What a year! Unlike any other, 2020 has shown us what counts. 

We have learned that love will always persevere, that nothing matters more than the people who are close to us.

We showed up for each other, safely and mindfully, and documented our love in hometown family memories, surprise proposals, noteworthy milestones and solo adventures. The year 2020 has been a year of disruption, uncertainty, and challenges, but it has also been a year of creativity, community, togetherness, kindness, and hope. Today, more than ever, we need to focus on the good things unfolding around us.

Over the last year, Flytographer is grateful for continuing to capture these special moments of love, most of them closer to home than in the past. Ready to be uplifted? Keep scrolling …. we guarantee these heartfelt photos will bring a smile to your day.

“Our trip to Thessaloniki, Greece was not planned. My fiancé plays basketball internationally and was given an opportunity to play for a Greek team. We were very excited about the news and boarded a flight the next day to experience Greece and his new team.” – Rhian P.

“For my birthday, my sweet husband surprised me with tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As a die-hard Harry Potter fan and someone who had never been to New York for more than a couple of hours on a layover, I was beyond excited for the trip. Fast forward to Christmas and him surprising me AGAIN with a Flytographer shoot and I knew this was going to be an even better experience. We did our best to fit in as much of the city as possible in our long weekend away with two Broadway shows, lots of amazing food, walks through Central Park and the High Line, and a few world-class museums.” – Piper M.

“We met through a mutual friend in DC. At the time, I was living in Oakland, CA and Cha’koya was living in DC. Within a month, I was on a plane back to DC to visit her. At dinner one night, I looked over at her and said, ‘I can picture us and a couple of kiddos.’ After two years of being long distance, I moved across the country to join Cha’koya in DC.

“During the initial photo shoot, I had the ring box in my back pocket and had to manage to keep my body facing forward so that my curious fiancée wouldn’t start asking questions. I can remember a few instances when I had to grab her hand so that she wouldn’t graze the ring box just below my lower back. Once we had taken a few shots by the lifeguard stand and on the edge of the beach, Rojeena signalled to me that the lighting was perfect. As the waves receded back into the ocean, I grabbed my fiancée’s hand and told her, ‘You already know what this is.’ Immediately, she was overwhelmed with emotion. I told her how much she had already impacted my life and how much I was looking forward to advancing our relationship for years to come. Our relationship started more than 3,000 miles apart, and now just over two years later, we are officially engaged and finally in the same time zone to start our next chapter.” – Gregory T.

“Ankit and I met in Chicago; we fell in love with each other and with the city. And so, we wanted to get photos in some of the best spots in Chicago for our 1st year wedding anniversary. My favourite memory would have to be getting photos in the snow. Chicago is tough on you sometimes! It was snowing that day, making everything damp and wet. Our photographer, Francisco, pulled us into the snow to take just a couple of photos. It turned out to be such a beautiful scene.– Nikita C.

“I had dreamt of going to Paris ever since I was a little girl. I read ‘Madeline’ and even named my dog Genevieve. This trip was a dream come true. My husband and I were also celebrating our one-year anniversary of being married. Going to Paris has been my lifelong dream and I truly enjoyed all of the food. The best thing I ate in Paris was a cheeseburger from La Maison de L’Aubrac. This cheeseburger was decadent, delicious and perfect. I still think about it!– Genesis M.

“We were taking our first big vacation with our kids and exploring the beauty that is Hawaii. Our favourite memory is the kids playing in the gorgeous white sand and with the big waves that would crash around them. They loved it!” – Jessica B.

We took this trip for our babymoon. My husband and I love to travel and see beautiful places around the world. We know travelling will change once the baby is here, so we wanted one more trip alone. I have always wanted to visit Lake Louise and Banff National Park. Every photo I have seen from there is beautiful. We decided to travel to Lake Louise in the winter because we love winter, snow, and mountains. It did not disappoint! There is beauty everywhere and all we could say the whole trip was, ‘Wow!’ We also spent a few days in Calgary trying new restaurants and attending a Calgary Flames hockey game. This was a fun getaway for us and allowed us to rest and recharge before baby!” – Joanna M.

“This was a much-needed family getaway. My favourite memory was all the great food and my kids getting the opportunity to experience a different culture.” – Gwendolyn I.

“Paris is the one place in the world that feels like my home away from home so I wanted to visit one more time before bringing my baby into the world.” – Dena A.

“Marrakesh has always been on my bucket list. They are French-speaking so we felt comfortable visiting and speaking with locals. My favourite memory is the prayer call that erupts through the medina at sunset. Such a beautiful sound to listen to while enjoying dinner on a rooftop.” – Jamie L.

“We wanted to go somewhere for our honeymoon that was both exotic and cultural, but also relaxing. Bali was the perfect spot! Our favourite memory: after we got a massage a few miles outside of town, we got stuck in a quick storm; there were no taxis in sight so we had to find our way back in pouring rain, but it was so fun!” – Rachel I.

Our favourite memory in Barcelona was walking through the Gothic Quarter and discovering all the hidden gems, like a Christmas ornament store. We collect an ornament from every city we visit and were pleasantly surprised to find our baby’s first ornament here.” – Wendy L.

We went to Maui to celebrate my husband’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and his Dad’s 70th birthday. It was a big family trip and so special to spend all that time together in Maui. Our favourite memory was watching our daughter and her cousins running around on the beach, jumping and splashing in the ocean. The sound of their laughter is pure joy!” – Kristen C.

“I wanted to be in London with my man. It’s a city that inspires, allows you to feel grounded with its history, and yet lets you embrace everything new life has to offer. From inspiring monuments to charming cottages, I love the etiquette, the chic and beautiful vibe of London. It was perfect for work that we had to complete there and to spend some leisurely time as well, soaking up all that the city had to offer, from high teas to walks by the park, from historical site hopping to lounging.” – Priyanka C.

“It was time for my girlfriend and me to go on our very first vacation together that lasted longer than 3 days! We had always talked about going to Hawaii — my parents had gone a year prior and did nothing but rave about it. So we had no choice but to head to The Big Island!” – Alexandra W.

“We love Dublin and we’ve been here twice! This time, we came for a concert and decided to do a photo shoot. An amazing trip!” – Donna L.

“My favourite memory is our first night in Cape Town at Camps Bay — watching the sunset, taking in the view, it was just too fun! This was our honeymoon, and we wanted to have beautiful pictures that we could always remember these special few weeks by.” – Stephanie B.

“We couldn’t wait to capture Chloe’s first experience with cake. We just knew she’d dig in and we’d get some great shots. As we gathered around for the long-awaited moment, she took a small bite and immediately pushed the entire cake into the sand. She hated it. Classic!” – Brittany A.

“We met through mutual friends at a lake trip. At first, I was a little disappointed because I assumed there was no way a girl as beautiful as Victoria would ever give a guy like me a chance. Luckily, we hit it off. Two weeks after we met, we went on a 3-day backpacking trip and I fell head over heels for her. I knew then I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“I grew up going to Jackson Hole every summer or so for hiking, camping, and fishing. Since we fell in love in the mountains, I wanted to ask her to marry me in the mountains. Right when Peter (our photographer) said, ‘That looks perfect,’ I got down on one knee and asked Victoria to spend the rest of our lives together and be my wife. I was so filled with adrenaline, I’m not even sure she said yes!” – Kyle N.

“My mom and her partner have been dating for 13 years. They got engaged last Christmas and planned to do a ceremony-style elopement. Instead of doing a large wedding, they got married this October in our backyard and then our new family drove up to Tofino for the weekend to celebrate!” – Rochelle R.

“My local tip is to bring your doggie to Ambleside in West Vancouver … and to always bring a rain jacket and umbrella! The weather changes so quickly here.” – Isabella B.

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