shoot  and I highly recommend her. Many thanks for another great experience!" - Laurie

"The experience was great. Eliska made us feel very comfortable and it was great, especially when you have someone that can share local history with you." - Fabio

"Eliska was so warm and friendly - we really enjoyed our time with her and she was especially kind with our young daughter. We felt relaxed and at ease with Eliska right away!" - MD

"Eliska's photos look AMAZING, and she was very friendly, very sweet during the whole shoot." - Moisés (see blog post here)

"Eliska was wonderful and so great with our two young boys in getting them to smile! We absolutely love our family photos that she captured for us! Cant say enough good things about her! Thank you for capturing family memories that will last a lifetime!!" - Monica

"Eliska is a great photographer & also a fun new friend." - Gusmank

"Eliska was incredible! She knew all the best sites for shots and documented our honeymoon beautifully. I am beyond thrilled with the photos, they're everything I could have wanted."- Lindsey

"Really enjoyed the friendly, easy going and warm attitude of Eliska - she is helpful and puts you at ease so that she can take great pictures!" - Jana

"Eliska is very talented and also knew so much about Prague so was able to share the history of the city as well. We are glad that she is a part of the Flytographer family. She was very knowledgeable, professional and gracious to share the day with us!" - Ashlee

"We had an amazing time with Eliska! Plenty of pictures were taken while Eliska took us on a secret route of hers, it's unbelievable how great the pictures turned out." - Sherry

"Eliska was super fun and the photos had came out really well!" - Rahul & Honey

"Eliska was the best part of our trip to Prague! She captured our personality and love perfectly! She showed us around the city while taking spontaneous pictures. So warm and friendly, we felt like we knew her for years!" - Natalie

"Eliska was incredibly friendly when we met her. We could not be happier - I love every picture! Eliska did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do a photo shoot in Prague!" - Amber

"Eliska was fantastic! We really loved her energy and spirit, and her photos are just what we wanted." - Mette

"Eliska was terrific to work with. She had a great vision for the shoot, was patient and provided very helpful, gentle guidance during the shoot, and listened to my preferences. I love how she captured the poetic beauty of Prague with my very modern personality!" - Jana

"Eliska captured some beautiful shots of me and my friends on vacation in Prague. Eliska was so friendly and helped make our Flytographer experience a great one!" - Krista

"Eliska was amazing and I would recommended her again and again." - Kate 

"I've never met someone who put so much time & love into what they do. If you're planning a trip to Prague, I highly recommend working with Eliška. Prague is an amazing city & you really need an amazing photographer to capture it." - Mike (read the blog post here)

"I really like this idea and it really brought us valuable memories.  To interact with a local photographer, and take photos in various tourist spots was the best thing we did on our trip.  I am really glad that I planned this, and it's our great pleasure to have met Eliška! She is a very professional photographer with great skill, yet super friendly and nice.  It's not only about the photos, but the chance to make a nice new friend - that's what we treasure most!" - Joanne (see blog post here)

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