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Meet Izumi in Manchester

I am a fun loving, driven, easy-going and reliable freelance photographer based in Manchester. I used to work as a Flytographer photographer in Tokyo Japan (I loved it!), then moved to Manchester in 2018 with my British husband. I can’t wait to meet you in this historically important, beautiful and interesting city! I love to capture not only objects, but also stories, motion, sounds, atmosphere, wind, light and life. Every moment in life to me is special.

Three Things

  1. Not only am I a photographer, but also I love drawing, painting, cooking, making picture books and so on…I love anything creative!
  2. I love to listen to good music while drinking a warm cup of tea.
  3. I used to play a guitar in a band. I used to live and breathe rock!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Manchester

Northern Quarter, The Town Hall & Manchester Central Library

Languages Spoken

Japanese, English & German at an intermediate level

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Customer Love for Izumi

"Izumi was a fantastic photographer and the best location scout! We really managed to make the most of our time, because Izumi researched ahead of time and came up with the best route for us during our shoot." - Brad

"I would absolutely recommend Izumi! During the booking process, she recommended an excellent shoot location and timed the photo shoot perfectly based on our schedule and preferences. During the shoot, she gave us helpful directions. We are absolutely thrilled with the photographs and can't decide which ones we like best because they are all so great!" - Adrienne

"The experience with Izumi was excellent and I would absolutely recommend her as a photographer to anyone. She recommended an excellent shoot location and gave us helpful directions. We are absolutely thrilled with the photographs and can't decide which ones we like best because they are all so great!" - Adrienne

"Izumi was very considerate & friendly through the entire photo session process. Her shots turned out amazing." - Myron

"Izumi was amazing! She picked the perfect location and made the shoot easy and fun." - Kelly

"I loved the experience. Izumi was wonderful and so easy to work with. The pictures are all so beautiful." - Raquel

"Izumi was incredibly talented and made the shoot comfortable." - Dale

"Izumi was great, she was super friendly and picked the best spot for our shoot." - Lauren

"Izumi was amazing! She was fun to work with and was very nice. I used to think that photos couldn't capture everything, but when I saw the photos that Izumi took for me, it looked magical. The way she found the right angles and backgrounds was amazing! I highly recommend her." - Jessica

"We had our engagement photos taken on our trip to Tokyo last year and we absolutely loved the photos Izumi captured for us. This year, we were blessed to be able to return to Tokyo again for our honeymoon so we knew that we just had to have Izumi once again, to capture our honeymoon memories! Izumi is amazing as always - she was concerned that our original shoot date was going to be affected by less than ideal weather, so she suggested we moved up by a day and we are so glad we did that because the beautiful weather on that day made all the difference. It did rain on our original shoot date so all thanks to Izumi for diligently checking up on the weather forecast!" - Janice

"Izumi was wonderful and so easy to work with. She did an amazing job with our photos and making our family comfortable!" - Amanda

"I loved the experience. Izumi helped me find the perfect place for my proposal. The pictures are all so beautiful!" - Sam

"Izumi listened to what we wanted and gave great suggestions on places where to shoot and what outfits would go with each location since we had more than one location booked. Overall, I had a great experience!" - Elsa

"Izumi was great about communicating prior to our shoot, she was on time and took a ton of photographs and we really liked the location she helped us pick. She was friendly and very helpful with advice of places to go and things to see in Tokyo." - Nicole

"We have nothing but praises for our photographer Izumi. She did her homework beforehand, sent us photos of the spots she liked a few days before the shoot, and even marked these spots on a map. She made our first Flytographer experience really comfortable - it's like we became friends immediately!" - Janice

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