With over two million memories captured to date, that’s a whole lot of incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moments.

From tear-jerking proposals to adventurous solo trips, romantic honeymoons to blissful babymoons, we love capturing the magic that happens on the amazing trips around the world every single day. There are a few memories that have truly stood the test of time that we just can’t help coming back to again and again. From risking it all for love to adventuring to far-off lands, these travellers have inspired us with their bold passion for travel. Without further ado, here are our best of the decade memories.

Favourite Memory: “Yes, Bali has beaches, lush green forests and beautiful Hindu temples, but what stood out to me were the generous and genuinely warm Balinese people. This trip became more than just a ‘fun in the sun’ retreat. I checked off bucket list activities, like swimming with dolphins, and had the world’s most exotic and expensive kopiluwava (cat-poop) coffee.”

Inspiration: “It all started when I decided to go to Bali for an extended long weekend holiday from Hong Kong. I heard a little about Bali and it had always evoked a thought of paradise and that’s when I decided to go and see for myself.” — Anand in Bali

Favourite Memory: “Our favourite memory was shooting with Trevor because he was so funny and it was pouring during our shoot. But then rain leads to double rainbows! Also all of the delicious foods we’ve been eating (especially poké and garlic shrimp)!”

Inspiration: “My husband and I postponed our honeymoon because we were in the process of buying our house. He knew I always wanted to visit Hawaii so we decided to go [when it was time] for our honeymoon!” — Angelica in Honolulu

Favourite Memory: “Our Flytographer shoot was actually the most memorable part of Singapore! Kelly was one of those people we felt like we knew for ages, and we became fast friends. It was so perfect to have her not only as our photographer, but also as our guide while in Singapore. Garrett and I like to be loose for Flytographer shoots, and one of the best ways we do this is to have a drink or two. For this shoot, it came in the form of chugging a pint at an expat bar called My Awesome Cafe, and by the time we left that place, you’d think we were regulars. I think we all had a ton of fun interacting with everyone here, especially the staff who even let us walk back into the cramped, hot kitchen to snap a few photos! For what amounted to probably less than 15 minutes, it became one of our top memories of our short time in Singapore.”

Inspiration: “Garrett and I wanted to make the most of our travel and purposely chose flight itineraries that stretched out our time on each layover so that we could go out and explore a new part of the world every step of the way. Singapore was on our way back home, and we had to make it a stop to check out the namesake of the very airline we were using on our way back. It was a small layover that made a BIG impression. Overall, we would only have about 14 hours on the ground, but our short time in Singapore packed in a lifetime of fun memories. There’s a vibrant, youthful, and exciting busy-ness with Singapore that’s wrapped up in the exoticness of just being in SE Asia. Between the mixing pot of cultures with wonderful people and all the delicious food they bring, the laidback atmosphere, and the huge, friendly bar culture that only a large expat community can foster, Singapore was completely unexpected – in the best way – and incredibly exciting.” — Brad & Garrett in Singapore

Inspiration: “My husband and I went to Tokyo, Japan in 2015 where we got engaged. He proposed to me on Halloween night with a vending machine ring. Fast-forward to 2017, I got a real ring, we got married, and we decided to revisit our favourite city for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time and we have enough good memories to last a lifetime.” — Dakota in Tokyo

Favourite Memory: “We have quite a few memories to choose from our trip, but for me, it was when my husband fell in the pond during our shoot. I was nervous – I always get nervous with photographers. And my husband … he’s a ham. He was coaching me through our shoot. So when the platform collapsed, I had a good laugh. Thankfully Bayu captured every shot and I have them forever.”

Inspiration: “Our fifth anniversary and dream honeymoon! Our daughter was only 2 when we got married, so leaving the country while being new parents just wasn’t an option at the time.” — Jessica in Bali

Favourite Memory: “Our favourite memories include a day trip to Versailles and spending a laid-back afternoon exploring the grounds of the Jardin des Tuileries, Louvre and Palais Royal. Food is always of utmost importance to us while on vacation, and we dined at so many delicious restaurants! The bread, wine, coffee, and cheese were phenomenal, and we ate everything the French are known for: steak tartare, foie gras, onion soup, croissants, macarons, fries, croque madame, escargots, along with new-to-us delicacies like whelks and veal head carpaccio. And of course, our Flytographer photo shoot was a highlight.”

Inspiration: “This vacation to Paris was inspired by our 10th wedding anniversary. There is no better place to celebrate our marriage than in the City of Love!” — Marisa in Paris

Favourite Memory: “As rare as it sounds, the proposal went exactly as planned! I told Monika we were going to ‘one of my favourite restaurants’ in Venice for dinner. Obviously, there was no restaurant and we were actually headed to this beautiful bridge where the proposal took place. When we arrived at the bridge, our Flytographer was ready to go, so I went down on one knee and the rest is history! It was absolutely beautiful.”

Inspiration: “It had to be there. It had to be in Venice! My last name is Veneziano and I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to have this proposal. It’s such a romantic city and it made the proposal incredibly magical!” — Wagner in Venice

Favourite Memory: “Walking through the streets of Oia and relaxing during the beautiful sunsets of Greece.”

Inspiration: “This trip was our honeymoon! We loved the beauty of the islands and the culture of Greece!” — Taylor in Santorini

Favourite Memory: “My favourite memory was visiting the Colosseum and the Vatican. It felt surreal being there and you can not fathom how spectacular it is until you see it in person.”

Inspiration: “We always love to travel as a family. It brings us closer together so we try to go as often as possible. March is our son Connor’s birthday and spring break. We have always wanted to go to Rome. Our son loves museums and seeing different types of architecture. He started appreciating different types of culture since our last visit to Florence and Venice. We thought going to Rome would be the perfect way to celebrate his 8th birthday.” — Suzanne in Rome

Favourite Memory: “The day of the shoot the weather was a little cool and windy but when we met our photographer and began the sun came out (we are lucky that way). We found the shoot very exciting and we were quite relaxed. He suggested a great café after the shoot and gave us directions on how to get there. It was an amazing experience.”

Inspiration: “Our reason was an annual vacation that began in England with a wedding for our niece and a friend offered us his apartment in Vienna so we couldn’t say no. I found Flytographer by reading about it in a Canadian magazine and loved the idea. I wanted to surprise my husband but, as usual, I couldn’t keep the secret. He was excited because we have never had any professional photos taken of the two of us; it’s a second marriage for both.” — Sandi & Scott in Vienna

As we start fresh into a new decade, we hope you’re inspired to take risks and pursue your dreams. Book that plane ticket, say “yes” to new experiences, check off those bucket list experiences, and don’t forget to capture the magic of travel with our incredible local photographers along the way.

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