The Art of Capturing Surprise Proposals

At Flytographer, our 600+ photographers have captured thousands of proposals around the world and it’s time to share some dreamy, customer proposal moments. From the view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the sunny shores in Honolulu, our local photographers know the best spots to pop the question and will help make this moment one you and your partner will never forget.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Stephen & Emily | Captured by Flytographer Kristin in Breckenridge

Love Story: “We went to college together, and first got to know each other when Steve started working at a late-night student-run eatery that I was managing at the time – so I was technically his manager. We started dating shortly after he stopped working there, moved to NYC after graduation, and now live together in a too-small apartment.

Steve got the ring back in February, but the pandemic pretty severely curtailed our travel plans and most other opportunities for scenic proposals. We planned the trip to Colorado more or less last minute and he seized the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful area around Breckenridge.

Steve had been in touch with our wonderful photographer, Kristin, beforehand and she was waiting for us incognito at the proposal site at Sapphire Point. We started to walk towards down towards the bluff when Steve pulled me off the path (getting the sunlit and snow capped mountains squarely into the shot) and got down on one knee.”

– Emily

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Kyle & Victoria | Captured by Flytographer Peter in Jackson Hole

Kyle: “We met through mutual friends at a lake trip. Two weeks after we met, we went on a 3- day backpacking trip on the Four Pass Loop by the Maroon Bells in Aspen. On that trip, I fell head over heels for her. I knew then I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I grew up going to Jackson Hole every summer or so for hiking, camping, and fishing. Since we fell in love in the mountains, I wanted to ask her to marry me in the mountains. It is the perfect balance of luxury and adventure!

I told Victoria we were going to a nicer restaurant to celebrate our 3-year dating anniversary. From there, I said we were a little early for our dinner reservations, but we could drive down the road a ways to look for a good moose-sighting area. A nice gentleman (Peter, our photographer) was taking nature pictures nearby and offered to take a picture on my cellphone and his camera. Right when he said “that looks perfect”, I got down on one knee and asked Victoria to spend the rest of our lives together and be my wife. I was so filled with adrenaline, I’m not even sure she said yes!

Flytographer Peter was absolutely incredible. I’ll never forget how comfortable he made us feel (not huge picture takers). When we left the photo-shoot, my fiancé was so happy for how the moment turned out, and was so happy that someone like Peter was there to share it with us. He felt like a long-lost friend who felt so natural being there for the biggest moment of our lives.”

Paris, France

Benedict + Uju | Captured by Flytographer Rachael in Paris

Benedict: “We met on Instagram and I said, ‘This girl is too beautiful for me not to take my shot.’ So I did, and here we are three years later. Rachael is absolutely amazing, and that is an understatement. From planning to execution, her vision and attention to detail was second to NONE and she truly captured the love and the magic that was this special moment with my now-fiancée. I will be forever grateful and indebted.” Read the full love story here!

Tulum, Mexico

Ryan + Heather | Captured by Flytographer Claudia in Tulum

Ryan: “We met at work. We worked in different areas, but always caught each other’s eye in passing or from across the room. We liked the same things, had the same hobbies, and after about a year we realized we had something a lot stronger than just friendship and we haven’t looked back since. 

Before we left for Tulum, I got in contact with Claudia through Flytographer and got the location, time, and details set up. As we held each other staring out into the ocean, talking about our journey and how much I loved her, I got on my knee and proposed. Covid tried to throw out my plans, but we made the best of it and it turned out perfectly! The moment was great, the pictures were great and we now have that moment captured forever.” For tips on planning a proposal in the pandemic, click here!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Paul + Justin | Captured by Flytographer Trevor in Honolulu

Paul: “Justin and I met online about 18 months ago now. How thoroughly modern! I was intending to pop the question while overseas, I knew that I wanted someone there to capture the moment on film. The trick is – how would I give the photographer permission to be close enough to ‘get the shot’ while not giving away the intent to Justin? Trevor suggested that he’d tell Justin he wanted to get some individual shots and to face the ocean. Meanwhile I’d get into position to ask the big Q. And, that’s exactly how it went down. I love it when a plan comes together! 

There are moments in life which will be etched into a person’s memory for the rest of their lives – this was one of those for both JJ and I. Thank you for being a part of that.”

Lisbon, Portugal

Jamil + Meryem | Captured by Flytographer Claudia in Lisbon

Jamil: “Meryem and I met in Hong Kong. She had been living there for several years and I was in the second year of a temporary work assignment there. The first time I saw her she was sitting at a table in the back of a small bar that was directly across the street from my flat. A conversation turned into an impromptu night out that turned into several trips together that I never wanted to end. So I had to make sure it turned into a lifetime together. 

Working with Flytographer was awesome. The advice they gave me prior to the engagement shoot was essential and easy to follow. The process from choosing a photographer to scheduling the photo shoot was seamless. Overall it was an incredible experience that made me look like a true romantic.”

Santorini, Greece

Juliana + Tati | Captured by Flytographer Kimonas in Santorini

Juliana: “We have both always dreamed of going to Santorini. I wanted it to be a place that we held dear to our hearts, so I began planning my proposal to Tati months before we embarked on our trip to Greece. I knew this moment had to be perfect. I hired Flytographer Kimonas to capture the big moment and began looking for the ring. Once I found the perfect ring, I was informed that the ring was no longer available and that there were only two left. I was in a bidding war with whom I thought was a stranger — but who turned out to be Tati — for the SAME RING!” Read the full story!

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