‘Tis the season to get creative

Send smiles to those far away by sharing your magical memories from the year. We are excited to share our brand-new FREE holiday cards that you can use with your Flytographer photos  — just head to your dashboard to get started! 

Getting ready for an upcoming photo shoot? Be inspired to try some of our favourite poses below to light up your Flytographer holiday card!

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1. Fun in the air

Who said photo shoots couldn’t be tons of fun? Time to double up: partner with one of the kids, get back-to-back and lift (or throw!) your partner up in the air. This pose will have everyone laughing in no time — and laughter is contagious. When you share the final digital holiday card with your friends and family, they will be absolutely delighted!

2. Colour me happy

This pose involves using an element of colour for visual interest. Find a colourful wall, house or door and pose in front of it — simple as that. Match your chosen pop of colour with what you wear for an extra WOW factor in the final image. If you need help getting one of these shots into your next Flytographer gallery, request a “location with a pop of colour in the background” in your details when you book your shoot.

3. Dance it out

Celebrate good times, come on! Here at Flytographer, we love natural, candid photos that express your inner joy. This pose encompasses that style perfectly. There is no better way to find your genuine smile and shake out any nerves of being in front of the camera than dancing it out together. Just throw away your inhibitions and truly embrace your inner silly! 

4. Jump for joy

One, two, three… JUMP! The perfectly-timed jump shot is a classic that we will never get old. Our best tip is for everyone to adopt a different pose when they jump in the air. Each person will have their own unique pose that reflects their personality and silliness. Just be careful about kicking or swinging your arms into someone!

5. Follow the leader

First decide who will be the leader. That person will then look back at their partner and stretch out their hand for their partner to follow. Pretend you are about to show your partner something really fun that is just around the corner …

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6. Love sandwich

Put the someone in the middle facing the camera and have two people on either side sandwich them with a hug or kiss on the cheek. This sweet shot will warm the hearts of the whole family and show just how much you adore each other. Be transported to this moment of family togetherness and the pure love for years to come.

7. Porch-raits

Celebrate love for your hometown this year by having a local shoot — and there is nothing more welcoming than a front porch. If you don’t have one of your own, go for a walk in a nearby neighbourhood and find a pretty one to pose in front of!

8. Swing the little one

This is one of our absolute favourite poses for your holiday card because it represents the classic holiday feeling of joy. This pose will get you all laughing and being silly together. We love movement in photos that brings an element of interest and excitement, and it’s the perfect pose if you are looking for something lighthearted and fun.

9. Bear hug

Snuggle up from behind and hug tight … like you never want to let go! The cuddly bear hug will inspire your partner’s true smile for your holiday card this year. Our number one tip with this pose is for the snuggled person to hug back by resting their hands on the arms wrapped around them to make it look less like a surprise attack and more like a loving embrace!

10. Inner child

Whether you are known in your family to be the “fun aunt” or the “cool grandma,” being young at heart has so many lasting benefits. Number one in our book are the fun photos you get to look back on and wonder how you got so silly. Who says holiday cards have to be so serious? Sometimes, the best photos are the ones that were never posed or planned out. Our best recommendation for your next shoot is to be yourself in front of the camera, let loose and get a little crazy so your inner child can come out to play!

11. Travel memory

Are you daydreaming about jet setting to, well, ANYWHERE these days? Chances are, your friends and family are too! Use your past Flytographer galleries for your holiday card to help relive the memories of treasured trips and as a way to say “See you again soon!” once we can get back to long-haul vacations together.

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