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Meet Vivian in Montreal

As a portrait photographer, it makes sense that I love people. I love using natural light and real life settings. If I were to describe my style, it would be soft, pretty, organic and natural. I strive to capture the most beautiful you in the most relaxed way possible. My work has appeared in local publications, newspapers and magazines such as The Hour, Nightlife, The Mirror, Elle Québec and Vero Magazine.

Three Things

  1. My heart is happy when I travel, look at magazines, create anything, eat noodles or dumplings, play music and sing out loud. I also love being a mom!
  2. I couldn't live without chocolate! Is this a cliché? I eat way too much of it…
  3. I'm in love with New York City and feel like in another life, I was a quirky resident of that lovely city - like in a Woody Allen movie. I'm also an old soul, I love old vintage jazz music and my house is filled with old furniture! 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Montreal

Anywhere with lots of character: Old Montreal, Plateau Mont Royal/Mile End

Languages Spoken

English & French

More Information

Vivian has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Montreal.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Vivian

"Vivian was great at finding unique places and making everyone comfortable. " - Melissa

"Vivian was absolutely amazing. She is very personable and had fantastic communication." - Nicole

"Wow! Vivian did an amazing job. The final photographs are better than we could have ever hoped! I am 100% impressed." - Laura

"Vivian perfectly understood what I was looking for and captured it. I can't believe how many favourite photos she captured for me in only one hour. She had her route picked out, new all of the perfect places to shoot, and was assertive in posing us the right way to get beautiful photos." - Tammara

"After almost 20 years of marriage, Vivian made us feel like newlyweds. She made us very comfortable and this will be a memory we can relive through the photographs whenever we want! Very professional." - RD

"Vivian was great. Everything was handled so smooth and professionally. Thank you Vivian for capturing memories I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise!" - Terence

"Vivian was amazing and the pictures are fantastic." - Megan

"Vivian did an amazing job capturing our experience in Montreal! She was very professional but also made us feel comfortable instantly. Even though Montreal was freezing cold in December, we had a very fun experience thanks to Vivian! We couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out." - Jess

"For our trip to Montreal, we wanted to explore areas of the city that were a bit less touristy and more like areas we would frequent if we lived here. Vivian was a great tour guide and all-around fun person to hang out with! We learned about areas of Montreal that we never would have experienced if not for her!" -David

"Vivian was amazing! She totally put us at ease, and even though it was cold, she warmed us up quickly with her warm personality. She brought us around a very scenic route around Old Montreal and the pictures came out beautiful. We love the pictures sent and we enjoyed our shoot with Vivian!" - Jocelyn

"We had such a great time in Montreal with Vivian. She immediately made us comfortable, had great ideas, was easy-going, and captured the 'real us.'" - Josh

"I loved how Vivian captured a range of images that included soft and intimate, while others were fun and energetic. She understood our vision and gave us a good balance of posed and candid photos." - Six

"Vivian was kind, spontaneous, and genuine. Not only was she a great photographer, she also connected us to area hotspots that aligned with our interests." - Jonathan

"Vivian was absolutely amazing to work with! During the shoot, she gave us plenty of direction and knew so many great spots that we were able to cram quite a bit into our hour-long shoot. Our pictures turned out gorgeous and I cannot thank Vivian or Flytographer enough for helping us with our favourite souvenir from our first wedding anniversary." - Samantha

"Vivian is amazing! One of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. She was so understanding and accommodating to our large group! She is an amazing photographer, the best, the best! I cannot say enough positive stuff about her." - Amina

"Vivian was great. It was freezing (-39!!) and she still shot our session without any complaints. She gave us perfect instructions to ensure our photos turned out just the way we wanted." - Mal

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