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Meet Scheherazade in Dubai

Hi there! I'm Scherry and I would love to be your photographer :) The experience I provide is fun-oriented and based on capturing authentic moments. My editing style is very clean and true to life. I want you to remember everything from your vacation as it really was! Fun fact: I'm also a holistic integrated art therapy counselor and I love using my knowledge of how minds work to give little prompts and games to families during my sessions which means that apart from having a fun time, you also get to have an intimate and unique experience with your loved ones. And that means you will remember your trip even more fondly than if you were just posing in front of the camera ;)

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    Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, and Hindi
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: It's a tie between old Dubai and the desert. Both have naturally earthy tones so can act as blank canvases for my clients to shine on.

Three Things

  1. I love reading books, watching TV series, painting, going on adventurous trips with my daughter, discovering tasty food, and riding roller coasters and ziplines. I'm also learning to play the piano, hope to learn French before I die and can't wait to skydive! And of course, I love to make robots do the boring housework for me. Oh and I adoooore travelling!
  2. Everyone who meets me is very intrigued by my name and it's always fun for me to hear the pronunciations!
  3. I've been featured on Dubai Culture, the official tourism website of Dubai, twice in the national newspaper Gulf News as one of the best photographers in Dubai and was chosen to shoot photographs for Kinder's regional ad campaign which was a pretty cool experience!

More Information

Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

Please note: Scheherazade requires a minimum 60-minute booking and a travel fee for all sessions in the desert.

Scheherazade requires additional travel fees on the following routes:

Old Dubai: 300 AED

Dubai Desert: 300 AED

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