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Meet Kimonas in Santorini

I have passion with art and photography. I love capturing people's most beautiful moments. I always try to flow with the moment and mix different styles according to the occasion. After all, photography is a representation of emotion when done properly, and emotions change. I always try to mix art, street, black & white and fashion styles that emit a radiance of mixed feelings with stunning detail.

Three Things

  1. I love to design and create products.
  2. I cannot live without travelling and exploring different places around the world.
  3. My friends tell me that I am too patient.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Santorini

Favourite spot is Oia village because it is very picturesque and traditional.

Languages Spoken

English, Greek

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Kimonas

"Kimonis did an amazing job directing the shoot and was so easy to work with! " - Morgan

"Kimonas was amazing! He knew the best spots for all of the sights you want to see in santorini and was able to capture the best pictures. So glad we chose him! " - Jessica

"Kimonas in Santorini was first-rate and very professional. He made us feel like celebrities shooting in paradise." - Alyssa

"Kimonas was extremely fun to work with! He was very professional and knew all the scenic spots in Oia. The photos turned out beautiful!" - Shray

"Kimonas was stunning! He’s a local, born and raised on the island. He was enthusiastic and knew all of the best spots to capture iconic Oia scenery. We highly recommend him!! Thank you! Thank you!" - Allyson

"Kimonas was wonderful! We took pictures with our sleepy and irritable toddler, he was able to work quickly and even hold her while taking pictures of just us:) We love the shots he took, and he gave great directions on how to "pose" in a natural way. " - Rene

"Kimonas did a fantastic job with our honeymoon photoshoot! We loved our pictures. I was very helpful that he guided us with our poses for the pictures since we aren't usually comfortable in front of a camera. He is very efficient and knew the right spots for all the pictures!" - Mita

"We loved having Kimonas in Oia. He was on time, gave a detailed meeting point and was helpful with poses during our shoot. He spoke Greek so he was able to communicate well with the locals and get the other tourists out of the way which wa very much needed! We loved the photos!" - Heather

"Kimonas was friendly and easy to work with. He is a professional and have a lot of experience so knew the perfect picture locations. Highly recommend! " - Yela

"Kimonas was wonderful! The pictures came out better than we had hoped and he was very accommodating to any requests that we had. I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again." - Jeff

"Kimonas took our maternity photos in Santorini, Greece. The whole experience was more than we could have imagined. He knew perfect spots for our shots, was very professional, friendly, and the photos came out great! What a wonderful way to remember this precious moment in our lives." -William

"Excellent experience all around. Really recommend booking a session with Kimonas!" - Tera

"Kimonas was amazing. He was friendly and professional. He guided us through the entire process and made sure he captured amazing shots." - Rocio

"Kimonas knew exactly where to go, how to get the winning shot, gave clear and simple direction, and was the sweetest ever! Just loved working with him - We would work with him again in a heart beat!" - Megan

"Kimonas was amazing! Not only were his photos incredible, but he was such a wonderful soul. He captured such a personal moment in the most perfect way possible, capturing the emotion and happiness of the proposal. We cannot thank Kimonas enough, he absolutely made our proposal the most memorable it could be. Ευχάριστο παρά πόλη !!! Thank you thank you thank you. :)" - Kat and Paul

"Kimonas was extremely helpful with our poses and knew all the great spots. Would love to use him again for our honeymoon shoots!!" - Sharon

"This was our first experience using Flytographer and we couldn't have been happier. The process was easy, he was prompt and professional, and our pictures are incredible. We will use this service again!" - Kelsey

"He was great. Very welcoming and knew all the right places to take photos. We send photo ideas and he took photos just as asked!" - Nicolette

"Kimonas was so friendly and helped us relax during the shoot. His photo ideas were spot on and we couldn't be happier with our photos!" - Brooks

"Made the experience simple and easy." - Mark

"Kimonas was amazing. Not only did he capture my fiancé proposing to me as well (double proposal) but he made us feel so comfortable throughout the shoot. Great guy!" - Juliana

"Kimonas was lots of fun to work with. Kimonas was confident, knew what his goals were for our shoot, and gave great direction and encouragement. He was funny too! We had a great time with Kimonas and absolutely love our photos!" - Amber

"Kimonas was the best, both at getting the shots we wanted and at setting up and not giving away the proposal surprise. Highly recommend!" - Ryan

"Kimonas was simply amazing! He took amazing photos and also had amazing customer service." - Carlena

"Kimonas was absolutely amazing. I thank him for his terrific work and making a special moment for us truly memorable." - Eric

"Kimonas was the absolute BEST. Our photos are stunning. VERY HAPPY!!!! He was awesome and knew of all the best spots to take amazing photos in Santorini." - Kaleigh

"Kimonas was amazing on the day of our shoot! He was fun and made us feel very comfortable! We could tell he was genuinely happy for us and we couldn't ask for anything more!" - RB

"We absolutely loved Kimonas - he was amazing and made us feel so comfortable!" - Amanda

"Love Kimonas ! He is a true artist. Works quick but was opened to our suggestions/requests and provided all the guidance we needed. The end product was amazing." - Grace

"Kimonas was a wonderful photographer and he captured the incredible joy and love that we were feeling. This was the trip of a lifetime and we are so thrilled to have beautiful photos as a keepsake from our honeymoon." - Shayna

"Kimonas helped make us feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera." - Kayla

"We really enjoyed the photo shoot. Kimonas made the whole experience fun and relaxed. We are delighted with the results." - Teresa

"Kimonas was friendly, fun, efficient and produced spectacular images - we can't thank him enough!" - Anna

"Kimonas was very friendly and professional. He clearly was an expert in knowing the right spots and poses to shoot in, and how to work with a limited time frame for the shoot." - Steven

"Kimonas was the absolute best! He knew all the best places for shots. He was a heck of a nice guy and easy to work with. Not to mention that his pics were outstanding!" - Josh

"Kimonas was awesome! The photos came out better than we could have anticipated and he made the shoot very fun for both of us. Would recommend him 1000x over!" - JN

"We loved our time with Kimonas! He knew exactly where to go and quickly made our way through our session. The end pictures were beautiful!" - James & Juliet

"Kimonas did a phenomenal job! We had a blast working with him and are so pleased with our pictures." - Rachel

"Kimonas did an amazing job and made us feel at ease right from the start." - Daphne

"We had a lovely shoot with Kimonas in Santorini. He is a Santorini native, so he knew all the best spots for pictures, and he was able to make the beautiful backdrop come to life." - Sonalee

"Kimonos was pleasant and funny. He knows where knows exactly where the best spots are." - Cindy

"Kimonas was very professional, personable, and worked very well with the kids. I loved that he was adventurous with the shots." - Omo

"Kimonas was an absolute dream to work with in Santorini! He was super friendly, and knew all the very best places to take pictures. He was so easy to get along with and took the most incredible pictures. He definitely was played a big part in making our honeymoon absolutely magical and we now have the pictures to reflect that!" - Victoria

"I was apprehensive about our shoot, but the minute we met Kimonas I felt at ease. He was kind and funny and had no problem taking the lead and giving us pointers. Not only did this provide us with a special souvenir from our trip, but Kimonas' guidance and knowledge of Oia gave us an experience your typical tourist does not get." -Emily

"We absolutely loved the shoot and the resulting photographs! Kimonas was amazing during the shoot and made us feel very comfortable, even amidst the fairly crowded environment. He was highly engaging and really made it easy for us. Highly recommended!" - Omi

"Kimonas was a delight to work with! Here embraced my ideas of what style I liked and went above and beyond to make it happen." - Kristy

"Kimonas was absolutely amazing! He is detail oriented and wouldn't take a picture until he makes sure that we're perfectly positioned." - Mohammed

"Kimonas made us comfortable right from the first shot! He also wouldn't hesitate to take crazy shots...which we loved. He really captured our romance in the beautiful sunset in Fira, Greece, and he gave us pictures we will cherish for a lifetime!" - Pooja

"Thank you so so much for taking such perfect photos of us in Santorini! We are very impressed with the results, and are having a hard time picking our favourites to frame! Kimonas is such a talented photographer." - Yara

"Kimonas was great and made us feel comfortable during our shoot. We are amazed at how great the photos came out! Thanks so much for such a great experience and great pictures." - Chrishana

"Kimonas was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional, kind, and talented. We love our photos! Plenty of compliments from our friends and family!" - Jennifer

"We had an amazing time with Kimonas in Santorini. He made us feel very comfortable and our pictures are stunning!" - Vinti & Nik

"Kimonas was punctual and had plenty of ideas. He also took into consideration our style and interests. He was creative and professional and the pictures turned out more beautiful than I had expected." - Allison

"Kimonas was amazing...flexible with time and location, creative with the location of the shoot, worked fast which was great because it was so hot, was lovely and kind to all of us." - Mary

"Kimonas was extremely nice and helpful throughout the shoot and as a person in general. Kimonas made the experience fun and memorable. Highly recommend. His pictures are wonderful." - Alina

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