While your travel-lover’s ideal birthday gift is probably a trip around the world, it’s not the easiest to gift wrap.

We’ve compiled a list of birthday gifts for every type of traveller, including travel-inspired gifts to help them dream of travel, adventure essentials, and the newest travel hacks and stylish accessories to make their trips even more enjoyable when the time is right. If your own birthday is coming up, we won’t judge you if you secretly send this blog post to your own friends and family, too… Read on for the best birthday gifts for your travel-lover.

Lady in Lisbon vacation photo shoot

Gifts to help them dream of travel on their birthday:

Travelling with your best friend makes for some amazing memories (and photos!). If you have been places with this special person, giving the gift of printed photos with your birthday card is a sure way to plaster a grin on their face for their big day. You can print your Flytographer photos easily through your dashboard into photo prints or order a hassle-free photo book. Or, you can give the gift of memories with a gift card for their next Flytographer shoot so they can capture their next big milestone or future vacation.

Photo shoot captured by Flytographer

These days, even a trip down the street to your favourite local coffee shop can feel like an adventure. Bring along the spirit of travel with the birthday gift of a city-inspired Airport Code Crew from their favourite destination or browse curated selection of gifts in our Flytographer City CollectionsNot sure what your fellow traveller would like best? Opt for a Travel Shop gift card.

These days, a face mask is an equally important travel essential, so be sure to choose one you love. Choose from one of our breathable, travel-inspired masks designed by a local, Canadian artist. Make sure to pair the mask with this handy Travel Pouch to keep it clean while on the go. This cute airplane pouch is perfect for storing travel essentials while on the go when the time comes as well.

Craving the sun on your face and your toes in the sand? Hit the beach with one of our out-of-office-inspired beach towels. Because nothing says “vacation mode” like…. well, a vacation mode towel!

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Gifts for the lover of adventures:

For the new parents in your life, they shouldn’t have to trade style for functionality. Versatile and durable, this Work + Play Backpack will hold and protect their essentials while they take care of their little ones, and it looks great in travel photos, to boot! Whether you’re cuddled up in a cabin far away or at home in bed, keep warm and dream of the beauty of the US National Parks with a Pendleton wool blanket. Each blanket design is inspired by a different park; where are you inspired by?

What better social-distanced getaway is there than an adventure in the Great Outdoors? Ensure full and fun days of exploring with a restful night’s sleep. Stay comfy, cozy and warm with one of REI’s sleeping bags, and wake up every morning energized for the adventures ahead.

Tiny lens, big impact. You don’t need to invest in expensive camera equipment to get top-notch photos utilizing the phone you have in your back pocket. These mobile lenses by Moment will transform your smartphone photos and make capturing your best photos easier than ever before. 

Travel hack gifts for when travelling resumes:

Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly-packed suitcase that Marie Kondo would approve of? Pack, fold and organize all of your travel essentials into satisfying packing cubes that will make even the TSA agents jealous, and plenty of colour options make this CALPAK set both stylish and durable.

If a first-class ticket is outside of your birthday present budget, make even the middle seat in economy feel like an escape with this Carry-On Cocktail kit. It’s the perfect recipe for a top-shelf, in-air celebration.

For the reader in your life, there’s no bigger packing struggle than deciding which books to bring. While there may never be a suitcase large enough to fit a bookshelf full of hardbacks, a Kindle Paperwhite offers the perfect solution! Waterproof, a glare-free display and a battery-charge that lasts weeks means your favourite story is accessible anytime, anywhere.

While falling asleep on your airplane neighbour’s shoulder is the perfect meet cute in a romantic comedy, in reality it more often looks like drool and awkward apologies. Support your friends from down below with the gift of the Go Neck Pillow by Ostrich Pillow. Soft, supportive and light-weight, it’s the perfect travel companion. Complete your airplane snooze with an eye mask. For the style-minded, this silk mask is beautiful, and it won’t pull at your skin or tangle your hair. For those who value function, this mask offers plenty of room for your eyes (and keeps your makeup streak-free!).

When it’s time to make new travel memories with a birthday trip, a foolproof gift is celebrating your loved one with a photo shoot captured by one of our amazing local photographers

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