Looking for the perfect wedding gift this year?

We believe that happiness is experienced in three stages. First, the anticipation and excitement leading up to a moment. Second, the actual event. Third, reminiscing back on that memory (for me, this often happens while gazing longingly out of an airplane window). As time goes on, memories can fade, but the right photo can bring you right back to that moment almost as vividly as if you were actually there. The happiness you experienced is doubled again and again, and who couldn’t use some more of that?

The bride in your life has been looking forward to her wedding day long before she met her partner. The excitement only grew when she found “the one” she could actually imagine meeting at the end of the aisle! After months of planning out every detail, from the cake to the sparkler exit to the perfect pair of shoes, it would seem crazy not to document it all. Finally, the wedding photos arrive, the albums are printed, and these photos are passed down from generation to generation. These wedding photos become an heirloom equally as treasured as the dress or the rings.

But should the photos really end there? We often hear during weddings that this is the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Well, that’s a whole lot of memories left to make, and the honeymoon is right around the corner! Whether they’re jet-setting to an exotic destination or staying a bit closer to home, their first trip with a shared last name should be a relaxing retreat from planning and worrying. They can leave the selfie stick at home and let a professional capture their love and their destination. Imagine the rising sun peeking behind the Eiffel Tower as they share a kiss or dancing on the roof of a blue-topped church in Santorini. Maybe they’re snuggling in a gondola in Venice or splashing in the crystal clear waters of Maui. This is their time to unwind and be themselves. While we hope there are many more trips in their future, there’s only one honeymoon.

Meeting up with a photographer isn’t just about the photos, though. They’re a local with the best tips on hidden gems and secret spots to visit. They’re the friend you’re comfortable with getting a little goofy in front of because stiff poses and forced smiles are a thing of the past. The shoot becomes a fun experience itself to look back on. And as families grow, there’s even more to document. Grandparents snuggling with their grandkids on the cobbled streets of Venice or siblings playing under the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Wherever life takes you, it’s always worth taking an hour to photograph. Every bride will cherish the beautiful memories she can frame on the walls of her home. She’ll have the gift of remembering the small moments that might have been easily forgotten. Memories she can look back on and remember as if she was there again, even as she drinks her morning coffee years down the road, hand in hand with her love.