A few of our favourite memories from 2022

Memories are truly magic… or at least, we believe they are! What else has the power to transport you back to your most special moments through something as simple as a song, a smell, or – of course – a photograph? However you choose to relive your best memories, we hope you have countless beautiful ones to choose from as you reflect back on 2022. 

We are simply honoured to have captured over 750K photos in 2022 all over the world. At the end of every year, our Flytographer HQ team handpicks some of the most heartwarming stories of the year to share with you! From proposals to anniversaries, solo trips to birthday celebrations, worldwide family adventures 🌎 to hometown love, we had the honour of capturing a little bit of everything. 

Without further ado, light a candle, play your favourite song of the year, and keep scrolling to enjoy some of our most heartwarming memories of 2022. 💗

Table of Contents

  1. Surprise Proposal Memories
  2. Family Vacation Memories
  3. Romantic Getaway Memories
  4. Friendship Memories
  5. Solo Adventure Memories
  6. Birthday Memories
  7. Headshot Memories
  8. Hometown Memories

Photo: Vito in Venice for Flytographer. Arthur re-proposes to Diane in Venice to celebrate 40 years of marriage as a symbol of their love and how far they have come.

A Romantic Re-proposal in Venice

“We met in college. The first time I laid eyes on her she was playing her guitar and singing “The Rose”. I told my buddy right then that I was going to marry that girl. A year later I proposed and a year after that we were married. Forty years, three children, and two grandchildren later she is still my college girlfriend.

This was not a typical proposal story since we’ve been married for four decades. Still – I wanted to do something special. When I first proposed we were both broke college students. I knelt on the floor in front of her in a borrowed condo in Florida on semester break. No pictures – nothing to mark the event other than that sweet memory. This time we had the means to rent an apartment in Venice. I used her mother’s ring she kept after her passing and chose the day that would have been her parents’ 69th anniversary. Our photographer, Vito brought us to a bridge over the Rio de la Fornace in Dorsoduro away from the crowds, and gave me the cue. Yes, she was surprised, yes she cried, and yes, this time we have pics.” – Arthur

Photo from Arthur & Diane's Graduation in 1982.

Photo: Veronika in Zurich for Flytographer. Cameron proposes to his girlfriend, Veronica, in a field in Switzerland as a nod to how they met on Hinge.

A Love Story From Hinge to LinkedIn

“The 1st picture Veronica commented on, on my Hinge profile, was a picture of me in a field in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland which I took in 2019. Three years later I knew that was the exact spot I wanted to propose. So I looked up the exact coordinates of that location and decided I would propose to her in that exact spot!

We came to Switzerland with another couple to add to the distraction! On the proposal day, we went to Lauterbrunnen and walked down a long path to get to the proposal spot where our Flytographer had already been waiting ready to shoot our big moment! I asked my photographer if she could take our picture and when she said “this is perfect,” I got on my knee and proposed. It was truly perfect! It was raining for most of the day that day but for the actual proposal, it stopped completely! Sounds like divine intervention if you ask me!” – Cameron

Photo: Madison in Jackson Hole for Flytographer. Logan proposes to Erin in the Teton Valley on a surprise proposal photoshoot in Jackson Hole.

A Proposal Story with a Moose on the Loose

“The morning of our proposal, I had to convince Erin to wake up in the early hours of the day to catch the sunrise. Which took some doing! We left the cabin and headed for the predetermined location taking in the breathtaking beauty of the awakening Teton Valley on the way. We got to the location and set out into the bitter cold of the Wyoming winter morning. We crested the hill and the sunrise on the Tetons was just beyond beautiful. Madison was there awaiting our arrival and the charades of surprises began! When I got down on one knee Erin could not have been more surprised. The moment was priceless and Madison’s pictures captured it perfectly! Best day of my life!

Erin and I were set up by a mutual friend. Erin needed a date to a sorority formal at our school (University of Missouri) and I had made mention to our mutual friend that I would gladly take her. Which was all fine and dandy until I was blindsided by a due date on a paper for class. So needless to say, I ditched her. But later I promptly offered to take her to supper. I remember that night like it was yesterday, she was the woman of my dreams and I thought to myself “where have you been all my life?” cause I knew she was the one for me. That night was over three years ago. Since then we have stood the tests of nursing school, college graduation and now the rigors of transitioning into adulthood. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us but life is always easier with your best friend by your side. And that is what I have in Erin, she is my best friend, the love of my life and now my fiancé.” – Logan

An Emergency Room Romance

💓 What is your love story?

“We work together in the emergency room, Jackie’s a pharmacist, I am a nurse! We had an instant connection and were friends for a while before realizing our feelings for each other.

I knew Jackie was the one because I never felt this safe with another person before. My feelings are always valid, I feel like the most perfect person in the world when I’m with her, and there isn’t a time I don’t want to be around her.” – Krista

💍 What is your proposal story?

“I had an entire speech planned in my head and I kept reciting it the entire morning. Even when we were in the taxi on our way to the photo shoot Jackie said I didn’t say one word! I was so nervous!

When we got to the spot, Stathis gave me the signal and I was so nervous that I took off my shoes when we had quite a bit to walk on these really sharp rocks! But I had the ring in my hand, and Jackie was waiting for me so I kept going. At one point I thought I cut myself.

When we got to the spot I took a few pictures and then I got down on one knee. Jackie was in complete shock but all we kept doing was laughing. I was crying also and all I could say was ‘I had a whole thing planned but I’m hysterical crying, will you marry me?’” – Krista

Photo: Stathis & Christina in Santorini for Flytographer. Krista proposes to Jackie in Santorini on a surprise proposal photoshoot.

Photo: Christie in Vancouver for Flytographer. Tessa and Herman capture family memories in Vancouver with their son, Nathaniel, after his recovery from surgery.

Nathaniel’s Road to Recovery

“Nathaniel was born a month premature weighing only 4.3lbs. Due to his tiny size and suspected medical needs, he had to stay in the hospital for forty-two days. Soon, he was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome, a rare genetic mutation that affected his heart, kidney, spine, eyes, and severely impacted his liver. During his first year of life, Nathaniel barely grew and was said to be experiencing failure to thrive by his medical team.⁠

Once we found out that he required a transplant soon, both of us got tested to see if we were matches. Unfortunately, neither of us were a match and we had to look for other alternatives. His Aunt, Becky, knew that their blood type matched so she got tested and she was the perfect match for a living donor.

After 11 hours Nathaniel’s transplant was complete. We had to wait another couple of hours until we could finally see Nathaniel in PICU. He was laying there with multiple lines, wires, and tubes all attached to him. We couldn’t help but cry with tears of joy that his transplant went well.

Nathaniel recovered very well from his liver transplant. He has grown so much within his one-year post-transplant. Despite the medical challenges, Nathaniel is a very happy boy who loves the outdoors! We love to go hiking, running, climbing, and spend the majority of our days outside rain or shine! We were grateful to have the help and support from David Foster Foundation.” – Tessa and Herman, Nathaniel’s parents

Read Nathaniel’s full story over at the David Foster Foundation.

Madeline-Inspired Mother-Daughter Trip to Paris

“Over last summer, I was reading my then 4-year-old daughter one of the Madeline storybooks, set in Paris. She asked a lot of questions about Paris and I told her I would take her there one day, slightly flippantly. Later that evening, my husband suggested I just do it – book a trip to take her there for her 5th birthday in a few months. 

So I went ahead and booked our Eurostar, found a cute little hotel in Saint Germain, and started to think about our trip. I love photos but never get that many of me with my children and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to capture a magical weekend, celebrating my daughter’s birthday in Paris. I chose the shoot to be in Saint Germain as it was close to where we were staying and it felt a bit more intimate to me – like our special place in Paris. My daughter was shy at first but Olga, our photographer was wonderful and soon Rosie was at ease.

Having this special collection of photos feels like a treasure and they bring back the feelings of a magical time in Paris at a magical time in my daughter’s life and a magical time for just me and her.” – Annabel

Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer.Annabel and her daughter capture memories in Paris together on a family trip.

Sweet, Fleeting Family Trips

“We’ve been traveling the world with our son since he was a year old (and meeting up with Flytographers along the way for so many of those trips!). After a couple of years of staying local and going on road trips, we felt ready to return to the skies and travel a bit further from home. This year for our family travels, we first chose somewhere familiar where we could relax (Oahu, Hawaii). For our wedding anniversary, we opted for a new adventure that was only short flight away from home (Cabo San Lucas). To celebrate my birthday, we took a whirlwind trip to a city our son had yet to explore (London). Finally, we closed out the year and returned with much anticipation to our family’s favorite place in the whole world (Tokyo, Japan). Though these trips were brief (less than a week each to balance our work and school schedules), we cherished our time together, whether exploring somewhere new or revisiting local spots we had missed.

When I look back on photos from our travels this year and from years prior, I am transported back to moments from each trip – the trinket our son picked out on that trip, my husband’s vote for the best meal we had in that city, the landmark I had been eager to see, the travel hiccups our family laughed our way through, and the new friends we made all over the world (thank you, Flytographer!). I treasure the photos of our son growing up and exploring the world, and he loves to hear and retell the stories of our adventures as we look back on the photos. I’ll always be grateful for photos not only of beautiful places around the world, but for mementos of time spent together doing what our family loves best.” – Kamille 

Sandy Hugs in Florida

“This is the best idea ever. I’ll never pay for a bland autumn family photo shoot again; we’ll just use Flytographer to capture our travel adventures from now on! It made my trip so much calmer, knowing someone else would be there to snap great photos – I could relax and enjoy, not always hoping I’d find a stranger with a good eye who could try to capture our memories!” – Elizabeth

Photo: Cheryl in Miami for Flytographer. Elizabeth captures family memories in Miami with her children on the beach.

Trains, Trams and Bicycles in Amsterdam

“Our trip to the Netherlands this summer was our first trip to Europe as a family of four. We stationed ourselves in Amsterdam, where both of our kiddos explored their love for different modes of transportation – our daughter loves trains and boats and our son can’t get enough of trams and bicycles! So whether we were touring the canals, museum hopping or day-tripping to unique cultural experiences outside of Amsterdam, thanks to the country’s extensive transport network, our littles enjoyed the journeys as much as the destinations (which any parent traveling with children will know, is the epitome of #winning). 

Add to the connectedness, a variety of international cuisines within short walking distances, innovative parks/playgrounds and mouth-watering stroopwafels – suddenly, we were in one the most kid-friendly cities we have visited. Of course, keeping up with a 4 and 2-year-old came with its dose of exhaustion. But memories of the children eagerly completing a treasure hunt at STRAAT or feeling so empowered at steering a boat are just a few of the special moments that made our trip so fulfilling.
Looking back at our Flytographer photos from Amsterdam, we are instantly transported to how much fun we had during our photoshoot and on our trip overall. Our photographer Elina was so friendly; she effortlessly captured us enjoying each other’s company and our children just being themselves. We will never forget how we narrowly dodged the rain that morning or how our kiddos led the way through the winding streets and intersecting canals as if to solve a mystery! These photos capture the cheeky smiles, energy, and love that keep us motivated to keep travelling as a family.” – Avneet

Belly Laughs in Honolulu

“We loved the photoshoot experience and the photos we received from Natalie. She was very pleasant to work with, and she was especially good at interacting with our 3-year-old boy. As a result, she was able to capture a lot of candid photos with the toddler. We loved the color tone of the pictures as well. Natalie is definitely talented and we would recommend her to our friends and families!” – Ken

Mother-Daughter Trip to NYC

“Kari was great! She was friendly and easy-going. She really understood what I wanted out of the shoot and captured it well. My mom also enjoyed the experience. Glad that I have these images of my mom and I in NYC together.” – Lori

Portugal Family Adventure

“Claudia was amazing, we enjoyed the experience of working with her and her company was very enjoyable. She knew how to keep the kids relaxed and engaged, and gave us some cool info about Portuguese history and other interesting things! Our photos were amazing, loved them all. When our original location was too overcrowded, she was very flexible about it and helped us find other picturesque locations.” – Kimberly

Annual Anniversary Trip Tradition

“This was our 5th year in a row using Flytographer. When my husband and I got married, we made a promise to explore the world together. Our tradition is to travel to a new country every wedding anniversary. We could not love or recommend this company more. 5 stars isn’t enough!!” – Hayley

Pursuing Dreams Together as Digital Nomads

“Bali was the first stop in our year of ‘full-time digital nomading.’ My husband, Lucas, and I had heard many good things about the island, its excellent structure for leisure and work, and how it makes for a perfect place to start. Indeed, Bali is perfect, with many options for places to stay and trendy cafes where you can work from. You can work on your laptop during the afternoon in a resort-like co-working space and end your day taking a dip in the ocean, looking at some stunning sunsets. We spent most of our time between Ubud and Canggu. We can safely say that we got the best of both worlds. The first is a wellness and spiritual hub surrounded by rice fields, and the former is a trendy surf paradise with travellers from all over the world. Bali is the home of many other nomads and remote workers and has a great community feel to it. But what really captivated us the most was the local culture and habits. Everything is fascinating and incredibly picturesque, from the age-old temples to the daily rituals of the Balinese people. 

We are now in our fifth country since we started as digital nomads, and our journey has been filled with ups and downs. Still, we can safely say we’re having the time of our lives. Bali holds a special place in our hearts for being the starting point of this wonderful journey, and whenever we look at the photos we took with Flytographer there, we feel happy and satisfied that we decided to get moving. Those photos are like a record of a new and special chapter in our lives.” – Tomás & Lucas, content creators and writers travelling the world.

Photo: Whitney in Sedona for Flytographer.  Clemy and partner celebrate their anniversary with a couple photoshoot in Sedona.

The 2/2/2 Rule

What is your tip for a romantic getaway?

“Have fun, enjoy every moment. Do the 2/2/2 rule. The 2/2/2 rule means going out on a date every two weeks, enjoying a weekend away every two months and taking a holiday for a week every two years.” – Clemy

Photo: Karla in New Orleans for Flytographer. Ayauna and friends capture memories in New Orleans on their girls’ trip.

Reconnecting in Vibrant New Orleans

“My girlfriends and I all met in college and now that we’ve started pursuing our careers, we rarely get to have those “giggly-girly” moments that bonded us so tightly. I organized the trip for us with plans of enjoying the Essence Festival and indulging in the rich culture New Orleans has. I love having keepsakes to look back on, so I booked our photographer as a surprise gift to them. 😉 Each of us got beautiful photos that reflected our vibrant personalities. I fell in love with Princess and the Frog and dreamed of being Princess Tiana for a day.

Looking back, I’m so happy I found Flytographer. I’m reminded of Essence Fest & and the journey New Orleans brought us to. But most importantly, I feel beautiful when I see them. And these are a reminder that I have beautiful, fun women in my circle who give me room to be creative.” – Ayauna

Bridgerton BFFs

“My friend and I have been besties since high school and are now in our mid-thirties, I wanted our girl’s weekend to be extra special to celebrate almost 20 years of friendship. I’m so happy Flytographer and our photographer Lukas made us feel fancy and supported our silly friendship photoshoot.

Lukas was brave enough to tackle our wonderfully weird Bridgerton photoshoot and my friend and I had so much fun! Lukas picked a great spot for our photos and was such a good sport humoring our silly ideas for photos. He captured AMAZING photos that we treasure.” – Cristina

Photo: Lukas in Chicago for Flytographer.  Cristina and friend celebrate their friendship with a friends photoshoot in Chicago.

Photo: Jordan in New York City for Flytographer. David and friends capture memories together in NYC on their annual boys’ trip.

Canadian Lumberjacks Take on the Big Apple

“NYC started out as a bit of a dream location for us. We are all from Vancouver, Canada, and going to the “big city” for one of our trips sounded amazing. However, it’s obviously an expensive city and travel has been difficult in our current global pandemic. So, when one of our group, Robbie, took a job in NYC we knew we finally had a chance to make it work. It’s difficult to organize 5 people’s calendars but thankfully we were all able to make it work this November.

The outfits are hilarious. We went on a boys’ trip approximately 7 years ago and just to add a bit of fun we decided to do a night out dressed up as lumberjacks. We were in Portland for the first trip and people absolutely loved our fun vibes and look. So, every year after we attempted to recreate the magic and it’s been magical ever since! Portland, Seattle, Tofino, Pender Island, and the list goes on. Obviously, NYC in November was quite chilly for our outfits but we battled through the cold and had more fun than we could have planned!

I was blown away by Jordan’s work. I think when I first surprised the other guys with a professional photo shoot they weren’t sure how to feel about it. But, Jordan made us so comfortable and really fed into our silliness and we just had so much fun! The photos truly show how much fun we had. The boys loved all of them!” – Jordan

Photo: Marina in Munich for Flytographer. Sadie and friends capture memories in Munich during Oktoberfest on their first international trip together.

Oktoberfest in Munich With Friends – Prost!

“We wanted a place close to Oktoberfest and we wanted to take some pictures in Munich somewhere with some beautiful historic and old buildings, then head over to the Oktoberfest location and take pictures there. We asked our photographer and she helped pick the location and we loved it.  

Since we were going to two different tents while at Oktoberfest, we bought our outfits the day before when we arrived in Munich.  We were so excited to really experience everything.  This was our time together on a vacation in a different country, we started in Berlin, my friend and I ran the Berlin Marathon then we headed to Munich specifically for Oktoberfest. It was my idea to get dressed up and take pictures.  I booked the Flytographer for us as a gift to my friends for coming all the way out to Germany to support me in running the Marathon.  We absolutely love the pictures! Our photographer was so sweet and had so many cute ideas for pictures, she helped us get to Oktoberfest by train and talked to some of the vendors so we can get some great shots while there. Our whole experience was great and I will defiantly be using Flytographer in the future for our other destination vacations.” – Sadie

Taking the Dream Trip to Portugal

“I grew up in a Portuguese neighborhood in Southern California, and have always wanted to visit Portugal. Finally, I was supposed to honeymoon in Portugal in 2019, but ended up canceling my wedding…and therefore my honeymoon trip to one of my dream destinations! After years of waiting for the right time to travel there, or the right person to accompany me, I decided to take the trip this year in November 2022!

I plan for as much as possible, but being fluid and ready for changes to interrupt your trip helps make it less stressful and more enjoyable. Some of the best memories I have from my travels came from last-minute plans/changes along the way! These photos remind me that I can do anything! I spent 7 days in a dream destination and I have these beautiful photos to capture the absolute joy and pride I felt in making it happen!” – Sondra

Photo: Claudia in Lisbon for Flytographer. Sondra finally took her dream trip to Portugal and captured memories in Lisbon on her solo adventure.

Photo: Julia in Madrid for Flytographer. Jana captures memories on a solo trip to Madrid, Spain with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

Seasoned Bucket List Solo Traveller

“Travelling solo wasn’t a conscious plan. I travelled with friends and I travelled with my fiancé. But when that relationship ended, right when my friends were also starting to have kids and suddenly had little humans at home who rightly needed their time and their love, I had to come up with a different plan! I could either sit at home and wait or I could book a solo trip. Desire to explore won. Today, solo travel is second nature to me. ⁠

There’s a lot to love about solo travel.⁠ First, you are the master of your own schedule. I can sleep in if I want to or I can get up really early to catch the sunrise, and it’s all entirely up to me. ☀️ ⁠Second, spending some time on your own gives you an opportunity for reflection. 💕 You can embrace living in the moment and really soak up the atmosphere and the culture around you. Third, you might meet some great people along the way. When I visit a new place I often book a small group tour early on to get my bearings. If you stay open, good things will happen. ✨⁠

Travelling solo can feel scary. But, if you push that initial worry aside, a fantastic window of opportunity opens. So walk through it and start checking things off your bucket list.” – Jana

Photo: Lucille in Aix-en-Provence for Flytographer. Jessica captures memories on a solo trip to the South of France with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

Yoga Retreat in France Turned Trip-of-a-Lifetime

“This photoshoot happened all because of an unintended yet impulsive decision to join a yoga retreat in the South of France from an Instagram video I happened to come across one day at work. I reached out to the host July 24th, got my PTO approved by the 30th, and yoga retreat is set for October 3rd.

I had two months to plan! Was I freaking out? Yes. Was I excited? Oh yeah.

In the mix of planning for the retreat, I realize I should make the most of this trip and extend my stay for some self-exploration. I just started to travel alone within the United States this past year and I thought why not? I can do this too.

Got re-approved for PTO from work and decided to settle in Marseille for a week prior to the yoga retreat. I booked a hostel, rented a car,  made a list of hikes I would love to trek (I’m a big fan of the outdoors), and signed up for some kind of tour. In doing so, a thought came to mind,“I would really love to commemorate my first solo out-of-the-country trip” but how? After some googling, I came across Flytographer that a fellow traveler had used in their past trips and highly recommended their services.

Booked with Lucille and the rest is history. She made everything so effortless and fun; being that it was my first time with a professional photoshoot. We shared our stories in between shots, got to learn about one another, and ended the session at a cafe where she had me practice my French by ordering our meal. I had an amazing time.

I feel pure joy when looking back on these photos… It’s a reminder of many firsts, laughter, new bonds, and unforgettable memories.” – Jessica

Soul Sisters Meet in Cusco

“I hired a photographer in Cuzco but instead I met a soul sister. ❤️ Incredibly talented, wiser than her age, and most of all… has the kindest heart. The universe has an incredible way of bringing kindred souls together 🙏😌 I can’t wait to share my incredible experience to family and friends! And I will definitely want to work with her again in a heartbeat!” – Bianca

Photo: Livushé in Cusco for Flytographer. Bianca captures memories on a solo trip to Cusco, Peru with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

Quinceañera Magic in Asheville

“I visited the Biltmore Estate 5 years ago on a gloomy day in April for a school field trip – I was only 10 then. But I knew that it would be so beautiful during October, I instantly knew then it would be a perfect backdrop for my Quinceañera Photoshoot. I loved Biltmore and especially the Gardens. I knew I would have to visit it again someday.  And as luck would have it, my family made it possible to have my photoshoot here. They made my vision come true!

The full basis of a Quinceañera celebration is to be able to celebrate your coming of age with your family present. So it is always great to really plan and organize and even ask for family members to help as well. As the saying goes, it takes a village!

I adore my photos, I love looking at them and so does my family. They hold so many precious memories from that day. My family did so much to make this photoshoot happen! They drove 3 hours to get to Asheville, NC. They were all able to get there and dress up and even take family pictures with me. My mom, who was not that big on Quinceañeras, actually cried when we started the photoshoot. It was my first time ever wearing a full face of makeup and getting my hair done, and once I had the dress on, my mom started to cry. In short, these photos make me feel proud. Proud of my family and the love we have for each other. Pride for our culture and celebrations. And proud that a vision I had so long ago could come true. So I would like to thank our Photographer Sarah and of course Flytographer for making it happen. And lastly thank you to my wonderful family for always being there and being so supportive on my big day. ♡ ” – Brianna

Photo: Sarah in Asheville for Flytographer. Brianna and her sister Brenda capture memories in Asheville with a Quinceañera photoshoot.

April in Paris

“We love Flytographer! This is our fifth time booking a Flytographer and we cannot imagine a vacation without them. Each of our Flytographer’s have been professional, kind, and all-around wonderful people. We love supporting women-owned businesses and love Flytographer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.” – Amanda

Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer. Amanda and partner capture memories in Paris with a birthday photoshoot.

Lovey-dovey Birthday Pics in Chicago

“Besides the fact we’re madly in love with each other, sometimes we get uncomfortable and awkward taking photos. Not with Brigette. If it wasn’t obvious enough from her photographs, it was when we met with her for our shoot. Brigette’s infectious smile instantly made us feel welcome and comfortable as a few amateurs to photoshoots. We knew we were safe in her hands given her professional eye for photographs, and that we were going to enjoy doing it. Working against the fading daylight, Brigette kept it fun and full of laughter as the clouds crept in. She found a variety of scenes within a short walking distance that gave our shoot a variety of shots to choose from. 

The essence of a photo is to capture an emotion in the very moment it happens. Now we’re madly in love with these amazing, mushy, lovey-dovey photos.” – Jay

Photo: Brigitte in Chicago for Flytographer. Jay and partner capture memories in Chicago with a birthday photoshoot.

Photo: Darine in Banff for Flytographer. Luis and partner capture memories in Lake Louise with a birthday photoshoot.

Birthday Dancing in Lake Louise

“If I could give Darine a 12 out of 10 I would. I cannot say enough great things about her from her photography skills to her demeanor this photographer is top-notch! She immediately makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. My wife and I have never loved photos of us more. Thank you Darine for capturing these memories which we will treasure forever!” – Luis

Ultra Chic Headshots in Cairo

“My trip to Egypt was my first international solo trip. I wanted to commemorate my travel experience and to celebrate my birthday by having a professional photoshoot. I had so much fun with Gihad; she was so easy to work with. It felt good to bring in my “new year” in such a beautiful way.

I thought Al-Azhar Park was gorgeous! There are so many hidden gems in this location. The backdrop of ancient Egypt was one unlike any I’ve seen in travel photos. It was beautiful and atypical. Gihad, the photographer, knew the location well. We got a lot of great shots that were beyond my imagination.

I feel so empowered by this experience. It was truly a trip to remember! I’m so happy to have such beautiful photos that capture the beauty of Cairo.” – Danielle

Photo: Gihad in Cairo for Flytographer. Danielle captures memories in Cairo with a birthday headshot photoshoot.

Photo: Maria in Lisbon for Flytographer. Lori captures memories in Lisbon with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

Finally in Front of the Camera in Lisbon!

“I fell in love with Portugal when I visited in 2021 and returned for an extended period in September 2022.  I wanted to capture the spirit of Lisbon. The colors, the doors, the spirit of the City were all important to capture and my photographer Maria was great to collaborate with.  I am an amateur photographer and am usually the one behind the camera so to have a service such as Flytographer photographing me was such a benefit.

I love looking at them and reliving how I felt when I was in Lisbon. Maria did a great job and these photos are a special part of my memories. I will definitely recommend Flytographer to friends and clients.” – Lori

Photo: Kelly in Seattle for Flytographer. Brad & Garrett capture memories on Whidbey Island with a hometown photoshoot.

Exploring the PNW Backyard With the Pup

“While we absolutely love to travel as far away as we can get whenever we can, this past year came with different challenges that kept us closer to home for most of our getaways. We had recently moved up to the Pacific Northwest, so there was the idea that we still feel like we were settling in. In a year that I used to look back on as having been less traveled, I was reminded by a friend who nonchalantly remarked that we seemed to travel a lot that we actually DID travel a lot this year. It’s just been a different sort of travel, and I realized that just because it was all closer to home, it didn’t make any of those short, quick, inexpensive getaways any less special. if anything, it was a great reminder of the bounty of exploration we have at our doorstep, and in this new place we call home, our Flytographer shoots are helping us keepsake so many of the new memories we’re making here.

Whidbey Island was one of the most suggested spots for us to check out when we moved to the Pacific Northwest. It seemed to always be talked about with a sense of nostalgia by anyone who mentioned it, and we could tell that it was a really special place for people. After taking a quick ferry ride over, we could quickly see why. I always associated the concept of “island time” with places that had warm, sandy beaches and palm trees, so I was really taken aback when I felt “island time” on Whidbey. 

Our absolute favorite spot to hole away on Whidbey Island is a quiet, hidden spot called The Captain Whidbey. With creaky timbers, dark nooks, and nautical influences, The Captain Whidbey is every bit characteristic as the salty, gruff sea captain you’d imagine the place was named for.

From our very first stay, we knew that this place would become special for us. Like all our Flytographer shoots, we wanted to capture the memories of a place, and this gallery is no different. Our photos immediately take me to a spot where I feel carefree and relaxed. Even more so though, our photos remind me of one of the reasons why we moved here – the sheer beauty of nature around here and the fact that we can go from snowy mountains to the coastal sea in one day. I love looking at these photos and daydreaming of a getaway that’s so close!” – Brad

Photo: Scheherazade in Dubai for Flytographer. Viveta and family capture memories in Dubai with a hometown photoshoot.

Christmas Card Photos in the Desert

“We just moved to Dubai and we thought it’d be a great way to let everyone know by taking desert photos and using them for our annual Christmas cards. Dubai is a great place to raise little kids, it’s super family-friendly, diverse, and very safe.

We love capturing family moments, we wanted to commemorate our first official Dubai photos by taking them in the desert. The shoot was a blast, the kids had lots of fun rolling down the sand dunes and our photographer was super kind and patient with us. I can’t believe what a pleasant experience the actual shoot was.

I love looking at them! When we first got them I spent hours looking at them again and again. I’ve shared them slowly on social media and each time I look forward to family and friends’ reactions and comments. There are so many great shots of us as a family and individual ones of the kids. I love our photos!” – Viveta

Photo: Kait in Tofino for Flytographer. Danika and family capture memories in Tofino with a hometown photoshoot.

Golden Hour in Tofino

“We have done handfuls of photoshoots but our experience and pictures with Kait definitely are our favourite. Our session was so simple but fun & we received the most gorgeous pictures that exceeded our expectations!! We are already looking forward to having Kait capture our family again annually in Tofino and using Flytographer when we travel next.” – Danika

Photo: Elisenda in Washington DC for Flytographer. Jessica and family capture memories in Washington DC with a hometown photoshoot.

Travelling Home to the Capital

“I live in San Diego and have multiple connections to photographers whose work I LOVE in San Diego so I was a bit nervous about paying money to book with a total stranger. However, Flytographer made the process so easy and made me feel excited about using a photographer I wasn’t familiar with! They took the time to send me extra galleries in the location options so I could make a more educated decision on the location of our shoot. They always responded quickly and kindly. AND we received our pictures back insanely fast! 10/10 customer service and 10/10 results.” – Jessica


Here’s to the memories

Thank you for inviting us along in your most special moments. Celebrating your stories and capturing your joy through the magic of photography is the best part of our year, every single year. We’ll see you in 2023 for some new memories! ✈️