The question of “Will you marry me?” is a life-changing moment. For the ultimate romantic inspiration, look no further than this dreamy proposal in Paris.

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is an old adage that refers to the idea that a single picture conveys the essence of the story more effectively than words. In this case, it’s a whole gallery of pictures that are making our eyes pop, our breath pause and our hearts sing! We couldn’t agree more that sometimes a photo – or in this case, photos – can say everything!

The moment we saw this proposal photo gallery and read their proposal story on how Benedict and Uju met and their big day, we knew it was too good not to share with you. Who needs a fancy new dating app to meet someone when you can do it in an authentic social media way, like Instagram?Benedict hired a Flytographer proposal photographer to capture that exciting moment, and not only was the moment captured, but a special story told. Read on for all the details on this Insta-worthy and definitely wall-worthy proposal.


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“We met on Instagram when my beautiful fiancée randomly followed me and I said, ‘Hey, this girl is too beautiful for me not to take my shot.’ So I did and here we are almost 3 years later, engaged!”


“Paris is Uju’s favorite city in the world, so it was a no-brainer.”


“I purposely planned a ‘vacation photo shoot’ three days into our trip to try and throw my now-fiancée off the trail and make her think it was a birthday trip. It had rained early that morning, but the sun came up perfectly for the time for our shoot and she was swept off her feet!”

“Rachael is absolutely amazing, and that is an understatement. From planning to execution, her vision and attention to detail was second to NONE and she truly captured the love and the magic that was this special moment with my now-fiancée. I will be forever grateful and indebted.” – Benedict

This was a truly romantic moment captured so beautifully by our Paris Flytographer, Rachael. You have our hearts melting, eyes popping and our breath held as we scroll along. From the very first photo of this beautiful photo gallery to the last, these proposal photos speak for themselves – a special life’s moment captured. Love is in the air!

Capturing that special moment and the emotion when the big question is popped is priceless! Don’t leave yet – we just got started.  Check out some of our other blog posts on proposals.


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