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Meet Honza in Prague

I would describe my style as organic and modern, combined with documentary and reportage wedding photography, and a touch of fine art thrown in for good measure.

Three Things

  1. I love to be with my friends and family, prepare a great steak & watch Batman movies.
  2. One thing I can't live without is a smile.
  3. My friends say that I am cupcake killer.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Prague

Cannot say just one spot as there are so many of them in our beautiful Prague!

Languages Spoken

English & Czech

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Honza

"Honza is really an amazing and professional photographer. He took us to some hidden places in Prague where we hadn’t been to. We both love his photography style very much and highly recommend to our friends! " - Yetta

"Our Flytographer experience was great! Honza was so fun to wok with and he made it easy to relax and enjoy. The pictures are great and we can't wait to share them with friends. I will be recommending Honza and Flytographer to anyone who is traveling to Prague and beyond! " - Sheryl

"Our family truly enjoyed our photo session with Honza. He set us all at ease as we’re not all comfortable in front of the camera. Honza is a genuine gentleman and we were sad to part ways when the session was over." - Kara

"During the 90mins photoshoot, he led us to talk, walk along the streets and castle for capturing our natural postures and facial expression. That’s an amazing experience for me. Love the photos and definitely put them on photo book." - Sylvia

"Honza was fantastic! Very friendly and welcoming!" - Jacquie

"We loved our shoot in Prague! Honza made us laugh and feel very comfortable!" - Rachel

"Honza was amazing, it was like meeting up with a friend and taking a nice stroll, and then ending up with great documentation and precious memories!" - Moza

"Honza was wonderful and so easy to work with! Our photographs turned out beautiful!" - Amanda

"Honza was professional, approachable, patient, super cool, and overall just a great guy throughout the entire experience." - Brian

"Honza. Is. Amazing!!!! I seriously can't recommend this guy enough!!! I'm so very happy I waited the extra day for Honza to be available. He was extremely professional and knew exactly what he was doing. He was flexible, accommodating, and very easy to work with. His style of photography was exactly what I was looking for." - Kevin

"Honza was awesome. Not only did we have a great photo session, but he took us to parts of Prague we wouldn't have seen otherwise. The whole experience was amazing." - Madeleine

"Honza was so warm and friendly." - GC

"Honza was the absolute best. He took extra time leading us around Prague, showing us several sites and taking gorgeous photos at the same time. We couldn't have asked for a better experience with Flytographer!" - Jennifer

"Honza was amazing! He was very professional and incredibly easy to work with. We are so happy with our pictures and would recommend him to all our friends!" - Linda

"Honza was great! He was very helpful leading up to the shoot and our pictures came out amazing." - Ryan

"It was a fantastic shoot at Prague Castle. Honza made us feel so comfortable, and despite the cold chilly weather, we had so much fun at this shoot. It was one of the most memorable experience of our anniversary trip and we are so grateful for such beautiful images." - Clerissa

"Our surprise engagement photos by our photographer Honza came out so stunning, we can't stop looking at them! Honza is a true talent; we are so happy he was our photographer and would book him again and again!" - Paolo (see blog post here)

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