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Meet Jimie in Bali

I am adventurous, positive, happy and friendly person in general, and I love being in nature, especially near the ocean. My passion is to travel and create beautiful images. I've been doing wedding and engagement photography for the last 4 years in Bali. My style of photography is mostly photo-journalistic with candid, warm, natural-looking photos.

Three Things

  1. I studied architecture in university, but after I graduated, I decided to be a scuba diving instructor, which I did for several years before becoming a photographer.
  2. One thing I couldn't live without would be my laptop!
  3. I love to relax at coffee shops or the beach, ride my motorbike around Bali and exercise (sometimes).

Favourite Place to Shoot in Bali

Ubud and the beach

Languages Spoken

English, Indonesian, Mandarin (little bit)

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Jimie

"Blown away, Jimie was an absolute pro and so quickly got down to taking the exact shots we wanted! " - Manasi

"Very good photos, just the style we wanted. " - Astrid

"Jimie was so great! He knew exactly what spots to go to for the best shots and directed us for the perfect pictures. He made our honeymoon so special!" - Katie

"Loved working with Jimie. He was easy to contact and work with. He gave us a good amount of direction. Our pictures came out amazing. We had a lot to choose from." - Clarissa

"Meeting and having Jimi as our flytographer was a great experience. He was attentive and listened to the ideas we had for our shoot as well as giving us easy to follow direction and beautiful pictures. We would highly recommend him to anyone travelling to Bali. " - Jagdeep

"Jimie did an awesome job! We are very satisfied with the shots. We recommend him!" - Abelard

"I knew Jimie would be the perfect photographer to capture my birthday shoot in Bali. I was not disappointed! I've never taken professional photos and Jimie made the experience easy. He stayed true to my vision for the shoot but also gave direction when I was struggling. I cannot recommend Jimie enough! His eye for small details shows in my images. Thank you Jimie for a memorable birthday shoot!" - Christine

"It was such a pleasure shooting with Jimie! He’s very creative and has a great eye and made the shoot a lot of fun. He took the time to listen to my ideas and vision for the shots and brought them to life! I couldn’t be happy with my photographic memories of Bali!" - Victoria

"We could tell that Jimie had a great eye from his portfolio and we were excited to work with him. We got amazing photos to cherish to remind us of our honeymoon. Jimie had a very relaxed style that would make anyone comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend Jimie!" - Monique

"Jimie was AMAZING. I was a bit nervous simply because I had never done a photo shoot before, however for this to be my first experience is was memorable & so much fun. I wanted to capture a story, a moment in Bali to celebrate my birthday for ME & Jimie was able to accomplish that as well as direct me in the appropriate direction. Also, he perfects and is passionate about his craft which makes it all the better." - Danielle

"Jimie was absolutely amazing! Not only do we love our photos but he made the experience so much fun and very relaxed! I highly recommend Jimie if you are taking a trip to Bali!" - Katlynne

"Jimie was literally the most amazing photographer, going above and beyond every expectation to deliver a beautiful shoot. He captured our special moment perfectly and made us feel at ease throughout with a big smile!" - Carl

"Jimie loves to play with the different angles. We are not made for posing, but Jimie made it work. A great memory captured by an artist." - Matthew

"Jimie was great to work with and made the entire experience a lot of fun! He made us all feel comfortable and relaxed and delivered some amazing photos that we can each cherish and have as special memories of our time in Bali." - Brianna

"Jimie is an incredible photographer with a great eye. But beyond the skill he has for photography, he was fun to work with, and it felt more like hanging with a friend. I would recommend choosing Jimie, especially if taking photos can be awkward for you. He put me at ease and I end up having a great time in addition to having beautiful photos!" - Tianna

"It was wonderful working with Jimie. He did a great job making suggestions during the shoot and capturing my family." - Lisa

"My photoshoot was  a major trip highlight for me. Checking out the Tellalalang rice fields with Jimie was really awesome!" - Kyla

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